"Another Chance" by Kenora Hazel Saul

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Alina: *cackle* Ready?

TrinTinu: Of course. So ready. And, this has a sex scene...all the more pukefying.

Alina: So, with nothing further to do, I hereby present:

Another Chance

TrinTinu: Another chance to rape the Matrix fandom.

Author: Kenora Hazel Saul

Title: It’s Been Awhile.....

Alina: This seems familiar enough. It's the "I put the wrong title in the Chapter highlights again!"

TrinTinu: Oh God no. Again? *headdesk*

Alina: Unless it's the Chapter's title. I'm not sure because the other chapter title says "Default chapter".

TrinTinu: Oh well. Let the stupidness begin.

Rating: PG-13

Alina: It's pretend smut.

TrinTinu: Of course it is. She says manhood. It's obviously written by a ten-year old.

Alina: I wonder if 'creamy thighs' is in here somewhere.

TrinTinu: No, I checked.

Summary: An AU version of Trinity and Neo. Only Trinity is now Anastasia and Neo will be known as Sloan. Plz R&R!!

TrinTinu: AAAAGH, its the inescapable 'plz R&R'! I cannot express how much I hate that.

Alina: It's a FATED love. She is Anastasia Romanov, Grand Duchess of the Romanov dynasty, presumed dead since 1917! (If you don't count the fakes). He is Arvin Sloane, former leader and evil terrorist of SD-6!

TrinTinu: *snerk* And of course, perhaps the story of Neo and Trinity will bring together two other 'tragic' lovers, making a circle of angst and tragedy.

Alina: Like Romeo and Juliet. Rose and Jack. Milk and cookies.

TrinTinu: Mary Sue and Gary Stu.

10 years later

A cold lone tear trickled down her cheek, almost frozen in its salty opalescent glory. Dim moonlight filtered through the slits of the blinds, sheltering her from the outside.

Alina: I already feel like I need a dictionary to slug through this.

TrinTinu: (Author) It's the inevitable huge paragraph filled with crap to make me look smart.

The Matrix was a beautiful enigma that clawed at her to solve its problems. Closing her eyes in peace, she sought the answers to the question that plagued her insides?

Alina: Semantically, this sentence isn't even intelligible.

TrinTinu: (Mary Sue) Ow! My insides!

Alina: Now, if she knew that periods go at the end of those kinds of sentences, then it might work.
(Author) Hmm...exclamation point, semicolon, period, question mark...which one to put...meh. I'll just do a coin toss.

TrinTinu: What's with the question mark? Of course she sought the answer? Doesn't it make sense? I am a good writer?

Alina: It's like she betaed the fic through one of those programs that translates your sentences into another language 10 times and then translates it back.

TrinTinu: *HL* its like the Engrish LotR caps...so hysterical.
(Sam) Frodo, dear mine, I never leave you will!

Alina: The spitting of Sauron endured.

Why was she here? What was she supposed to do?

Life was a complex puzzle, this woman referred to as the Oracle was supposed to have the answers to everything.

TrinTinu: Of course she does! Either she's the One, or she finds the One, or she marries the One. That's how it works out.

She was supposed to visit the Oracle on their next trek into the Matrix to search for more recruits.

Alina: Because, you know, even though the war's over, they're still fighting because they have nothing else to do.

Peace had been in effect for the last ten years, since the One had fought the battle for them. They had called a truce, but how long would it last? Having been recently unplugged from the Matrix, she just didn’t know what to think? The man who referred to himself as Morpheus was her new captain. He was bordering on the line of retirement.

Alina: What's with all the badly formed questions?

TrinTinu: What the hell is with the random insertions of question marks?!

Alina: And Morpheus retiring? He'd be what, 50 or something around then?

TrinTinu: (Morpheus) I'm retiring, but I'm coming out of retirement to service the plot and make sure that in the whole fic, there is at least one Matrix canon character.

Alina: Is he married to Niobe in this in the cliché sort of way? *wonders*

TrinTinu: Don't give it away! *whispers* Of course he is.

She could tell that he didn’t want to. He still enjoyed the thrill of going into the Matrix and looking for new recruits who sought the answer to the universal question: What is the Matrix?

Alina: He also couldn't resist the Chinese food that they had in the Matrix.

TrinTinu: I thought it was a she. Or are we still talking about Morpheus?

Alina: I'm not entirely certain. The prose is too convoluted.

There were stories, legends more like, that floated around Zion, about the One and his battle with Smith.

TrinTinu: Leeegends! Whispered from the people, to the people. Legends of POWAH!

Having just been brought into Zion the night before for the first time.

Alina: Or that story about how Sparks got piss drunk off the temple wine.

TrinTinu: Or how Ghost banged a tree.

Alina: And then married it.

She was unaware of the odd looks she was receiving from people.

Alina: (Zionite) Will you just LOOK at the celery stuck in her teeth?

TrinTinu: (Random person) DUDE! Look at her hair, my God, did it get eaten by a squid?

She walked over to a group of people sitting at a table to introduce herself. They stared at her, some of them looked shocked.

"Hi, my name is Anastasia, I’m new here, I just wanted to introduce myself." Self-consciously, she tucked a lock of errant ebony hair behind her ear. Her cerulean eyes assessed their reactions. Obviously they weren’t that interested in meeting her. She backed off and walked over to sit by the bar.

TrinTinu: (Anastasia) Hi, I'm a random poddie.

Alina: So...are we in the Matrix, or in the Real World, or are we in the smutty dream yet?

TrinTinu: Ebony! Cerulean! What is with these horrid adjectives?

Alina: Cerulean makes me think of Pokemon.

TrinTinu: Or what EVERYONE calls Trinity's eyes in fics.

The bartender set a pint of Zion’s special beer-flavored brew in front of her. "You look like her, that’s why they’re acting so weird."

"I look like who?" Anastasia sipped some of her brew, and grimaced at the metallic taste as she swallowed.

TrinTinu: I had hoped it was poison.

Alina: Wouldn't Zion have only one kind of beer anyway? I don't see too many wheat fields growing underground.

TrinTinu: Very true. Or violas! I wish. That would spice up the fic. =)

Alina: Mmm. Violas. :D

"Trinity." The bartender said quietly.

"Wasn’t she....?" Anastasia trailed off.

"She was Neo’s other half, his soul mate. It’s said that she would come back and when she did the One would come back too." The bartender told her.

Alina: The fact this bartender seems to know so much about Neo's personal life makes me laugh.

TrinTinu: Of course it's Trinity...because people either take her place or she gets relegated to the realms of disappearance or OOCness.

Anastasia’s eyes widened at what she’d just been told. She looked around the room and watched the crowd in the corner whisper and look at her.

She swallowed the rest of her brew, thanked the bartender and walked out of the bar. Walking down the deserted hallway, she made her way to the elevator. She hit the up button that would lead to her Morpheus’s quarter and some answers.

TrinTinu: And of course, she interrupts Morphie mid coitus.

Alina: Morpheus' quarter? What, does he own a giant chunk of the city now?

TrinTinu: Of course! When he relegated Lock to fic-disappearance, he took control of Zion.

Alina: See, I liked Lock. He was cool, even though he was an ass.

TrinTinu: Yeah, but no one knows about him that much.

Alina: Yea. We only see him as Niobe's SO and as the commander.

Was she Trinity resurrected?

Sweat trickled down her back, shivers ran up her spine. She couldn’t be Trinity? Knocking loudly on Morpheus’s door.

TrinTinu: Of course she is! she's a MS!

Alina: She's rather impressionable.
(Anastasia) Lalalalala...
(Bartender) Ya know, you look like Trinity!
(Anastasia) *gasp* I must be TRINITY RESURRECTED!

TrinTinu: And it's beyond me why looking like someone makes you them resurrected. I look like Katie Holmes. I MUST BE HER RESURRECTED!

Alina: Indeed. And, assuming she IS Trinity resurrected, there's a time difference. I'm assuming this chick's an adult, or at least ten years old. That means she was still alive when Trin died. So were there TWO Trinity(ie)s at once, or did Trinity's soul kick hers out?
(Trinity) I need a body, biatch!

TrinTinu: *HL* I assumed she was born when Trin died, in which case, Neo is banging an unconscious 10 year old.

Alina: Neo the pedophile. And the ten-year old is having wet dreams. 8D

TrinTinu: Eeeeeeew. WRONGBAD!

Alina: I know. *headdesk*

That would mean? She rapped harder, she couldn’t allow herself to think about the possibilities of that.

"Who is it?" he shouted out.

"Sir, it’s Anastasia." The door opened to reveal Morpheus clad in a towel. Candles burned in the background. A seduction interrupted.

TrinTinu: (Morpheus) WRONG time, girl. Leave, bitch.

Alina: Maybe he was taking a shower, Anastasia, and he just wanted the pretty scented candles. On another note - the sentence fragments really bother me, as always. A seduction interrupted. Her heart. The whosits? I know it's more of a style thing and I shouldn't bitch about it, but FUCK. It would be easier to follow.

TrinTinu: Yeah, it would.

A vague memory poked at her mind. A feeling of feeling the same frustration when she had been interrupted in the same way. Always having to quell her need for him, so that he could go and fight the enemy. He had been their guardian against the adversary.

TrinTinu: (Memory) Poke! Poke!
(Anastasia) Look! Connection to Neo! I'm having memories! I'm being canonical!

Alina: (Memory) Now where's my poking stick? It's time for some vague imagery!

TrinTinu: *HL*

"What is it?" Smoothing a hand over his bald head. Morpheus looked at her, as if trying to read her mind.

"Am I Trinity resurrected?"

Morpheus’s face blanched of all its color. Leaving a pale ghostly white to settle over his rapidly aged features.

"What makes you think that?" he said softly.

Alina: (Anastasia) Some bartender told me that. At least I think he did. I was a little drunk at the time.

TrinTinu: Oh dear God...so it's true. And it's true because a CANON character approves of it. Hell, she could have asked Zee that and it would have been credible in her eyes.

Alina: She could've asked the Zion idiot.

TrinTinu: Probably.

"I had no idea what she looked like, until I went into the bar tonight. They just kept staring and whispering...I went over to introduce myself and they just stared at me, like I was a circus freak.

What the hell is going on Morpheus?"

TrinTinu: "Morpheus, what's happening to me?" /insert random Matrix quote/

"You weren’t supposed to find out this soon," Morpheus said quietly.

Alina: (Morpheus) I haven't had time to prepare an inspirational Shakespearean speech yet!

TrinTinu: (Morpheus) That's cause you ARE a circus freak.

Alina: (Morpheus) And they're staring at you because you're not wearing any pants.

"When were you going to tell me? I had a right to know." Anastasia stormed off down the hall to the elevator.

Morpheus stood there, flabbergasted for a moment. He would have to talk to the Council.

True, Anastasia did know, but this time it was different. She didn’t know, but things were about to change radically. He would have to consult with the Council.

Alina: He wanted them to beta his speech.

TrinTinu: (Morpheus) Council? I've got a rabid 10-year-old here? Can I call Zion animal control?

Damn them all, did they think she was a joke. Anastasia slammed her door angrily. Why was this happening? All she’d been looking for was answers and she got this. Why couldn’t she just be a normal person?

Alina: It's amazing what ONE BEER and a couple of odd looks can do to a fragile little mind.

TrinTinu: Completely. It's bizarre how she's looking for answers but ran away after saying under 5 sentences to Morpheus.

Alina: She's just building up the necessary angst.

Tears streamed down her face, sadness warred with frustration.

TrinTinu: Warred?

Alina: It's Celebrity deathmatch! Sadness versus Frustration!


Alina: *HL*

Taking off her boots, she put them by the door and crawled into her bed. Lonely and cold, yet an urge to sleep gripped her.

As soon as her head hit the pillow, her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.

A voice came to her. Soon.......it whispered.

Alina: See? angst.

TrinTinu: (Anastasia) I am lonely... I will sleep in my troubled dream realm.

Alina: This is the exact same premise as her Persephone-kidnaps Neo fic. Trinity angsts and then goes to sleep!

TrinTinu: Same author? Maybe its a badfic trademark of hers.

Alina: It's her badfic formula.

"What’s wrong Morpheus?" Niobe lay warm under the blankets after a bout of lovemaking, watching her husband get dressed.

TrinTinu: (Morpheus) I am excessively disturbed by a giant sue problem. Going to the council to request animal control and get my next Shakespearean speech betaed

Alina: (I cut out the transition markers, but they were there.) There's something very wrong about this sentence. First, the HUSBAND cliché is bugging me. Secondly, the phrase "bout of lovemaking" disturbs me. What is it, their weekly cardio?

TrinTinu: And one and two and THRUST, THRUST, breeeeeeathe, THRUST!

Alina: And....orgasm! Yes! yes!

TrinTinu: This is better than her smut.

“She knows, I don’t how, but she shouldn’t have found out so soon. It wasn’t supposed to

happen that way.” Morpheus told her while buttoning up his boots.

“Where are you going?”

“To talk to the Council.” His response reverberated off the wall as he closed the door behind himself as he exited the room.

Alina: (Niobe) But we only got to page 42 of your Kama Sutra book!

TrinTinu: (Niobe) She was supposed to find out in some highly angstful encounter. This is too soon!

Alina: *HL* And there ends Chapter One. Only three left!

TrinTinu: Oh dear God.

Alina: *clings to Tinu* We can do it! And chapter two is...I think it's the SMUT DREAM SEQUENCE. Maybe.

TrinTinu: One of many.

Alina: I shall skip the Author Notes and general junk.

TrinTinu: They're equally as stupid as the first.

Coldness shook her body as she lay in her bed, frozen in tortured hell as memories attacked her.

Neo’s soft brown eyes staring into hers for the first time. The fierce grip of desire holding her in its grasp, refusing to let go.

TrinTinu: And its Neo! Magically appearing!

Alina: (Trinity) I'll never let go Jack! I'll never let go!
(Neo) Jack?!

TrinTinu: What is it with adjectives possessing people?

Alina: Adjectives are people too, Tinu!

Her horror at watching Neo’s beautiful body being ravaged by bullets as they pierced his flesh. Closing her eyes, she grasped the belief that she had denied to this second and let her heart open and the love come pouring out.

Alina: Along with, you know, the blood and vital fluids.

TrinTinu: So now she's seeing Trinity's memories?

Alina: I think so.

TrinTinu: I think this is because she needs SOME link to canon.

Alina: No, wait, she's "grasping them." I think they want to fly away and be left alone.

Kissing soft cold dead lips, willing him to come back.

Shock as swift as being hit by lightning, when he drew air and his heart start pumping again.

Pulling the plug from his neck and kissing him for the first time. A mating of the souls, a melding of the flesh, a celebration of their love.

TrinTinu: What is it with the horrid, horrid euphemisms?

Alina: That last sentence strikes me as being vaguely familiar. And Trinity apparently can't count. Second kiss = first kiss!

TrinTinu: Oh yes.

Air surrounded her as she fell, bullets raining down on her. Calmness overriding her fear allowing her to focus on her goal of eliminating the Agent as she fell…………..

The pierce of the bullet, her eyes flew open in shock. Neo…………where are you?

The sweep of a black duster, gentle hands caught her……cradling her to his chest.

Alina: Okay, I'm going to tune out until we're done looking at the movies through a rose-coloured lens.

TrinTinu: I hate this reiteration.

Alina: This chapter could've been reduced to the following "And she remembered all of her past life and woke up." But then, we wouldn't get to see all this poetic imagery.

TrinTinu: We wouldn't get to wade through all this horrid, perfumed imagery.

Alina: It's not that bad. A little too Harlequin Romance for me, but at least this person's trying to get her audience all worked up.

A sweep of swift wind as she was laid down on a cold cement platform. The pain of the bullet overriding everything even her need to tell Neo one last time that she loved him…….

“I’m sorry.” Words that she’d cursed saying forever.

A jolt of shock when she been thrust back into her body, by Neo’s refusal to let her die.

Alina: A can of celebratory Jolt after her resurrection.

TrinTinu: Wouldn't she not feel it if she was dead?

Alina: But her SOUL could feel.

TrinTinu: Of course. All the blood in her that was irreversibly connected to Neo.

Horror when he lost his beautiful eyes saving her life.

Sadness when she been pinned to the floor of the ship by those invasive poles that had killed her.

Peacefulness came over her as she said her goodbyes to Neo………Sadness that she would never again be able to make love with him, hold his hand, kiss him or have his child.

A final kiss that tore her soul from her body and sent it to a place that would wait until the time was right for her and Neo to reunited.

Alina: (Trinity) That pole is poking my boob.

TrinTinu: NO! She will not reiterate that scene! It's sacred!

Alina: It's lengthy enough without any more additions!

Anastasia writhed beneath her sweat-soaked sheets. Her eyes opened slowly. “I remember.”

Her brain sorted through what memories had risen from the depthless pits of her mind.

Alina: (Memories) Okay people, time to get out of this pit!

If she reached out, she could almost touch him. His chocolate brown eyes peering into hers.

TrinTinu: Neo is hanging over her bed... reach! Reach!

Alina: He's dangling over her head like a cat toy.

TrinTinu: Pit...she's giving a nod to ff.net where this was posted! How sweet.

Alina: Aw. Well, it is nice...I guess.

Her hand reached out and traced the air, memorizing his face. Her lips creased in a smile……………… she could almost touch him…………feel his sweet breath on her cheek, his passionate kiss on her lips…………see his beautiful chocolate eyes again………feel the arch of leanly muscular body as they made love…………..soon……we’ll be together again…………..Neo.

Alina: But no! The chapter can't be finished yet! We need more ellipses!

TrinTinu: I.....hate.........these.........extended..........ellipses......

Alina: ...........................................................................................................................................And they made................the.......................fic...............appear............longer.............than it really...................was.

TrinTinu: of course.............it makes it...........more suspenseful. They must...............serve as a mode of...................extending the angst......

Alina: And we bustle into Chapter 3!

TrinTinu: Yay! Almost done!

Alina: I'll just add one thing from the A/Ns from this section.

One more thing, I have changed Neo’s name from Sloan to Sebastian. He will be introduced in the upcoming chapters.

Alina: Would it hurt her to go back to her previously posted chapters and change this? /perfectionist.

TrinTinu: Complete laziness.

Alina: And I guess she realized that naming Neo after a hated Alias character wouldn't be very smart.

Anastasia pushed the sheets down to her waist. Her short jet hair spiked as she began to sweat lightly.

TrinTinu: Jet? I thought it was ebony?!

Alina: Her hair is made of airplanes now?

TrinTinu: Apparently.

Alina: (Hair) Vrrrroooom!

Squeezing her eyes shut, she struggled to hold onto the dream she was in. A bolt of energy pushed her out of her dream.

Alina: (Bolt) Outside right now! Go out into the simulated sunshine and play!

Wide awake, she looked around her dim room. Candles flickered softly in the light breeze that floated through the room.

I want to go back to sleep, that’s the only place I can be with him. Neo, I need you. Her heart called out to him.

Yesterday, Morpheus had gone to talk to the Council and they’d told him to leave her alone for now. Anastasia fumed inwardly. What right do they have to tell me how to live my life? Crossing her arms like an errant child, she sulked in the dark.

TrinTinu: It's candles! Oh the symbolism! I hate this vagueness with the council.

Alina: And a magical breeze coming from nowhere that defies the laws of physics!
(Morpheus) She knows. Should I tell her everything now?
(Council) No, it's probably beyond her comprehension as a two-dimensional echo of a character.

TrinTinu: or (Council) No! It would enhance the plot to a degree that the audience couldn't understand.

Alina: or (Council) No! The author hasn't decided where she's going with this yet.

If only I could back to that dream…her eyes closed. Remembering the touch of him, the feel of him deep inside her.

It’s been so long…..laying her head back on the pillow. She closed her eyes in sweet memory.

The soft whir of the breeze helped her to fall into the shades of unconsciousness, caught somewhere between deep sleep and dream.

Alina: Which would leave her in the middle of, well, sleep.

TrinTinu: More of these breezes that come out of nowhere.

Alina: They're like those angelic breezes.

A soft breeze flirted with her hair, brushing a rebellious lock behind her ear. Her breath caught when she saw a figure standing in front of her. Turned away from her.

She stepped forward and touched the shoulder of his billowing black silk shirt tentatively. Her fingers itched to curl in the short crisp dark tresses that framed the collar of his shirt.

Alina: I need to start counting all those "rebellious lock" phrases.

TrinTinu: I hate the breeze now. And what is the fascination with her hair?

Alina: It's the easiest to describe, maybe?

TrinTinu: Probably.

He turned.

She froze.

“Neo.” Her voice caught on the single syllable.

He held a finger to her lips. “Shh, tonight is for us.”

Cradling her gently in his arms, he carried her over to the four poster draped in cyan silk.

Alina: Porn music started to blare from nowhere.
"Tank!" Neo yelled.

TrinTinu: Oh dear God...where the fuck did the silk come from?

Alina: Silk: The material of choice for smutty scenes.

TrinTinu: Of course! Neo is using his Magic one powerzzz to manipulate the matrix into a luuuurve nest.

Closing her eyes, she inhaled the warm manly scent of Neo’s skin. He ravished her mouth with passion as his tongue swept against her and his teeth gently nipped her lips.

This was a dream.

He was a dream.

Worth savoring for an eternity.

Abandoning her sense of logic, she raked her nails down his chest and ripped his shirt open.

Alina: And thus the sex begins.

TrinTinu: Rippable shirts galore! I hate this ravishing of things.

Alina: Let's count how many cliché smut sentences we see.

She heard him growling like a wild beast as he trailed his lips down her jaw and buried them against her throat. Every nerve ending in her body fired like a torch at his touch.

Alina: Wild beast. One. Trailing lips. Two. Nerve ending remark. Three. You're supposed to wait for the orgasm to hit first before you use that one!

TrinTinu: Torch, four. I hate euphemisms... this is full of them.

Her breasts swelled, wanting to feel the strokes of his tongue across her taut nipples while his hands held her.

He lifted his head to gaze down at her. The moonlight filtered through the drawn curtains, etching every meticulous detail of his body for her.

TrinTinu: Moonlight, five.

Alina: Swelling breasts. Six. Taut nipples. Seven. Giving one person an opportunity to memorize their partner's body with meticulous detail. Eight.

Their clothes had melted away as if by magic. Hard muscled flesh met soft silky curves. Lifting a hand to cradle his head, she looked deep into his brown eyes. Her other hand softly traced his features, not so much for memory, as for the need to touch.

Neo captured her hand in his and brought it to his mouth. His tongue traced her flesh with light feathery caresses, while his teeth tenderly nipped her fingers and palm.

Alina: Hard+Soft flesh. Nine!

TrinTinu: Melting clothes, ten.

His hand gently cupped her breast, taking his time laving her nipples with his tongue. She threw her head back against the pillow and moaned softly.

Alina: Pillow moaning! Eleven!

TrinTinu: Oh, lovely.

His erection seemed to grow in length against her hip as she moved softly against him. Inciting him with her body to make them one.

Alina: This line makes me laugh. His manhood is growing!

TrinTinu: It's growing! God, it's extending... it's like an animal *screams* Something'll burst out of it (and not what you think) like in the X-Files!

Alina: *Alien flails its way out of Neo's....nether regions*

TrinTinu: Exactly... hopefully it'll bite her on the ass when it gets out.

Trailing her hands over the muscles of his back, muscles that rippled and flexed with every sensual movement he made. Burying her lips against his throat, she tasted the salt of his skin.

Alina: (Trinity) Mmm....Neo tastes like chips.

TrinTinu: Why is it that all the euphemisms have something to do with water? Rippling, salt. Godfuckingdammit.

Alina: Because then you get the sense that they're wet.

She held her breath as his fingers crept through her curls, testing the readiness of her. As he slid his fingers into her, she exhaled deeply. With his fingers inside of her and his mouth at her breast, she was rapidly approaching her climax.

TrinTinu: I don't like that first sentence...it looks weird.

Alina: Doesn't it take a woman like twenty minutes to get to that point? Either Neo's got magic fingers, or Trinity's feeling rather libidinous.

TrinTinu: Remember, this isn't Trinity. It's Anastasia, who is a Super-Sue with magical arousing powers.

Alina: Hey! Curls! Twelfth clichéd euphemism!

TrinTinu: That we've counted.

Alina: Oh. So we're still at eleven, then.

TrinTinu: Probably more, but who's keeping track?

Alina: Not me.

Arching her head back, she cried out as the pleasure burst in a crescendo that was earth-shattering. Her body felt weak and replete. Her mind was consumed with thoughts of him.

“I need you inside of me. Please Neo. Even if this is the last time.” Her silver blue eyes burned into his.

Alina: And now we get into the musical imagery.

TrinTinu: What is with the eyes and their blueness? Yes, we DO know that they are blue.

Seizing her lips with his.

He brought his knee up between her thighs to part her legs as he placed his body over hers.

His eyes feral and possessive, he drove into her. She moaned at the hardness inside of her. It’d been so long, since she felt like this.

Alina: Wow, Trin gets over feeling spent really fast. She REALLY must be horny. Er, Anastasia, sorry.

TrinTinu: Neo has a talented knee.

Alina: He can split logs with that knee of his. Well, I guess he could in the Matrix.

His strength and power totally consuming her. She was the only woman who existed for him to love.

His moves were wild as he thrust into her.




TrinTinu: I
when people
write like

Alina: I

TrinTinu: Stupid

Dipping his head, he captured her breast in his mouth and teased it mercilessly as he thrust more powerfully.

She moaned loudly, echoing softly on the wind.

Neo leaned back on his knees to watch. Holding her legs as he plunged deeper into her silky depths.

His eyes held her captive. “You’re mine forever,” he said between clenched teeth and thrust harder to emphasize his claim.

Alina: (Neo) Miiiiine! Ahaahahahahahahahahaha!

TrinTinu: Silky depths! Eyes are buuuurning!

Alina: I knoooow.

TrinTinu: Neo's a bit possessive... it's disturbing.

He leant down and took her into his arms.

She clung to him, her pleasure crested as her orgasm swept through her body. Neo cried out against her throat as he joined her.

Pulling back, he looked down at her. “I am with you,” he whispered. “I am always with you.”

A strange wave of heaviness came over. Caressing his face one last time, she closed her eyes.

TrinTinu: Stupid ocean imagery.

Alina: Gotta love all those caressing waves. So Trin gets two orgasms, but Neo only gets one? He's being cheated, I say! Cheated!

TrinTinu: Doesn't he always? Trinity always gets two.

Alina: Hey, you're right. He never gets more than one.

TrinTinu: In Zee wormed maybe?

Alina: I don't remember about Zee wormed. Haven't read it in a while. And there concludes CHAPTER THREE! *drums beat*

TrinTinu: Yey! Is that all of it?

Alina: One chapter left - she meets 'Neo'. Shall we?

TrinTinu: Alrighty. Ready to finish this steaming pile of crap?

Alina: Yes. Yes I am.

TrinTinu: Bring it on!

Cold dark eyes stared at her from the mirror. Wincing her muscles screamed from all the tension she was holding back, allowing to hunch her shoulders.

Closing her eyes, she remembered her dream. It was so vivid, the way we made love as if it were real.

Alina: Neo's in the room with her! Spirit apparition!

TrinTinu: Again, she ruminates on how she is blessed with the talent of sleepfucking.

Alina: Indeed.

Like we were in the Matrix, dancing an erotic ballet, feeling our moves, yet knowing it wasn’t really happening, just an illusion of our minds.

Alina: Or like in a really bad fanfic with a dozen clichéd images!

TrinTinu: It's like... matrix... in the real world... whoa! Mind overload!

If I’m back, then where is Neo? Her eyes focused back onto the present. Lost in thought, she failed to notice that a man watched from the doorway.

Alina: (Anastasia) I can't seem to focus on the here and now. Maybe I need contacts.

TrinTinu: You know you're fucked up when you try and focus on things that aren't there... ie, nonphysical things.

Alina: Unless this man that is in the room is Neo.

“Anastasia.” Morpheus spoke softly.

Candles flickered softly in the cave interior emphasizing the shadows under Anastasia’s eyes.

“Morpheus, what is it?” her quiet voice broke the silence.

Alina: (Morpheus) You do realize that we just had hot and passionate sex laced with oceanic imagery, right?

TrinTinu: I hate the parallels to the cave scene. Makes the cave scene dirty by association.

Alina: I know. And she keeps using the same kinds of illusions. Hair. Candles flickering. Special eyes. It's like they're yanked from a pre-made list. Just copy and paste! Viola! Now your fic has the semblance of being fleshed out! It's like madlibs!

TrinTinu: (Author) Eyes? Check. Candles? Check. We should do a madlib ficcy thing!

“We’re leaving for another mission. I wanted to know if you were coming?” his dark eyes bored into hers, searching for a flicker of the old Anastasia who’d been so open with her emotions, before she’d found out who she really was.

Alina: (Morpheus' eyes, complete with miniature jackhammers) I know she's in here somewhere....*drills*

“Of course, I’m coming. I wouldn’t neglect my duties.” Turning her back to him, she moved to pack some clothes into a duffel bag.

“And, you will be going to see the Oracle.” Morpheus moved to close the door behind him.

Anastasia silently packed her bag and set it on the bed.

Staring at the stone wall that lay before her. It’s only a matter of time now.


TrinTinu: I hate the fact that for uber-special Anastasia, missions are options.

Alina: I know. What happened to the Morpheus that could communicate and order with a look? He had such a commanding presence.

TrinTinu: (Morpheus) Anastasia, do you mind, possibly, I thought we might, you know, mission, so if you uh, wanna come, that;d be great.

Alina: (Morpheus) But it's not necessary. I can pilot a hovercraft, plug myself into the Matrix, and operate my own mission, all while cooking a seven-course meal.

Black leather squeaked as Anastasia moved down the street behind Morpheus.

Closing her eyes briefly, she wished to be anywhere but here. A hand grabbed her from behind and dragged her down a side alley.

Alina: (Leather) I want cheese!

TrinTinu: The leather is protesting at being near her.

Alina: But why does she want to go? She just spent the last few chapters angsting over the fact she couldn't get any answers. Now she's getting them. I don't understand.

TrinTinu: It's a badfic, what is there to understand?

Alina: You're right. This logic is not Earth logic.

Ripping off her sunglasses, she prepared to tear a strip off the person.

TrinTinu: Tear a strip of what?

Spiky black hair and chocolate brown eyes stopped her.

TrinTinu: Chocolate eyes! Who could it be?

Alina: (Anastasia) Ghost! What the fuck did you do to your hair?


“Look lady, I’m sorry I grabbed you, but I ---” he stopped to stare at her, while she gaped at him.

“Is something wrong, do I have something on my face.” He ran his hands over his smooth pale complexion.

Anastasia froze, one thought racing through her mind.

TrinTinu: (Random Neo-ish dude) Dude, I grabbed you and you stare? Come on, be nice.

Alina: (Anastasia) What kind of concealer does he use? I must get some.

TrinTinu: (Neo-dude) What, so you like my fresh face and complexion? Try Matrix creme de squid, the newest and best in facial care products!

Alina: Brought to you by the makers of Tasty Wheat.

Neo’s soft brown eyes staring into hers for the first time. The fierce grip of desire holding her in its grasp, refusing to let go.

“I’m sorry, you just shocked me.” Hearing footsteps coming down the alley behind her, she grabbed his shoulder and shoved him around the corner.

Alina: I'm really confused. Why did Sebastian grab him first to begin with?

TrinTinu: (Anastasia) Come on, let's fuck, random dude!

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Sebastian -” was cut off by her soft lips tasting him.

Alina: Hey, you were right! It's makeout time!

TrinTinu: I have Oracle-like prediction qualities! Go me!

Anastasia stepped back. Closing her eyes to sweetly savor the taste. She opened them to see a look of confusion on Sebastian’s face.

“I’m sorry I have to go.” Raising a hand to caress his cheek in desperation, a need to remember the touch and smell of him.

Her eyes ate him up, soaking up his lean body, soft dark hair, loving brown eyes, and beautiful soul.

Alina: Anastasia was happy that she had made it a point to wear her soul-piercing sunglasses that day.

TrinTinu: And she forgot to write in the fact that Sebastian was looking at her with a huge WTF look on his face, after being sloppily kissed by some random soul-piercing Mary Sue.

“I’ll find you again.” She ran around the corner and vanished into the crowds of the afternoon mass of people.

Sebastian looked around him, something was pulling at his mind, struggling to get through. As if trapped in a web that wouldn’t let it go.

Shrugging his shoulders, he eased back into the crowd making his way home.

Alina: (Sebastian) Let's see, I just randomly grabbed some woman I don't even know, we made out, and then she had to go. Nope. Just an ordinary day.

TrinTinu: It's the Sebastian-trapped-in-a-web routine! Look out for the man eating she-spider coming up behind you!!!

Alina: Watch as he fights for his life in the sticky web of goo against the evil squiddy!

TrinTinu: It's the badfic LotR-Matrix crossover! AAAAAAARGH!


Anastasia sprinted up the stairs to the Oracle’s apartment on the sixth floor.

She knocked on the steel door. Morpheus opened the door.

“Where have you been?” his question was brushed aside as Anastasia swept past him to the Oracle.

TrinTinu: I think he forgot that she was supposed to be following him.

Alina: Yes. Just sprint past Morpheus. He is unimportant. He's just the guy that freed Neo and helped to save the planet.

TrinTinu: Everyone overlooks Morpheus.

Alina: They're not paying attention today, are they? Morpheus loses his charge, Anastasia isn't paying attention enough to notice someone grab her and drag her into an alley.

TrinTinu: He's just the one that covers for your makeout sessions to the Oracle.

Alina: (Oracle) So where's this Trinity v.2.0?
(Morpheus) I don't know. I figured I'd get her lost since she crashed my seduction of Niobe the other night.

TrinTinu: (Oracle) I perceive her having her own seduction now.
(Morpheus) D'OH!

Alina: And...well, that's all there is (it says there'll be no more updates until May). So it's grading time!

TrinTinu: Damn. Hm, you first.

Alina: I think I'm going to go with a D-. The story's still legible, but the choppy sentences and overpoetic imagery makes me feel like I'm in an episode of Days of Our Lives. As does the cheesy characterization. But...it just didn't give me the same kind of really bad burning sensation as other fics have. It's kinda bla.

TrinTinu: I'd go with F+, maybe. I hate all those clichés, and the ocean imagery. And choppy sentences and ravishing of mouths.

Alina: Yea. Maybe just get a little more nitty gritty with the smut. Just a little.

TrinTinu: Yeah.