Why? by Aeris Angel

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When Cloud see's the flower girl may it be forever

Kaiyu: This is a short one, but it's really, really bad. ;.; We may even have time to do another afterward.

Alina: FF7? Let's roll.

Chapter 1-Why

Kaiyu: I've asked myself that question many times.

Alina: Answer: "Becuz".

Cloud was walking along and alone in the forgotten city looking at the altar, remembering past times with his hands in his pockets! Remembering Aeris.

Kaiyu: This is all one big paragraph, by the way. *Is laughing. Quite a bit.*

Alina: He was remembering all the times he had had his hands in his pockets because Aeris wouldn't give him some. Gotcha.

Meanwhile close to him Aeris herself was resting along the forgotten waters and she suddenly opened her eyes! "Am I alive" she said to herself.

Alina: Wow, that's all it takes to revive someone from a fatal stab wound to the chest? Proximity! *falls over laughing* if it were that easy, I'd have ressurected Aeris 100 times over.

Kaiyu: Hey, I'll do that next time I'm remembering past times with my hands in my pockets. Remembering things!

She got up and slowly walked over to the altar watching her reflection in the ripples of the water! She jumped along the marble pillars and finally got to the altar.

Kaiyu: I love it. I like how things. Are randomly punctuated!

Alina: And everything was followed by exclamations! Because they were amazing events! Like staring into water!

Kaiyu: And she's pretty spry for a dead chick.

Alina: Her muscles would have atrophy by now, if she had just been there alive the whole time. She wouldn't be able to MOVE.

She knelt down and prayed, she prayed that all her close friends where okay and that Cloud was safe and unharmed! A striking pain jolted into her head and in her mind she started to see Cloud, herself and Sephiroth.

Kaiyu: She always had wanted that ménage à trois.

Alina: Bad use of French. Some people who actually speak French might interpret that either has having a threesome or has having a trio of house cleaners.

Kaiyu: A trio of house cleaners would be really neat. 8D

A vision of her death kept on flashing into her head over and over until she could take no more! She screamed and collapsed on the hard marble floor and from a far Cloud heard this and ran as fast as he could to see strange woman lying on the floor!

Alina: The fact that she looked exactly like Aeris didn't phase him in the least.

Kaiyu: She couldn't take it anymore, so she gave it back.

Alina: For a refund. But she forgot the bill in deathland, so she couldn't return it for a refund. she could only exchange it for another one.

Kaiyu: "How much can I get for this hackneyed flashback?"

Alina: 2 dollar!

Kaiyu: "5.50, without tax. Always willing to help at the Sue Store."

He rolled her over to see Aeris and he slowly carried her off to the rebuilt bar called 7th heaven for further help!

Kaiyu: (Cloud) Aeris! What were you doing under that strange woman!?

Alina: (Aeris) Too much vodka...

As Cloud was waking he started to cry and a tear ran down his face and fell on Aeris's cheek even though she was uncurious she felt the cold tear run down hear neck!

Kaiyu: She wasn't interested in it at all. Uncurious. That's the best word ever.

Alina: Didn't give a damn. She wanted more vodka.

Cloud finally got to the new improved 7th Heaven where everyone had there own bedrooms etc! Cloud walked in and looked down to the floor as he made his way to his bedroom!

Kaiyu: I'm dying. This is beautiful. This is the best story ever. ;___;

Alina: I like how the author assumed that the gang would want to live together for the rest of their lives when they were literally ripped out of their real homes and stuff to be together. And that they wouldn't want to go back.

Kaiyu: It's Tifa's cooking.

"Cloud are you okay" Tiff asked "Fine leave me alone" he replayed as he softly put Aeris on his bed! " If you ever need me just ask" she said looking rather worried about what Cloud's actions where going to be!

Alina: Tiff. So now she's either an argument or a file extension. Man, if I were Tifa, I'd kick his ass. Who RUNS 7th heaven? Tifa! Therefore, who's housing him! Tifa! I wouldn't let him speak to me like that, and neither would she.

Kaiyu: Tifa doesn't recognize Aeris, of course.
"Bringing home dead hookers again, Cloud? Dammit, this is the LAST time!"

He sat on a chair next to the bed and waited after a while he softly stroked his arm on Aeris's cheek and her eyes started to open! "Cloud is that you," said Aeris sleepily.

Alina: He didn't bother to check her pulse, call a doctor, or give her any water. That would be just asking too much. I'm also curious to know how he walked all the way from the Northern continent to Midgar, where I assume the "new" 7th Heaven is.

Kaiyu: You know, if I saw a person who I THOUGHT was dead, lying on the ground like they were DEAD, in a place where they hadn't been BURIED, I'd be mildly freaked out.

Alina: Ditto.

"Yes it is Aeris you're alive it's me" he was so happy he could hardly think of what to say. Suddenly Aeris stood up and began to shout "How dare you, you didn't stop him"!

Alina: I'd be breaking out the crosses and holy water. WTF? What the hell did she want Cloud to do, fly?

Kaiyu: Yes. She wanted him to fly. I mean, duh.

Alina: Or, take the hit for her. Because that would be so totally romantic.

Kaiyu: Nevermind that foreboding dream she gave him that basically said "I'm going to DIE, don't feel bad! 8D"

"What are you talking about Aeris stop who?" "Sephiroth killed me and you just stood there"

Alina: (Cloud) *shrugs* It's not my problem. You were in the way.

with that Ears ran off and Cloud did his best to follow her this time as he didn't want her out of his sight!

Alina: Please tell me you just typed that.

Kaiyu: My ears are always running off. ;_;

Alina: You didn't type that.

Kaiyu: No. ;_;

Alina: (Cloud) Dammit! Where are my ears? Here ears! *whistles* That's ridiculous.

Kaiyu: Yes. Yes it is. You cannot believe the extent of my laughter right now.

Alina: If I weren't so tired from working on pictures for like 5 hours, I'd be laughing too.

Cloud followed her to the Church where he first met her! Aeris ran into it but Cloud Griped her arm before she got away! He pulled her back and started at her!

Kaiyu: What is he DOING to her?

Alina: Cloud still had some bones to pick with that arm, and had not finished his griping/complaining.

He then put his hand on her chin and kissed her! A long loves first true kiss one that lasts forever!

Kaiyu: I love it. It's so romantic. It's so completely incomprehensible. ;_;

Alina: And the ! points just give the reader all the detail and Shock! That! They! Need!

"Cloud" said Aeris beginning to cry. "What" he said. "I ...I

Alina: Please tell me that's the end. PLEASE.

Kaiyu: It just ended. Like that.

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Kaiyu: I think we should congratulate her or something. ;_;

Alina: Yes. For making the funniest misspelling of Aeris' name ever to grace the Earth.

Kaiyu: Rating time. ;.;

Alina: As for my grade, it gets away with only an F. Generous, yes, but at least this one made me laugh at its stupidity.

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