Angsty Blue Boy

Written for Ressurection: Final Fantasy. Commented on by Kaiyu and Alina.

Kaiyu says: Now, for the R:FF profile, which appears to be a delightful romp in badly written teen angst!
Alina says: The profile?
Kaiyu says: Yes.
Alina says: Yay! The angst!

Character Name: Falon

Reincarnation Of: Saints

Birthdate: September 5

Age: 14

Weight: 110 LB

Height: 5'8

Alina says: I remember this!
Kaiyu says: He's too cool for a last name.
Alina says: Like Cher.
Kaiyu says: Or, possibly, too angsty.
Alina says: i'll believe it when I see it.
Kaiyu says: He's also TINY.
Alina says: Holy shit...he's my height and really thin....*shakes her head* Weight charts people! It takes Google 0.02 seconds to find one!
Kaiyu says: I'm 5'8" or 5'9" and I'm about 150 or 160 pounds. This makes me feel horribly inadequate and makes me want to go drown my obviously fat self....Or not.
Alina says: you're not fat. i'm REALLY thin.
Kaiyu says: I know. I'm making fun.
Alina says: Oh. Good .
Kaiyu says: Advice: If you're making a character who's terribly thin, make sure you explain why.
This is passable, I suppose, because he's fourteen; however an explanation is nice. Just an "Underweight for his age" in the profile, somewhere, would be nice.
Alina says: Advice: Don't name your summon after a 90s music group.
Kaiyu says: Aw. *Stops making 'Spice Girls' summon based character*

Build: Sorta slim with no major build.

Gender: Male

Kaiyu says: Sort of slim? And no major build? So, he's a NOODLE. No bones structure in him whatsoever.

Eyes: Medium eyes that are pure icy gray lightly with a deep aura blue.

Kaiyu says:.....I have no idea what the FUCK this means.
Kaiyu says: Do you speak Engrish, Elly?
Alina says: Let me think...English...French...Latin...Polish...Entish...Elvish....nope.
Kaiyu says: They're pure icy gray lightly with a deep aura blue. Whatever this is, there's too much of it.
Alina says: Maybe they're glowing eyes, like in Dune.
Kaiyu says: Possibly. But why woud they want to make it so damn incoherent?
Alina says: To make it sound intellectual?
Kaiyu says: Usually intellectualism implies grammar structure.
Alina says: Make it sound. I never said that they succeeded.

Hair: shimmering crystal blue locks of hair  that fill over his eyes and light tendrils of pure blue.

Alina says: It's a rock person from Shadow Raiders! *grabs the hair and breaks it off*
Kaiyu says: It STARTS out coherent and then just... dies.
Alina says: There's blue...and blue...and blue!

Likes: Sweets, reading, swimming, socializing, outdoors, cooking, helping others

Kaiyu says: Things that everyone likes blah blah blah blah blah.
Alina says: Donating organs to charity isn't on the list? What is the world coming to?
Kaiyu says: I think it's to emphasize what a good little boy he is.

Dislikes:  waking up when he thinks he is not ready to wake up, rainy days, and winter

Alina says: Gee. Wow. Who doesn't.
Kaiyu says: I like Rainy days.
Alina says: You're weird.
Kaiyu says: But, gee, is it too much to ask for some originality?
Alina says: Let me think about that...yes.
Kaiyu says: How about..., "I don't like copper metals! Or... I don't like guitar music!" What makes this character unique? Besides the blue and blue and blue and blue?
Alina says: Is this a trick question?
Kaiyu says: I don't know yet.

Weaknesses: not that strong and can be naive at times.

Weapons: Uses 2 daggers

Kaiyu says: At times, not always. So, besides being a weakling, he has no real weaknesses.
Alina says: And the exceptions tend to occur a lot.

Appearance: He wears blue shoes with black laces, blue short socks, blue short jeans that end a bit past his knees, and blue loose T-shirt with sleeves that hang down to his elbows. Also his daggers rest in a sheath at each side on the waist.

Kaiyu says: So, we know what he wears. We don't know much else. Besides the fact that he's... blue. And lightly with a deep aura blue.
Alina says: Let me guess..."I'm blue dabadeedabadoo"
Kaiyu says: "He lives in a blue house and has a blue girl da ba dee da bah daaaii..."

Transformed Appearance: His hair is turns from crystal blue color to a shimmering light silver almost white. His clothes fade away for a brief second but nothing is really scene since his body is radiating a tense light. His cloths are replaced with a glistering white robe with a golden rope tied around his waist. His shoes are replaced with a white slip on shoes. 2 large angel wings sprout from sprout from his back which are pure white. Also a golden hair band appears from his head. A sword in it's sheath appears on his waist on the left side.

Alina says: *Takes a flamethrower and torches the wings*
Kaiyu says: Wings!
Alina says: On the left side of what?
Kaiyu says: Of the lightly blue aura.
Alina says: And how is light "tense"
Kaiyu says: ^.
Alina says: Did it have a knot in its back or something?
Kaiyu says: At least he's not blue anymore.
Alina says: He's blue-white-golden head things.

Personality: He is a kind generous and strong person. He never turns down someone when there is a dire need for help, it tears him up when there is someone in trouble and he can't seem to help. Also he keeps his head up high and not afraid of what people might think of him, he does not like to change his lifestyle for society. He sorta quiet but can be loud and fussy when someone keeps pushing his buttons. He is hard to annoy but it is possible. He can be naive at times since he is so young but not that naive as one might think. Curiosity can get the best of him at times, he is just glad he is not a cat. Falon is nice person with a strong since of justice but he also knows the time when not to be.

Alina says: Basically, he's what everyone wants to be: perfect. Everyone and no one is exactly like this.
Kaiyu says: He's sort of quiet but loud. But he's not a cat! Be thankful for that.
Alina says: "He can be naive at times since he is so young but not that naive as one might think. " LoL.l
Kaiyu says: Oh, for gods sake. That's not even a weakness.
Alina says: (Falon) now I'm naiive, now I'm not! Now I'm naiive, now I'm not! Faux flaw.

Backstory: He is high rich upper class and lives in a nice large apartment in the city.  His parents are usually off on business trips or stay late at work and are oblivious that he exist. He has the whole house to himself most of the time and been cooking for himself since he was 7 and now is pretty good at it.

Alina says: And now the angst starts...Me. I'm so lonely. Pity me.
Kaiyu says: And it's not even good angst. It's bratty teenaged unfounded angst.
Alina says: I can't be bothered to try and make friends with people.

His parents make up for there absentees by giving him large allowances and allowing him to do a lot of things without asking He is not spoiled from it or wild because he already saved a lot and gives most of his money to people he need it nor wild due to the fact he is not stupid and won't go or do anything he knows is wrong.

Kaiyu says: He's not spoiled because he's perfect.
Alina says: "No, 200$ a day allowance isn't THAT bad...."
Kaiyu says: So why don't his parents notice him? Wah wah.
Alina says: Because he's a typical teenage angst character.
Kaiyu says: He gets whatever he wants and he's angsty.
Alina says: The angst...the blueness...and the angst!

He attends school and makes straight A's, his life is not that bad, the only thing is that he does not get much real love in his life since his parents are always away and he has no real relatives near by.

Alina says:'s like he's afraid to be bad at something or not like someone.
Kaiyu says: Get a girl/boyfriend, kid. It's not hard, just make one up. One of the fringe benefits of being fictional.
Alina says: LoL.

He can get real depressed at times but that is quickly cleared by a walk in a warm sunny day.

Alina says: Just like anyone else. (I'm not getting ANY good jokes out of this...grrr...)

One day when he was real depressed he took some things and all the money from his savings, which is a nice sum, put a note on the fridge saying "went for a walk, be back soon" and went for a walk and never came back.

Kaiyu says: Contradiction much?
Alina says: He got lost on his way to the dollar store.
Kaiyu says: Also, doesn't this mean he DOESN'T live in that cushy apartment or go to school anymore?
Alina says: (Character) score!
Kaiyu says: Nevermind that he's a weak little pussyboy who is now voluntarily homeless.

He is right now traveling trying to help people wherever he goes. Sometimes he wanders how long it took his parents to notice he is missing.

Alina: Such tepid angst.
Kaiyu says: I think maybe they noticed between martini cocktails and swimming through piles of money. What do you think?
Alina says: Nonono...what makes you think they WANT him back?
Kaiyu says: But he's doing so good helping people with his pure heart and blue shimmering angel fairy shit.
Grading time.
Alina says: Hmmm....This profile isn't really's just kinda...there. Nothing really interesting, overly blue, and winds up being a Sue through overgeneralization of his personality. D
Kaiyu says: I was astounded by some of the grammar here. What the fuck is "Pure icy gray lightly with a deep aura blue"!? The angst found in this character is so unfounded and stupid, and does little to mask the fact that this character is a sue, and quite a spoiled brat at that. D-.