Ach! DS, who's German, ya?

Submitted to a Final Fantasy VII RPG. Commented on by Kaiyu and Alina.

Alina says: I pasted another Sera-quality profile under this one. Wanna see? Or are you off to do something else now?
Kaiyu says: Oh, hell no. This is comedy gold.
Alina says: Cool. Disclaimer: all the unknowns were written by me.

Name: DS or Dark Schnieder
Age: Unknown
Eye Colour: Unknown
Hair Colour: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weapon: Magic

Alina says: (DS): Ach! I be German, ya?
Kaiyu says: Dark Schneider? That's a character from Some Anime, I can't remember.
Alina says: That doesn't surprise me. What was his character like?
Kaiyu says: Just as his creator can't remember anything about how he looks.
Alina says: LoL. The profile is retarded.
Kaiyu says: I dunno, I think he was kind of a dick.

DS was born at a time when the earth was a peaceful place. he saw many people laughing and playing. For some reason this made him mad. He became so enraged that he began to kill people off for having fun as he tortured people.

Alina: Grr...Look at all those happy people playing Scrabble.
Kaiyu says: You're kidding me. You typed that up just to make me laugh.
Alina says: I am not.
Kaiyu says: *Palms forehead*
Alina says: And this is also after I fixed the spelling and grammar.
Kaiyu says: Go on. O_o

He studied under a great force and gained magical powers.He mastered Fire and Lighting,as used these two elements to kill and torture people even more. He has many skills since he studies everything possible.

Alina says: I'm loving all these ambuguities. It really shows where his priorities are.
Kaiyu says: ...I'm not even touching this. I feel like it'll rot my fingers off.
Alina says: It doesn't MATTER how this stuff happens, so long as it does. There's only a little more.

till this day he has the same personality they say.He has been gone for meany years since the crisis made by Sephiroth. All that is really left is stories or now they are myths about him. He has been goen for so long that people forgot what he looks like.

Kaiyu says: How many years? Two? Six months?
Alina says: It was Oct. about a year or so. Grade?
Kaiyu says: Bonfire. Please, make it go away. I feel like I need a bath.
Alina says: I agree 100%. *Casts Phoenix Flame*