A Classic Sera Profile. Kiyoko copy!

Commented on by Kaiyu and Alina.

Alina says: Up to doing a sera profile?
Kaiyu says: Definitely. You still have 'em?
Alina says: Yes. I'll copy-paste this time.
Kaiyu says: Okay.
Alina says: Here we go.

Kikyo Sasaki

Alina says: You said this is a copy...where's this from then? *is slow*
Kaiyu says: Kikyo is a character from the show Inu Yasha. I didn't know this either when she applied. Imagine my seething rage when I found out.
Alina says: I'll bet you tossed her out (if you hadn't already)
Kaiyu says: On his ass.
Alina says: Sweet. Sorry, him.
Kaiyu says: XD

Keeper of the Wolf
Player: Sera
Age: 16
Birthdate/Astrological Sign: ???

Kaiyu says: The second character he played was worse; we'll get to him.
Kaiyu says: Sign of the question mark.
Alina says: Coming up next: the sequel to Dances with Wolves! Keeper of the Wolf!
S/He can't remember when their birthday is. They're just estimating.
Kaiyu says: Any ???'s in here are things I filled in.
Alina says: O.o I'll try to remember.
Kaiyu says: Because she NEGLECTED to do so. Seriously, how hard is it to write a date?
Alina says: I couldn't spell February until this year.

Gender: Female
Race: Human
Blood Type: O
Hair Color/Style: Shoulder-length brown hair.
Eye Color/Shape: Green
Voice: Loud, Brash. It can be sweet if it's owner isn't yelling.
Physical Attributes: Kikyo is agile, though not strong.

Kaiyu says: I'm beginning to wish I didn't edit the grammar. XD
Alina says: She doesn't need the strength, she'll just run away when she needs to. (Me too.)
Kaiyu says: Of course, that doesn't tell us what she looks like or anything else, just her battle tactic. Which sucks.

Appearance: Kikyo is dressed in the red and white robes of a Miko. She keeps her hair tied back, and is rather pretty.
Weapons: A blessed bow and arrows
Magical Ability: Priestess's abilities.
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Friends: She has a love-hate relationship with Ookamiyasha.
Family: A younger sister.
Pets: None
Hobbies: ??? ( 9_9 )

Alina says:Let me define 'priestess' in the terms a person like me would take them unless it was redifined in the context:
"Waking up at 5 am, praying, wearing black, not talking, doing stupid charity work, never leaving your convent, and the extent of your knowledge is the fact that you sometimes use leeches on people and recopy manuscripts, although you have no freaking clue what they say.
Kaiyu says: That's about it. I don't thinnk Chastity is included anywhere in her abilities, either.
Alina says: No. And might I point out that it's ridiculously easy to get something blessed if you're already religious.
(Person): Can you bless this?
(Priest): It is now blessed.
Kaiyu says: Blessed hat, blessed toenail, blessed ventricle...
Alina says: Not to mention I think it's totally retarded to be using a holy object as a weapon to kill people. Excalibur doesn't count.
Kaiyu says: Hey, at least she's not beating people around the head with the Holy Grail.
Alina says: True. But I think that if someone had mentioned the idea, she would have jumped on it.

Special Skills/Abilities: Kikyo uses ofuda scrolls which have the power word "Heel" on it to control Ookamiyasha. These scrolls are custom made and only usable by Kikyo.

Kaiyu says: This happens in the anime. -_-
Alina says: You put your right heel in, you put your right heel out, you put your right heel in, and you shake it all about!
Kaiyu says: I was wondering where this uncharacteristically creative aspect came from on a Sera profile. Now I know.
Alina says: Either way, the "These scrolls are custom made and only usable by Kikyo." is a total turn-off. Why not just be really protective of them?
Kaiyu says: She can't be. They're custom made. By her scroll-maker. Not as impersonal as all those other scrolls.
Alina says: Oi.

Personality: Kikyo can be nice.... er, sometimes.
History: Kikyo grew up in the Temple where she was trained from birth to be a Shinto Priestess by her mother. Kikyo is the guardian of the Stones of Power, which are said to grant their holder's any wish.

Alina says: *Yawn*....
Kaiyu says: I must reiterate= Any correct grammar you may find in this profile is my doing. This also was in the anime. >_O
Alina says: And she had a pretty diamond necklace, and abused the magic powers of her wish stones, and is so totally special....
Kaiyu says: Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah
Alina says: And we don't even get a history.
Kaiyu says: And a one-line personality that allows for a "Good person doing bad things" clause.
Alina says: Grading time!
Kaiyu says: I regret editing the grammar when I put this up just so you could see how bad the damn profile was in its entirety. Moreover, it's an almost DIRECT copy of an existing character. Bonfire.
Alina says: Cheap, lazy, plaigiarized and probably doesn't even remotely do justice to the real deal. BONFIRE! BURN BABY BURN!
Kaiyu says: X3