Profile written for a Final Fantasy VII RPG. Commented on by Kaiyu and Alina.

Character name : Squall Leonheart
Age: 19
Hair: black,short,messy
weapon: Gunblade
Clothing: black leather jacket, black shoes, white under shirt, black pants, black leather gloves, has a scar over left eye, left ear peirced.

Alina says: (You see what I mean by a copy).
Kaiyu says: Yeah. Show me the rest, I'm already ready to grade.

History: Born an orphan he was brought up in Shinra. They taught him how to weild the gunblade. At the age of 13 he joined SOILDER. There he learned how to use powerful magic. After finding out what Shinra and SOILDER were planing to do to the world, he quit both. Now being a mercinary with a bad attitude, Squall is trying to stop both Shinra and Soilder. Squall doesn't like to take advice and he is extremley stubborn. Although cocky, he has the skills to back up his talk. When he was traveling in the Monhou Dessert, Squall learned how to summon magical beasts that had been locked away for thousands of years. After meating many people, Squall has been trying to make friends. The one thing Squall wants is to destroy Shinra.

Alina says: Grade: BONFIRE for laziness and a complete disregard for the FF7 magic system.
Kaiyu says: Unlikable personality, loner syndrome, and a stupid, dull backstory, and pathetic abilities. Basing a character's story around killing something as well, which is very, very bad. There's a rule that says you're not allowed to copy characters from other series' or games on the site, which was completely disregarded. Kaiyu's Grade?: BONFIRE.
Alina says: Into the burning dumpster it goes!