Forever Mine by Kenora Hazel Saul

Madhatter: I found a really, really bad Matrix fic.

Alina: Ah, yes. I read this one, thinking that it would be a good Persephone fic. How silly I was.


Alina: Did I ever tell you how much I HATE people who say this?

Madhatter: Retribution! 3 Chapters of pure torture... let it commence.

Forever Mine: Trinity is being held captive by Cypher, Neo loses control and Persephone goes on a revenge vendetta.

Madhatter: Folks... Cypher is DEAD. DEAD DEAD DEAD!! Tank saw to that!!

Title: Sleeping Beauty

Alina: *stops* Waaait a minute. The title is Forever Mine. *facepalms* Remember to turn brain switch to "ON" setting prior to posting. Grr! This undermines what lovely Tank did! Down with Cypher being alive again! He DIED, and deserved it!

Madhatter: Oh yah, the bastard deserved it BIG time...I instantly saw Cypher and Persephone in the title and went, "Oh yah... this is gonna be bad"

Alina: I can't stand this characterization that we're about to see. Can't people understand Persephone? She just likes toying with people. She does the EXACT same thing that she does to Neo to Ghost and Niobe. She does NOT have a fixation on HIM, just on what he reminds her of. This isn't about her, or Cypher. The idea (I'm SURE) is to create lots of Neo/Trinity seperation angst. Like Romeo and Juliet.

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: I own none of the Matrix

A/N: Persephone kidnaps Neo and refuses to let him go, unless he gives her what she wants. What would Persephone want from Neo? If you want more, I want reviews. Enjoy!

Alina: I hope Kenora has a sense of humor and/or can take a joke. And if not...well, I'm about to force her to read this.

Maddie: God... I hope so too...

Bright brutal sunshine pierced Neo's eyes behind his black specs as he fended off countless Agents. He kicked off the last Agent, and was preparing to take off, in Superman style; when a blow to the head knocked him out. Trinity. He slipped into a pool of inky blackness.

Maddie: Trinity?

Alina: *re-reads several times* The One, the all-powerful, able to sense-everything One was konked out in one Trinity?

Maddie: That's outta place there.

Alina: Just a smidgen.

Maddie: It's pretty wonky...

Nude lips curved in a provocative smile, mocha eyes looked down on their capture. Smooth hands reached for her "love."

Maddie: ........................

Alina: Did Trinity get a makeover and some coloured contacts? Or is this Persephone joining the wonkiness?

Maddie: I beleive this is Persephone. She's joining the wonkiness.

Alina: I guess. This is odd. It's not bad writing....but the idea is wonky. As well as the setup.

Maddie: I take it you now like the word 'wonky' now eh?

Alina: *laugh* Uh....yes...

"Let's go," a silken voice purred. Rough hands picked Neo up and carted him off, loyally following their mistress.

Alina: (Voice) Meow! I'm a cat made of silk!

Maddie: NEO is NOT Persephone's LOVE! She should be bitch slapped a hundred times over!

Alina: She's only allowed to toy with Neo, nothing more. She does not LOVE him, she is NOT obsessed with him. She has an addiction to strong emotions, and because she can't really experience them on her own anymore, she uses other people to experience them!

Maddie: I'll make it clear that Persephone is in love with the Merovingian of course. Why wouldn't she be? It's her husband... erm.. Alina just explained it... hehe. Continue.

Alina: The image of servant hands floating there on their own like something out of the Adams Family is also very odd.

Maddie: Woo hoo! Thing!

Alina: Too much proveribial expression and analogies, not enough actual description!


"Damn it Link, what happened to him?" Morpheus asked.

" I don't know, some goons just grabbed him," Link couldn't figure it out. He looked at the code of the Matrix, something was missing. But what?

Alina: Uh....the One's powers? That disappeared with the sanity of the fic?

Maddie: Oh yah. At least they keep some of the characters in canon... for now...

Alina: Their reactions are good. They know something is wrong.

Maddie: Jah.

Trinity walked into the room, "Is Neo on his way?"

"Trinity, there's been a problem," Morpheus quietly told her.

"What happened?" she squawked, looking over Link's shoulder at the screen.

Maddie: She squawks now! Like a parrot!

Alina: Bad choice of verb, methinks.

Maddie: That reminds me of that lady from "The Kids down the Hall." You know, the chicken lady...

Alina: I don't think I know The Kids down the Hall. ^^;;

Maddie: Er, "Kid's in the hall".

Alina: Still isn't ringing a bell. Sorry! ^^;;

Maddie: It's a Canadian show... shows on Comedy Central occasionally. Eh, then this joke went flat.

Alina: I'm sure our faithful readers will understand it.

She saw Neo, and what was carrying him, a couple of goons. Who would kidnap Neo? Agents? No, I'd be able to see them. It was something else, invisible. That was new and dangerous.


Alina: A NEW and IMPROVED evil! Now with a fresh lemon scent!

Maddie: It's so shiny and sparkly, thiiisss evilll.

"Put him in here," Persephone pointed to a king-size sumptuous bed.

"Now get out," she ordered her minions. She turned back to look at Neo with provocative intent, "Finally you're mine."

He slept so peacefully. Her own sleeping beauty that she would wake with a single passionate kiss.

Alina: .....What's with all these sentence fragments? O.o;;

Maddie: I doubt a kiss would wake anyone whose just been clubbed over the head....

Alina: And it certainly was NOT a "Sleeping Beauty" kiss, or I'll start drawing blood.

Maddie: Oh yah...Heh, in the original story of Snow White, she wasn't waken up by a kiss... a bear knocked over her coffin and the apple piece flew outta her throat..

Alina: And in some versions of Sleeping Beauty, the princess is not awoken by a kiss, but by the power of love.

Maddie: So, all this crap here... is craptastically crap.

Alina: Nicely written...crap.

Neo felt lips touching his, they were emotionless and slightly cool. They weren't Trinity's. He opened his eyes and saw Persephone standing above him. He pulled away in shock.

Maddie: Lips can be emotionless? Never knew lips had emotion.

Alina: (Neo) Lip temperature registers at a 94.2 Farenheit. Wait a minute....Trinity's lips are 98.6!

Maddie: Or is this Persephone joining the wonkiness?: *sucks on a ciggarette and pouts lips* I am leeps, and I am French hoho... so my leeps contain eeeeemotion! Leeps: Not like you stupeed Americans!

Alina: Persephone isn't acting emotionless right now. Look what she apparently has done for 'love', or rather, lust. She's become a slave to her passion.

Maddie: Persephone was never emotionless, she was a bonafide, revenge getting, back stabbing wench! But that's why I love her! She was so damn cunning.

Alina: I know! How could you not? I really think that this fic offers a severe misinterpretation of her.

Maddie: It gets worse...

Alina: And we've only just begun. x_x

"What happened?" He looked down, thank god, he was still dressed. God knows what Persephone would've done to his unwilling body, while he lay unconscious.

After her last request, he knew he wouldn't be getting out of here, without paying a heavy price.

Alina: He was going to have to give her that Series One Star Wars action figure.

Maddie: Persephone would've done NADA.

Alina: So I guess this is some kind of AU, or a filler fic between their first meeting and the final mission, which is the only time I can think of when there'd be a chance of resting.

Maddie: She probaby would have looked at him and went, "I am jealous... of you and your girlfriend... Damnit... I need another kiss..."

" I saved you from those annoying Agents," she purred in his ear. Softly massaging his shoulder, she nibbled on his ear.

"Don't." Neo pulled away quickly. "Why am I here?" he looked in her eyes.

Avoiding the question, "You're mine." Persephone looked at him. She licked her lips and blew him a kiss. Slinking away like a lioness satisfied after a lustful feast. "Later." She closed the door behind her. He heard the key click in the lock.

Maddie: (Persephone) *grabs random person* It has to be passionate! Passionate damn YOU! Not like cold flounder!!

Alina: ....And her husband, the Merovingian approves of all of this? Because she apparently has an unquenchable desire for Neo, causality demands that she satisfy it?

Maddie: Maybe he's taking a piss?

Alina: With some lipstick?

Maddie: (Persephone) Damnit... I thought I hid that cake...

Alina: Besides, all she's done is lock the door. Oh no! Neo's not going to be able to get out of this one! There's no way he could use his One powers to....OPEN A DOOR!
(Neo) Damnit! Foiled again.

Maddie: (Neo) I have the abilities to leap over mountains... I'm faster than a speeding bullet, can stop a train... I can do ANYTHING but go through a wooden door... Damn Mahogony...

Neo looked around him; he was lying on a huge bed with sumptuous bedding, mountainous pillows. Four posters that supported an arching canopy. The walls were covered with various paintings, some abstract and some other interesting ones.

Alina: *Thinks* that looks SOMEWHAT like what Persephone's bedroom actually looks like (you get to see it in the game!), minus the Posters holding up a canopy with their two-dimensional power.

Maddie: a bed with bedding. Go figure?

He got off the bed, and walked to the French doors. The sun was setting, streaks of pink and orange painted the sky. He wished Trinity were here with him. I miss her so much. How am I going to get out of here?

Alina: (Yoda) Use the Door, young Padawan One. Use the Door.

Maddie: Does she not know what quotation marks are? It's not that hard...

Alina: Nope. I think they're supposed to be thoughts, but she couldn't decide how to represent them. But seriously, it's not hard. People aren't that stupid.

Maddie: (Neo) *Walks out the door* Whoops! Not supposed to do that! *walks back in*

Neo lay on the bed, watching the sun set. He slipped into a troubled sleep.

Alina: (Neo) Bad me. Must sleep angstily.

Maddie: (Neo) HAH! I know! I'll just use the Jedi mind trick on someone! Damnit... no one's in here... and the wooden door still keeps me from leaving.

Alina: It's made of kryptonite....wait...that's for Superman....never mind.


Trinity sat by Neo's motionless body. "Neo I need you, where are you?" she whispered in his ear.

"Where did they take you? Who took you?" she looked down at her love. So silent and still.

She closed her eyes and passed into a troubled sleep.

Alina: cute. Maybe they'll find each other in the troubled sleep realm.

Maddie: Ummm, Trinity wouldn't be going to sleep. Remember how Neo slipped into that lovely coma! What did Trinity say? C'mon Alina. I know you know this one

Alina: She said she was going to stay there until he woke up.

Maddie: Close enough.

Alina: Trinity does not give up! Why didn't she jack-in? Why didn't she do SOMETHING and not act like a damsel whose savior has been ripped from her? WHY? *shakes fist* BAD Trinity characterization.

Maddie: It's not Trinity... It's Tranity again...

Alina: Grrr...damn that Tranity.

Maddie: And the retard in Pheromone's complex is noone. Yes... I said Pheromone... It's not Persephone.

Alina: An appropriate name for an OOC Persephone.

Neo, where are you? I need you. A voice called to him through the midnight mist.

He stood outside, hearing voices from all directions. He saw an image, lying on the ground, so still and silent.

Dark hair curled obsequiously around a vulnerable neck. Dark fans of lashes covered oceans of cobalt that had laughed into his eyes so often.

Alina: And now the author uses Big Words to make her fic appear good.

Maddie: Yup. Nothing like the word Obsiqueous to make it prettier!

Alina: Well, I'm not fooled! I can't stand all this floccinoccinihilpiliphication. (Which means all this beating around the bush.)

Maddie: Wonderful. I'm so gonna use that word now.

Alina: I mean, I can write big words too. Watch: Antidissestablishmentarianism! Supercalafradgulisticexpialadocious!

Maddie: The second word isn't real... Mary Poppins lover!

Alina: I was raised on Disney.

Kaiyu: Are we going to need to change his sheets?

Alina: No, thankfully.

Maddie: Well, not till Persephone enters the room.

Memories of them making love rushed at him. He couldn't survive without Trinity, she was his other half. If she died, he died.

Alina: Okay, that's in character. So I won't berate it. XD

Maddie: I agree. Do you concur senor Kaiyu?

Kaiyu: I would assume so.

Alina: Okay.

She died of a broken heart. This is what will happen to her, if you don't get free, a voice whispered in the cold night.

Alina: This, however, is NOT in character. It's so cliché! It's like those bad dreams people get in soap operas.

Kaiyu: Pffffffft. Next.

Maddie: I doubt Trinity would die from a broken heart, she'd probably kick the Pheromone's ass...

"Who said that?" Neo looked around. He looked down and her body was gone. In her place, lay a black rose, frozen in its death.

Alina: *just....cracks up* Talk about blatant symbolism. What's the bloody point?

Maddie: Wow, black roses talk now... interesting...
(Black Rose) I'm sort of, how you say, like the feathers used for symbolism in many of CLAMP's artworks... I'm just there...Although the feathers are on a break now...

Kaiyu: You too can create really pointless symbolism! Just take an ordinary rose, stick it in the freezer for a few days, and voila! You're ready to make your own Badfic.


Neo woke covered in sweat. He looked around the room, it was lit for seduction. He saw Persephone sprawled on the end of the bed, dressed in black.

Maddie: Dressed in black... like a ninja! WAH!

Kaiyu: It's eight o'clock. Do you know where your chrackwhore is?

Alina: She's breaking out the whip.

"Why are you doing this?" he looked at her.

Maddie: "CALL ME QUEEN!" *cracka* "OH HO HO HO HO HO HO!"

Alina: His look is very expressive, which is odd considering Keanu Reeves isn't that great of an actor. XD

Maddie: Can't forget the classic, "Whoa" look!

"Because I'm lonely, and I want you," she pouted at him.

Maddie: Persephone would never say that... she was never a straight to the point person...She would have toyed with him, played with, kicked him the nads... whatever.... but never straight to the point!

Kaiyu: "But I WANT you! I want it, I want it, I WANT it! And if I don't get it I'm gonna tell my DADDY."

Maddie: I wonder what the Merovingian says about all this.

Alina: That's a very good question that never seems to get addressed.
(Merovingian) Honey! I'm home!
(Persephone) Hi Sweetie! I'm toying with another man right now so I can't come downstairs!

Maddie: Just to quote a great line, "It's like wiping your ass with silk!"

"Well I want to go home to Trinity," he yelled.

"Too bad, you're mine forever. Get used to it." She crawled on her hands and knees forward to him."

Alina: Well, I guess it's settled then. Can't argue with that, can we?

Kaiyu: Nope.

"I will break you," her lips whispered sultrily into his ear. She braced her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down on the bed. "Now where were we?" she straddled his waist.

Kaiyu: Is there some reason why Neo isn't breaking out some funky-ass powers right now?

Maddie: It's the wooden door's fault...

Alina: Because the author seems to have forgotten that he CAN. Eariler, a door blocked his escape.


Kaiyu: (Neo) The author was just beginning to get to the smutty part.

Alina: Does that include negative reviews?

Maddie: I'll be happy to give some negative reviews. There is still part two and three.

Alina: (I'd just like to comment: I find it highly depressing that his fic has more reviews than my novella that I wrote. x_x)

Maddie: (People like pointless porn, whaddya expect?)

Kaiyu: It's almost porn. What do you expect? Pr0n OMGWTF U SAY!?????221Eleven!

Alina: It's NotQuite! Porn.

Maddie: Wait till Cypher is delivered into the picture.

Alina: And now...Part Two, of a very special 3-part series.

Dressed to kill in black leather that hugged every curve of her voluptuous body, Persephone slunk forwards to the bed, where Neo lay.

Alina: I don't know. Persephone doesn't strike me as the black leather type. White Latex, sure, but not leather.

Maddie: I agree. Besides, she was one of the few in the Matrix that wore bright colors. Just like good ol' Switch.

Kaiyu: She'd better be dressed to kill in that she'll be stabbing something soon.

Hands bound to the four-poster, his white shirt lay open, emphasizing his vulnerability.

Alina: Another pointless sentence fragment creeps.

Maddie: (Persephone) Lick my boots you lil shit! OH HO HO HO HOHOHOHOHOHOHO!

Kaiyu: If I see the word "manhood" any time soon I'm leaving.

Maddie: *pats Kaiyu's back*

Alina: It's rated PG-13. I don't think we'll be seeing any manhoods.

Persephone braced her hands on either side of his body and sinuously climbed up until her face was directly above his.

Maddie: Well, Manhood is the PG-13 word for Penis.

"You've been a naughty boy and you need to be punished," her nails slid down his chest, until they reached his belt buckle. Her fingers flirted with the buckle, then she ripped it open.

Kaiyu: That's very subtle, Persephone. Good for you.

Maddie: Fingers now flirt as if they have personalities. Interesting. If I had that power I think all men would flock to me.

Alina: I can't believe this. Neo isn't doing anything! It's ridiculous! How exactly has she managed to tie him up? Magical anti-One rope?

She looked up at him and smiled provocatively. "Why are you like this?" Neo asked quietly. "What are you talking about?" she snarled, pulling his pants down.

Maddie: Neo is too awed by her beauty...

Alina: (Neo) Can' breasts....

Maddie: (Neo) Whoa....

Kaiyu: (Neo) Wyld Stallyns RULE!

Neo ground his legs down so his pants wouldn't go any further. "Why do you have tie up men to have them?"

"I don't." She looked him in the eyes. "I'm a program, I was made to look and act provocative, not to feel or care about anyone but myself."

Alina: Let's reprogram her to do the Hustle.

Kaiyu: By that token shouldn't she care about everyone other than herself? I mean, she IS a program, and programs are created to serve others, not themselves.

"Have you ever been in love?" Neo asked. "Love, is nothing but an illusion," Persephone growled. Smiling coldly, she pulled his pants all the way off.

Alina: Have you noticed she never talks normally, but like an animal? Purr, snarl, growl, meow, bark, tweet...

Kaiyu: She used to be a National Geographic CD ROM.

"Look at these, all that lays between you and me," looking down at his black silk boxers, she fingered the fabric. "Getting excited yet?"

Alina: Is it just me, or is the undressing REALLY dragging out?

Kaiyu: That poor fabric. That's illegal in several states and rather painful.

Alina: Silk?

Kaiyu: Fingering the fabric, El. Don't think about it too much.

Madhatter: Oh my.


"We found him," Link's voice echoed down the corridor, wrenching Trinity out of her sleep.


"He's in a chateau, about five hundred miles out of town," Link ascertained.

"Persephone," Trinity said.

"What?" Morpheus asked.

"All she wanted was a kiss, with me in the room, she didn't dare ask for more. But now that she has him, she can get whatever she wants." Trinity punched her fist. "When I get my hands on her."

Kaiyu: Link?

Alina: Don't ask.

Kaiyu: Is this..... LINK Link?

Alina: Not Zelda Link. Don't worry.

Kaiyu: Thank God.

Alina: (I'd be flipping out if it were so.)

Madhatter: I doubt Trinity would have actually fell asleep...

Alina: Not to mention that...well, Morpheus was WITH Trinity and Neo when the whole kissing thing happened. I don't see why she needs to remind him.

Madhatter: Maybe it's just so he can relive the moment of slight porn?

"That might be problem," Link choked out.

"Why?" Trinity looked at screen of the Matrix. Her eyes widened in anger. "Load me up. I'm going in."

"Wait." Morpheus said.

Alina: (Morpheus) You can't play outside until you put on your sunscreen little miss!

Madhatter: Trinity looks at screen and what she sees:
"Hi! I'm Richard Simmons! I'm a pony! I'm a pony!"
(Trinity) Must... kill....


"I will never willingly submit to you," Neo lay on the bed, as she toyed with his boxers. "This is your last chance," he threatened.

"My last chance," she laughed. "Look whose tied to the bed." She started to pull his boxers down.

Alina: (Sparks) Oh, WHEN? WHEN will it END?

Madhatter: Woot! At least we know Neo's not a brief man!

Alina: The eternal question has been answered.

Kaiyu: Now. *Preemtively tosses the manuscript into the fire*

Alina: Yay! They burn! XD

Neo kicked out with his legs, toppling her onto the floor. He pulled at the ties, until they came apart. He jumped off the bed. Pulling up his boxers in the process and grabbing his pants.

"I didn't want to have to show you this, but you leave me no choice," Persephone grabbed a remote off the dresser. "Watch," she commanded.

Alina: 1) Wow, it looks like Neo vaguely remembered that he has SUPERPOWERS.

Kaiyu: But only very, very vaguely. Shit, -I- could do that.

Madhatter: The door and it's wooden powers didn't stop him?

Alina: 2) What Persephone wants him to watch...
(Neo) Oh my God! It's the bad porn video I made as Thomas Anderson!
(Persephone) And I'll show it to EVERY rebel unless you IMITATE IT NOW.

Madhatter: I betcha Smith really liked that...

"Wait for what, I'm going in to rescue Neo," Trinity started punching buttons, looking for an exit close to where Neo was being held.

"I'm coming with you," Morpheus said.

"Is that all?" Trinity looked at him, "I thought you were going to say I couldn't go."

Alina: He could, but then he would be slipping into more out of characterdness than he already is. He is the superior officer, after all.

Madhatter: (Morpheus) I want to be a part of this homoerotic imagery since I'm nearly forgotten in everything else.

Alina: I know! It's like a cliché! Everyone ALWAYS forgets about Morpheus! I want a Morpheus-centric fic. ;.;
(Fangirls) he's old and has ugly teeth. EEWWWW. I LUV ORLI AND KANU OMG WTF LOL!!!!111!!111

Kaiyu: Legolas x Neo. No. No, no no.

Alina: I was just being ridiculously general. It wasn't a challenge! *hides in shame*

Kaiyu: "ORCS!"

Alina: Oh yea, and: PIRATES PIRATES PIRATES! And Johnny Depp.

Madhatter: Not Orcs! Uruk-ai! *Proudly shows her nerdy colors*

Kaiyu: ( Captain Sparrow is the COOLEST CHARACTER EVER! I want to be him. ;.;)

Alina: I love Captain Sparrow. Too bad he's being bombarded by fangirls. Poor man. He needs a cookie.

Madhatter: *has a Johnny Depp keychain. He's wearing a striped beany.


Orange light glared down on their glasses. Trinity walked out of the phone booth following Morpheus. Cars and bikes were parked in a huge lot.

"Let's go," Trinity moved quickly and quietly. She mounted a black Ninja motorcycle, sleek and fast.

Morpheus started up a black Cadillac. They pulled out on the highway and floored it down the highway to the chateau.

Kaiyu: Because all ninjas ride motorcycles in their valiant efforts against the pirates.

Alina: They came out of the phone booth. Like in GET SMART, the COOLEST 60s spy TV show.

Madhatter: Where did the orange light come from per se?

Alina: Maybe someone decided to cover the city with orangle lights. Or MAYBE the author was trying to tell us that it was sunset or something.

Madhatter: Was it... the SUN? or could it be... A lamp light? or...A giant sign that says ORANGE LIGHT!

Kaiyu: And she didn't get on the bike, she "Mounted" it.

Alina: You're right. That's not a good word to use. It could be taken out of context like sickos such as me.

Kaiyu: Power between your legs, baby.

Alina: Mounted....x_x Trin likes her Ducati a bit too much.

Madhatter: Vroom vroom!

When they arrived. The sun was peaking over the mountains. Trinity and Morpheus split up to go look for Neo.

Trinity raced down a hall, and came across three guards. While she was busy fighting them, she thought she heard something behind her. A crack on the head, caused her to black out.

Alina: Persephone ate juice. Neo did a jig. The sentences. Were short and choppy. And uncool.

Kaiyu: That was a riveting fight scene.

Alina: She put up such a valiant fight.

Kaiyu: "And then Neo beat all of the Smiths. The end."

Alina: Nononoo, it's "And then Neo. Beat all of, the Smiths, The. End."

Madhatter: She definitely, needs to look up comma usage, in her, vocabulary, book.

Neo saw a tall woman with short dark hair tied to a chair, covered in blood. Her head hung low, so he couldn't see who it was. "This is your girlfriend, I believe."

"No, it's not her," Neo said in disbelief. "Show me her face."

Alina: (Neo) No, that's not Trinity, that's Carrie-Anne Moss. Stupid.

Madhatter: I think you'd be able to tell it's Trinity, despite her head hanging low. I think the shiny oufit would give it away.


Alina: When your spinal column is snapped and you are dead!

Madhatter: Can you TIE it in a KNOT! Or can you Tie it in a BOW!

Alina: Or into a PRETZEL?

Kaiyu: Tasty.

Madhatter: Can you throw it over your shoulder like a Continental soldier! Do youuuur eeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaarssssssss haaaaaaaaaaaaaang LOOOOWWW!

A man moved into the picture and he wrenched the woman's face upward to the camera. It was Trinity.

Her eyes were open, the man in the camera bent down towards "Trinity", his hand moved upward to her chest. He started to unzip her leather suit. His intent was obvious. Persephone clicked off the screen.

Alina: *falls over* Great, so now there's someone trying to do it with TRINITY too?!

Kaiyu: Persephone's house of inappropriate pleasures!

Alina: Yea, her house, which was once a trendy and beautiful decor with funky architecture is a brothel. We're almost there. Then we can gag.

Neo felt a rage began to boil deep inside of him. He looked at Persephone. His blood turned icy, his emotions shut down. "You better hope that's not real."

Alina: Well, there goes the rage. So much for that hope.
(Persephone) Simmer down now!

Maddie: Better hope what's not real? Oh...the screen! Blonde moment...Well, Neo has officially froze his blood. He has died... again...I swear, they make clones of him...

Alina: (Neos) Bullshit!

"Or what, you'll kill me," she sauntered over to him, wrapping her arms around his neck and lifting her lips to his.

"If you want your girlfriend alive, then you will give me what I want." She commanded.

Alina: *snort* He may not be able to do much anymore, but I certainly can kill her. This isn't Persephone! Bad!

Maddie: No... it's not... remember... this is some dominatrix queen named Pheromone...

Alina: Who likes black leather and whips. :X

Neo ripped her hands off him. Grabbing her by the throat, he held her up. "If one hair on her head has been harmed, I will kill you."

He tossed her in the corner. Grabbing his shirt, he walked to the door and kicked it open.

His mind consumed with finding Trinity.

Alina: Hmm...better, better.

Maddie: Truee... but umm.. if I was Neo... and I was being threatened... I wouldn't have hestitated and just killed her. And besides! Who would find out! She never said she had a Walky Talky.

Alina: Same. He wouldn't have put up with the bullshit. He's got a one-track mind.


"Trinity" sat there, trying not vomit, as the bald man started to touch her, moving his hand down suggestively.

Maddie: *wants to vomit* Trinity wouldn't have put up with it. She woulda used her supa dupa powas and broke out of the chair beating the man with a wet noodle.

Alina: But no one's in character, so we really can't expect that kind of stuff to happen.

Maddie: With a BAM! A BIFF! And a WHAPP!

Alina: And a BOOM! Jumping off the motorcycle and causing huge explosions!

Maddie: Well jah... it's happy homemaker Tranity! And the No one!

Alina: And now we go onto chapter three, where the worst awaits us.

Maddie: *wants to die*

A/N: I love you guys, thanks for all the reviews. Here's Chapter 3. It could be the ending, if you guys want more, let me know.

Alina: Can we also tell you if we don't want more? Why isn't there an option for that?

Maddie: I don't want more! If I have anymore my children's children's children's will no longer have brains and will wander around aimlessly in circles mumbling noncoherent words!

Alina: It could be worse. It really could. Just keep telling yourself that.

A strategically placed mirror showed Cypher unzipping Trinity's black leather suit. She was forced to watch.

Alina: *bangs head*

Maddie: *dies*

Alina: Where the hell did Cypher come from? Did she pull his dead body out of her ASS or something? Persephone may be Queen of the Dead, but I don't think even she could pull a Lazarus.

Maddie: One of them has the magical powers of Necromancy.*says random scary words* ARISE MINIONS! *person get's up* HI! I'm Richard Simmons! DEAR GOD! WHAT HAVE I DONE?

Alina: Oi. And the mirror thing is just retarded. Why would Trinity need to watch herself be undressed (and I'm not even touching the fact that if, by some miracle, Cypher lived pas the first film, why Trinity isn't beating the shit out of him) when she's experiencing it? Three letters, people: W.T.F.?

Maddie: I think the writer didn't like Trinity much and reduced her to a quivering pile of....stuff. However, I'm still trying to figure out why Neo has become retarted...

Alina: Badfic Syndrome. Or something.

"Aren't you enjoying this Trinity?" he sneered at her.

Silence greeted him. "Are you pretending I'm him? Your precious Neo."

"You know, I think Persephone bedded him by now. I mean look at her, she's sex personified," Cypher taunted her.

Trinity swallowed, her pulse began to race faster as the zipper went lower and lower, until it hit her navel.

Maddie: And why did she make Persephone an airhead and a slut?

Alina: Here we go again with the stupid suspense.

Maddie: Jah. Well he did get one thing right. Persephone is sex. Sexy as hell. However, Pheromone is a slut, an icky non attractive slut who couldn't woo a grasshopper, much less a man.

Neo ran down the hallway of the chateau hoping he'd come across someone, he could force to tell him where to find Trinity. He was spoiling for a fight.

Neo almost tripped over three silent bodies as he ran around a corner. Trinity had been here, he just knew it.

He closed his eyes and focussed, he could hear her calling him. The cries were getting weaker, as if she were giving up.

~Damn it Trinity, don't give up~ he ran around a corner and could feel himself getting closer.

Alina: *cracks up* Maybe Tranity's having an orgasm. XD And No One's TOO STUPID to tell the difference. I'd even expect as much at this point. Really. But at least now thoughts are marked clearly. :)

Maddie: AND CYPHER SHOULD BE DEAD! *cracks him in the head with a baseball bat then repeats this motion making extra sure.* DAMNIT! She doesn't even give any valid explanation to why Cypher is still alive.

Alina: No. It's just an instant plot device thing.

Persephone lay on the floor, her hands massaging her throat, she could barely breathe. She'd known that would rile Neo, but not to the extent that he would practically strangle her to death.

Alina: She's not exactly the brightest crayon in the box in this fic, is she?

Maddie: Maybe she's one of those Masochist people. You know, those that like to get beaten.

Her eyes clouded over, until they were glowing spheres of ebony, a plague would take them. If she couldn't have Neo, then no one would, she vowed to herself.

She got up off the floor, strode to the door and flung it open.

Maddie: Her eyes clouded? Erm... when could she do this? I think she needs Cataract surgery O_O

Alina: Nope, she's got SUPAR DUPAR TEH POWERS! And shows signs of bad stalker syndrome.

Maddie: Like Lucy Liu in "Payback!" Although Lucy Liu rocks.

Cypher nibbled on her throat, licking her ear.

Shuddering in revulsion, Trinity pretended it was Neo. That made it slightly more bearable.

She heard a door slam open. She saw a flash of black kick the door off its hinges.

It ripped Cypher away from her. Flinging him against the wall. It was a blur of motion, as it beat the shit out of Cypher.

Alina: Gee, I wonder who it could be. It's about fucking time! *checks her watch* And Neo slides into last place on the Rescue!Trinity course, at 99:99:99!

Maddie: Cypher is a mutant now. I dunno anyone that can nibble on a neck and lick someone's ear. That's some massive talent. Especially at the same time! It's the ultimate patting head rubbing tummy thing! *attempts*

Alina: He's got one of those snake tounges that retract and fly out, complete with forked toungue! Or he's got some serious dexteritey. I'll bet that made him popular with the ladies in his time.

Neo had kicked the door open and when he'd seen that snake touching her, with his lizard lips, he'd lost it.

Alina: Oi! We're right! XD

Maddie: Holy Shite O_O Damnit. Now I know I can't do it? *snaps fingers* There was always hope...

When he regained control, Cypher was lying in a puddle of blood and broken bones at his feet. He kicked him out of the way and moved to Trinity.

Quickly, he untied her, zipping up her leather suit in the process.

"Damn it Trinity, I'm so sorry you had to go through that, are you okay?" Neo pulled back and looked her in the eye.

"Me, what about you, and having to endure that slutty succubus," Trinity touched his face, affirming that he was real.

Alina: And now we have the Reunion. *gags*

Maddie: Lovely. Watch! Cypher's blood will soon go into him and he will turn into a puddle of sliver via T-1000! Or the T-X. Whichever.

"I love you," Neo pulled her into his arms, devouring her mouth as if it were a fine feast. "I haven't been away from you for this long ever before, it was torture."

Alina: (Trinity) My dahling! We've stumbled into a Harlequin romance soap opera!

Maddie: It's interesting though how Cypher's all like, "I lick you. I am here for 5 minutes. Now I die. *dead*"

Alina: I know. I mean, you could have used the Twins. They did show some interest in her. It would have made MORE sense. Not THAT much more, but still more.

Maddie: *licks Trinity's lips* Mmmm, tastes like chicken. Chicken does make a fine feast.

Alina: (Mouse) Plus they couldn't figure out what to make chicken taste like, which is why chicken tastes like everything!

"I love you too," Trinity looked at him. He was so beautiful and he was hers. She hugged him close. "Oh my god Morpheus?"

Maddie: Neo has just now transitioned into Morpheus. Strange. He IS a T-1000.

Alina: Yea, he's easily forgotten, as we've all noticed. Must be the teeth and the dialogue that is too incomprehensible for anyone with less than a 3rd grade reading level.

"Did he come with you?" Neo asked.

"We've got to go look for him." They linked hands and left the room.

Cypher still lay unconscious in a broken pile of bones.

Alina: (Neo) I killed him until he was dead.

Maddie: And as soon as they put their hands together all the characters got together and played a succession of the infamous Children's game Red Rover!
"Red Rover! Red Rover send Switch right over!!"
Switch: *ish dead*

Alina: And ring around the rosie!

Persephone's rage had consumed her, she was totally out of control. She walked down the hall and saw Neo and Trinity walking towards her. She pulled out a gun and hid around the corner.

Alina: Oh no....she's got a GUN. I guess we're all going to have to assume she's going to win. I mean, people can't stop speeding bullets and dodge them, no, not in the Matrix. That's unpossible (spelling error intended.)

Neo and Trinity walked down the hall, hand-in-hand, oblivious to their surroundings, they were basking in their love for each other.

Maddie: Well still, I don't think she'd go all secret agent... I think she'd just walk up to em and go, "BAM."

Alina: And the sun was shining, and there were little bunny rabbits hopping around them, and daisies, and the birds were singing, and the Beatles were playing in the background, and...

Maddie: I dunno if Beatles music should be in the Background. I'd go with the Monkey's personally. Alot of the Beatles music was quite depressing.

Alina: Okay, the Monkees.

Maddie: And at the end of the rainbow... there was Trinity... as still held hostage by Tranity

Alina: With the pot o' gold.

When they rounded a corner, a shadow surprised them.

Alina: Neo still hasn't recovered his powers, or he would have seen that coming.

Maddie: Dude! He has the powers! It's just that blasted wooden door again!

Alina: The door is MAGIC.

Maddie: With Necromancic magic.

Alina: She raises the dead, her eyes change colour, she has a magic wooden door, she lusts after Neo like there's no tomorrow...she's Sueish Pheremone Persephone! Now with a comb to brush her hair with! 8D

Maddie: Her eyes don't change colors silly! She needs cataract surgery!

Before they could move, Persephone raised her gun aiming it at Neo and fired. The bullet hit him dead center in the chest, she fired off four more rounds. "If I can't have you then no one can."

Alina: Silly Perse. You can't kill Neo. He's already dead.

Maddie: His blood froze dummy! *kicks Pheromone*

Neo gasped and clutched his chest. He could stop bullets, but not when they were in him. He fell to the floor. Pulling free of Trinity's hand. He fell into a pit of blackness.

Trinity looked down at Neo, feeling her anger began to flow like a flood. Kicking the gun out of Persephone's hand. She grabbed the gun in mid-air and fired off three rounds, knocking Persephone out for the count.

She cradled Neo in her arms. She felt strangely powerful. "Neo I love you," she whispered in his hair. "Please don't leave me," she closed her eyes and focussed.

Of its own accord her hand moved to his chest, like a missile it found the bullet, pulling it out and throwing it away.

Alina: Man, this looks oddly familiar. It's only happened TWICE before to either one of them in the films.

Maddie: Trinity never had THAT power! NEVER EVER EVER! MUST KILLLLLLLLLLLL.

She focussed on Neo breathing. Caressing his dead heart, she willed him to take breath and live. "I need you too damn much, for you to die."

Alina: HiSSing aSS much aSS SShe could for no reason.


She felt a beat, as she withdrew her hand. She felt Neo's hand touch hers weakly.

"Trinity, you saved me? But how?" he asked weakly.

"Shh, let's get out of here," Trinity helped him to his feet.

"There you are, oh you found Neo," Morpheus joked. His face blanched white, when he got a better look at Neo. "What happened?"

"Persephone shot him, and she killed him, I shot Persephone, can we just get out of here?" Trinity asked.

"Yeah, let's go," Morpheus helped Neo walk along the hallway.


They reached the outside and got into the black Cadillac, driving away from the beautiful chateau that hid such deception.



Alina: THE END. No more. Rating? BONFIRE! You destroyed the characters!

Maddie: NUKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Blatant rip-off of the endings, NONE of the characters were in cannon, she brought characters back to life for no relevance! AND AND! I HATE HER! And and and and *breathes heavily* I didn't see the part where Trinity shot Persephone.