What's in a Name?(Part 2!)

On the scale, one (1) is a perfect name, and ten (10) is a bona fide, full-blown Sueness name.

Alina: Okie dokie! Shall we begin?

Madhatter: Yesh!


Alina: Three of them came into the room when I was there. And look! There's his long lost-twin...Luminosity!

Madhatter: Rating?

Alina: 7.

Madhatter: I also give it a 7.

Madhatter: Not on the creative side much, the person probably thought of it because "Being dark is cool." I'm telling you now, he CANNOT touch Dark from D.N Angel. Dark is a bonafide sucky name...

Alina: It sums up a major cliche - intrigue with DARKNESS

Madhatter: Unless you're Dark from D.N Angel, in which case... I'll give you my number *does the weird teeth clicky thingy thing with pointed gun fingers* Next on the list of the clinically insane!


Alina: Also highly boring.

Madhatter: Rip off from FF3....er FF6. Whichever. IF this shadow person was a ninja, that is.

Alina: *laugh* Doubt it. It's also a very popular girl's name.

Madhatter: Move... like NINJA! WAH! *throws a ninja star through it* Rankinggg ish a 7 with me...

Alina: Hmmm....8. It bothers me because it tries to be slightly more poetic than Dark.

Madhatter: Or because it just flat out sucks.

Alina: Well, that too.

Madhatter: Next!


Madhatter: *falls over and dies*

Alina: NEVER name your character after an adjective.
(Character) "Hello, my name is Smelly!"

Madhatter: First there was Dark... then...Shadow...now it's OMINOUS. Woooooo...

Alina: 9.

Madhatter: 9. Whose the next that shall deliver a shrubery? Ni!

Trent Grey BloodThrush

Alina: He's obviously British. He writes "grey" and not "gray".

Madhatter: Either that or he wanted his name to be 'cooler' with a mispelling.

Alina: *Tries to imagine a bloodthrush...winds up imagining a bleeding reed, and then a bleeding bird*

Madhatter: That is kinda hard to figure out...

Alina: Dictionary!

Madhatter: Woot!

Alina: Thrush: 1. any of numerous small or medium-sized oscine birds (families Turdidae and Muscicapidae) which are mostly of a plain color often with spotted underparts and many of which are excellent singers.
2 : a bird held to resemble a thrush.
3. a disease that is caused by a fungus (Candida albicans), occurs especially in infants and children, and is marked by white patches in the oral cavity; broadly : CANDIDIASIS <vaginal thrush>
4. a suppurative disorder of the feet in various animals (as a horse)

Madhatter: So he's a bleeding vagina?

Alina: Or swollen feet. Definitely NOT a good choice.

Madhatter: I shall dub him PMS man! Well, if he's swollen feet than I can't call him PMS man...

Alina: How about Swollen Glands man?

Madhatter: That might work.

Alina: 9. Thrush.....it speaks for itself.

Madhatter: 9. Next to decapitate!

Dale Sabrehaven

Madhatter: This name is livable, I think. Dale Sabrehaven....There is a haven for the endangered species known as... Sabre...

Alina: The last name is just.....just SO D&D. [insert weapon and insert adjective thing] and you have a last name.

Madhatter: Pretty much. With a last name like that, he should be a dwarf. Dwarfs have cool weapon namish names.

Alina: Bet he's not. No one likes dwarves. (I like them.)

Madhatter: I like dwarves and half orcs ;_;

Alina: ;.;

Madhatter: *huggles her MeyOrg*

Alina: Awww...I give it a 7.

Madhatter: Eh. I give it a 4. I think it's pretty livable.

Alina: Okay.

Ian Dale Hitman

Madhatter: Another Dale. I'm waiting for a Chip.

Alina: Okay. People don't tend to have last names that describe their occupation anymore. That's very medieval. But the term "hitman" isn't.

Madhatter: Yah... Hitman is a stupid name for someone. Only on an occupation it's cool... but then again... it's overused.

Alina: Indeed.

Madhatter: Maybe he's making a reference to hitting men instead? EEE! He's a husband beater!

Alina: With a blunt object! Yes!

Madhatter: I give this dumb name an 8.

Alina: 8.

Madhatter: And on to more darkness!

Alina: Next up, my personal favorite toungue twister!


Madhatter: How in the HELL do you pronounce that?

Alina: Is this bad Chinese, or Extraterrestrial? I pronounce it 'Zyn-schit.' But I like 'Zyn-shit' better!

Madhatter: Hehehehe. I keep prounouncing it 'zin-zikit.'

Alina: 8. The name needs a disclaimer or something.

Madhatter: 8.

Alina: Next.....

Titanus Dragon

Madhatter: Do we even have to get into this one?


Madhatter: Total lack of creativity.

Alina: And it has BAD LATIN! Grr....9 for lazy assness. (BTW: Titanus means Titan. But it's badly written.)

Madhatter: (I kinda figured that already.) 9 because it shouldn't even be considered a name. And now! To fight the Black knight and pass the bridge! A name!

Marcus Illinius Kobra

Alina: More Latin....x_x

Madhatter: This name makes me miss G.I. Joe. Could he have any relation to Cobra? If so... we must fight him! Ninja style!

Alina: It's Kool to khange ks to cs, remember?

Madhatter: I saw khange and I prounounced it in my head as kay han jay for some odd reason...

Alina: I would too. *laugh* 7. Borrrring....

Madhatter: 7.

Arkangl Satan

Alina: I think this one speaks for itself.

Madhatter: This is a fuckin' blatant 10. Oh my goodness.

Alina: 9. I'm saving my ten. For what, I don't know.

Madhatter: This one just screamed TEN to me. Next on the list of people to kill?

Xaeil AreoThornn

Alina: ZAAEEEL! That's how I pronounce that.

Madhatter: Remember kids, when you add an extra letter at the end of a name, it makes it that much cooler. Such as Thornn. Or Trogdorrrr. Flutee. Kidneyy.

Alina: Assssss!

Madhatter: Yah. I give this name... an 8.

Alina: 6.. I dunno...it's just odd.

Madhatter: Heh.


Alina: I swear, it's a porn star name. Or a bad rap artist.

Madhatter: Davin with a r and a y stuck in there.

Alina: Let's take normal names and stick random letters in between the other letters!

Madhatter: I wonder if they take their names, put them in a scrabble box and shake 'em around, and whatever pops up they say, 'HEY! That's a great name!'

Alina: Joe: Jionshe.

Madhatter: Eric: Erikle.

Alina: Luke: Luchkrue.

Madhatter: Hehehehehe. Because his name is a derivative off of Scrabble, I give him a 7. 'Specially because he doesn't have a last name. I'm just waiting for someone to randomly just punch their hands onto the keyboard and come up with one. hy3faaHUgwuW0OUGAR <--- Like so

Alina: 6jlnfv,mnl;h. XD

Madhatter: I am sooo gonna make a care named Woougar now.

Alina: Woouar! Faahu! I give him a 5.


Madhatter: ..........How many names had Thorn in them so far? And Black, Dark, Shadow, and OMINOUS?

Alina: How. Original. Do these people take these names out of Stu generators?

Madhatter: Yes... Yes they do. They have to.

Alina: It must be....or else...heaven help us all. 8. No effort.

Madhatter: I give it an 8 as well. Next on the list of stupid people...

Kage Kihara

Alina: Someone liked the Lion King sequel. And threw in Japanese with it. And a random h.

Madhatter: I betcha he prounounce Kage like cage too... and not like it's supposed to be prounounced.

Alina: Like Johnny Cage from Mortal Kombat?

Madhatter: Kage is prounounced like Kah-Jay.

Alina: So...e with an accent. Gotcha.

Madhatter: Yah.

Alina: Hmmm....this is another really lazy name. 7.

Madhatter: Eh it's also livable unless he's a fantasy char... 5.

Valenco Crashenko

Madhatter: This one made me giggle.

Alina: Spanish dance + Russian figure skater's last name...can you say ODD COUPLE? XD

Madhatter: This one made me giggle horribly. It also rhymes! And makes chewy and fries!

Alina: Hmm....my grade is....10. THIS deserves my ten.

Madhatter: I give it a 9 since I used my 10 up. Plus it makes me giggle.

Alina: Coming up next on "bad Stu names"....

Kamitsu Dragon of Heaven

Alina: *tries not to giggle* Hello. I'm from heaven.

Madhatter: And I'm a Dragon.

Alina: Man, witha combination like that, I just have to be cool! 9.

Madhatter: I have scales... *blinks eyes one at a time and sniffs* 9 Also.

Alina: Next....the lovely

Arokh Drakan

Alina: I see a liking of pointless ks and hs.

Madhatter: Oh! and the letter D!

Alina: Yea!

Madhatter: I just realized that if you rearrange Drak it's DARK.

Alina: Man, they must really like that word.

Madhatter: In his case I think he did like what you do with magazines: Cut out the letters and form words. In this case, with the first name and the rearrangement of Dark.

Alina: I AmcOMiGN TO yUR HAuz TO KEEl u! ^^;;

Madhatter: Nexxxxt one! Oh, wait. Der rank! 8 deary.

Alina: I didn't give a number. But it's.....6.


Alina: What. The. Fuck.

Madhatter: It's prounounced He ay It's a fucking rip off from the anime Yu Yu Hakusho.

Alina: Okay.... So 9 for being a lazyass.

Madhatter: The three eyed speed demon person.

Alina: Interesting....

Madhatter: 10 for blatant rip off.

Danty Soultaker

Alina: I keep seeing "Dainty Soultaker" and imagining a man in a Reaper costume prancing around going "lalalala..."

Madhatter: I was just about to say that, except with an added basket of flowers.

Alina: Oh! Flowers go nicely. 10. It makes me giggle.

Madhatter: He's a pansy death isn't he? 9 please.

Professor Hojo

Alina: 10. Rip off of Final Fantasy VII. Stupid ass. The end.

Madhatter: 10 across the board! The end.

Alina: Well, 2 more. ~_^;;

Madhatter: Won't take that long.

Alina: They're also both rip offs, and they get tens from me.


Madhatter: Then I shall also give a ten.

Alina: And...


Alina: Must be an Anne Rice fan or something. 10! The end for real! *applause*

Madhatter: If they wanna be a froo froo vampire they should create their own froo froo vampire, not steal someone else's. YAY! It's Ended!