What's in a Name?

On the scale, one (1) is a perfect name, and ten (10) is a bona fide, full-blown Sueness name.

Alina: Okay, wanna do names or rant?

Kaiyu: Names. Lemme find them.

Alina: Ok. I'll go look for some too ^^

Kaiyu: I made a list. XD

Alina: Oh yea....(further proof that I'm stupid, lol) Oh yea, there was one funny one I saw somewhere...I'll bring it up when we're done your list.

Kaiyu: Alrighty. Now begins our SUE NAME BONANZA! 8D 8D

Alina: Yehaw! Here we go!

*Western music plays*

Kaiyu: Our first contestant is a lovely woman by the name of...

Arwarn Sandinista

Alina: Hmmm...could this mysterious women be related to Arwen?

Kaiyu: No. I do believe that she is a LOTR fandom character, however.

Alina: Her last name is like a cross between sand and sinister. I wonder if she's that sandstorm plauging Americans in Iraq.

Kaiyu: Grade?

Alina: 7. It's a lucky number. Good to start with.

Kaiyu: I agree. Seven as well.

Alina: Next contestant on the show?

Kaiyu: Next up, the lovely miss...

Crimson Rose

Alina: Okay, when your name resembles an actual object THAT much, there's a problem. People might think you're insane. This is like having a name such as "Smelly Donkey". Or "Purple Shit".

Kaiyu: Even having a name like Smelly Donkey would be more amusing than this. I give it a 5 for lack of effort.

Alina: 6. It's just dorky.

Kaiyu: Next up, a LOTR Hobbiton lass:

Daffodyl Belle Hornblower

Alina: Daffodyl - acceptable for a hobbit name.

Kaiyu: Adding a random y and e to nouns makes them more interesting!

Alina: Belle - there is no French in Middle Earth, so that's a no-no.

Kaiyu: 8D;;

Alina: Hornblower...I don't think there is a hobbit family with this name (Ed's note: I was wrong, there is. ^^;;). People might have been asking WHICH horns them hobbits have been blowin'. Also - Daffodil has to be spelled properly to get full marks.

Kaiyu: I give it a 7. It's.. Giggly.

Alina: 6. It's at about the same level for me as Crimson.

Kaiyu: Another Hobbiton girl.

Caladine Brandybuck

Alina: Caladine...that sounds more elvishish to me.

Kaiyu: I give it a 4. It's not bad, though everyone SHOULD want to be related to Merry.

Alina: 3. Meh. It's passable.

Lady Elrothiel Freefall

Kaiyu: A dashing elvish woman!

Alina: This is what I think of when I see this name:
(Character on top of a tall tall mountain) ELROTHIEL.....*falls* Ricola....Ricola....

Kaiyu: XD I give it an 8. It's silly.

Alina: 9. Just because now I'm going to declare it the elvish cough drop.

Kaiyu: next up, from Sunnydale,

Karisma Valeri Love

Alina: Two names just weren't enough, eh?

Kaiyu: Nope.

Kaiyu: Two of them being qualities or emotions of some sort.

Alina: It sounds like her parents were hippies or something. I say 9. when you start putting in unnecessary names (like the middle name), then you're in trouble.

Kaiyu: 8 again. Lovable Karismatic girl. Now, from the WWF:

Daisy Hardy

Alina: That's....not bad...unless there's something I'm missing because I don't watch WWF. I'm sorry, the whatever it is now. It's not the WWF because the Panda WWF sued them or something.

Kaiyu: There are a couple wrestlers named the Hardy Boys, I think.

Alina: Okay...alignment to canon characters. That'll give her a 5.

Kaiyu: Five, yeah. Now, back to LOTR.

Aurora Blantic

Alina: Aurora Borealis? lol. Look at her glow!

Kaiyu: Blantic sounds like a disease.

Alina: It reminds me of the Atlantic.

Kaiyu: I'm here! I reached the Atlantic!
I'm sorry, this is the Atlantic Ocean B.

Alina: the OTHER major body of water. 6. Doesn't follow canon.

Kaiyu: I agree. ^^ Six.

Alina: Lol, we think too similarly. If that's even a word, lol.

Kaiyu: Now, from the Resident Evil universe,

Jennifer Rebekha Chambers

Alina: What is she, Jewish?

Kaiyu: note: Character from RE1, and 0- Rebeccah Chambers

Alina: Eastern European Descent? Gee, that's a little obvious, ain't it?

Kaiyu: Stealing another character's name- 1. XP XP XP NO EFFORT

Alina: So she's the Jewish copy of the real deal. I thought 10 was the worst...

Kaiyu: Okay, 9 then.

Alina: I'd give it a ten for no effort.

Kaiyu: I'm reserving a 10 for the ones that give effort.

Alina: Not me.

Charity Leonhart

Kaiyu: Can you guess what canon this comes from? :3

Alina: Kingdom Hearts or FF8.

Kaiyu: FFVIII, of course.

Alina: Just checking. I have to claim both now. Charity. I guess that IF Squall had a sister, that she would be named along the same lines of him - after an object. Or, in this case, a virtue.

Kaiyu: I give it a five. =S

Alina: So....I say 6. General shpeel.

Kaiyu: Next, from the anime "Hellsing", we have....

Sakura Elizabeth Hellsing

Kaiyu: Who is apparently Japanese and English and VAMPIRE.

Alina: Immediate relation to a canon character, I presume?

Kaiyu: Yep.

Alina: 8. Someone was NOT using their brain when they decided on this.

Kaiyu: Okay. And I give it an 8. To celebrate, we have


Alina: Niecyl. *Tries to control laugher*

Kaiyu: Yes, Niecyl. Sounds medicinal, doesn't it?

Alina: Yes, like glycilen for neices. I can see the commerical now...
(Announcer) if you've been experiencing inferiority complexes, a need for perfect hair and skin, and a desire to have attention lavished upon you, then Niecyl may be for you!

Kaiyu: (Mommy Sue) Honey, you have a fever...
(Daughter Sue) Mommy, I need Niecyl...
(Announcer) Comes in such flavours as seafoam breeze, ebony chocolate lush, and robust, wavy strawberries!

Alina: Some people may experience headaches, dizziness, a loss of any interesting personality, and spontaneous human combustion.

Kaiyu: I give it a 9, It's the best Sue medicine there is.

Alina: 9. It's funny.

Kaiyu: Next, we have:



Alina: She's a porn star. End of story. 10!!!

Kaiyu:....HONEYFEATHER. 10. XD Next,

Serena Gainsbourough

Kaiyu: Guess the Canon!

Alina: Sailor Moon and FF7.

Kaiyu: *Snort* Just FFVII. But this was obviously a Sailor Moon ripoff.

Alina: 7. It's not as amusing as Honeyfeather.

Kaiyu: 7. Nothing can really follow Honeyfeather. Next, we have LOTR elf...


Alina: Kinda cannonical....anything with the arwenish ending denotes a fair lady or something...But it's too long. And there are too many os close together.

Kaiyu: I give it an 8. It's just weird.

Alina: 6. I dunno. It kinda speaks for itself.

Kaiyu: Now, here's one of my three favorites. 15 year old daughter of X-Men leader, Charles Xavier,

Cpt. Alexandra Catherine Elizabeth Xavier

Kaiyu: This one makes me laugh my ass off.

Alina: You know what it reminds me of? *Goes into a LOTR PPC site*

Kaiyu: Hm?

Alina: ""My name is Gwendolyn Elizabeth Huntington, and I am the tenth." THAT. (Credit: PPC: TOS, Chapter 12.)

Kaiyu: The tenth what?

Alina: Fellowship member. *shrugs* But it's because they're such English names. lol. I say 8. Just because. (for Alexandra)

Kaiyu: I give a 10 for Captain.

Princess-Assassin Leilani

Alina: She's a Princess-Assasin? WTF is that. And what a shitty given name.
"Hello, I am Princess-Assasin."

Kaiyu: Leilani's a Hawaiian name. =/

Alina: Does Hawaii have princesses?

Kaiyu: It used to. So... is she a princess who is also an assassin, or an assassin who kills princesses?

Alina: Probably both, lol. Hmm.....8. It's at about the same level in my mind as the previous one. Can I do one?

Kaiyu: Same. 8. Sure.

Andromielle Zinnia

Kaiyu: ....What the hell?

*Alina quotes the mst she saw it in*
"(voice over guy) With Captain Dylan Hunt and the Starship Andromielle, HOPE LIVES AGAIN."

Kaiyu: French Andromeda Zima Drink make me THIRSTAY x,x

Alina: XD

Kaiyu: 9.

Alina: 10.

Aurora Bombadil

Alina: Tom Bombadil had children?!

Kaiyu: Nymphy children.

Alina: Tom is way too cool to name his children after environmental events.

Kaiyu: I give it a 7.

Alina: I say 7 too.

Kaiyu: Here's one of my favorites.

Alina: Oh boy...

Kaiyu: LOTR elven ranger:


Alina: LMAO.


Alina: Far away Arwen, RUN FAR AWAY! 10! I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying! Why didn't she just add a t in there, then it could have been...FARTWEN!



Alina: Sounds like a name you'd give a mini goat.

Kaiyu: No, I don't see any repeated consonants or vowels!

Alina: lol.

Kaiyu: It's the Middle-Earth version of Mississippi.

Alina: I'd like to solve the puzzle! 8. Cute.

Kaiyu: 8. I concur.

Aria Shadowfox

Alina: I've seen this chick! LOTR-fanfic, right? I KNOW I've seen this somewhere.

Kaiyu: Yeah.

Alina: If I recall correctly, she's the daughter of Gandalf, although her name would lead you to believe she is the daugter of a horse with Shadowfax's misspelled name.

Kaiyu: Why am I more inclined to believe that she IS part horse? 7.

Alina: 6. It's silly.

Kaiyu: And, my personal favorite.

Alina: Hoo boy.

Kaiyu: Female Maia 20 times more powerful than Gandalf.

Alina: *Waits for it*

Kaiyu: Withh a simple glance, she SLAYS Legolas.

Alina: With Captain Janeway's Deathglare!

Kaiyu: And with her coquettish helplessness, Aragorn falls for her.

Alina: O.o

Kaiyu: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you:

Queen Echo Windstorme of Catalyncia

*Alina falls off her chair* Where did you GET these?

Kaiyu: Random fics.

Alina: You subjected yourself to this?! You're crazy! That's like going into a Harry Potter fic area without protection.

Kaiyu: It's a price to pay. I give it a 12.

Alina: On a scale of one to ten, that's a 25.

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