Matrix Jazzy DJ Man

Written for a Matrix RPG. Commented on by Kaiyu and Alina.

REAL NAME: Matt Hough

Alina says: I LOVE this name. It's funny!

Kaiyu says: DJ Jazzy Jeff!

Alina says: It sounds like a bad cross between techno and Pokemon.

Kaiyu says: Didn't the characters in the Matrix have sort of simple-yet-technological nicknames? There was nothing to imply that they were getting down in the hizzouse.

Alina says: Yes. Or they used their online Aliases. Indeed.

Kaiyu says: Tri Effect I could deal with. DJ tri Effect ruins it.

Alina says: Well, at least his name isn't "Moocow 69"

Kaiyu says: DJ Hotnsexyteengirl8383. Anyway.

AGE: 26
GENDER: male
HIEGHT: 6'4"

Kaiyu says: Wow, he's sort of tall.

Alina says: 6'4" strikes me as....REALLY tall. Just a tad.

APEARENCE: Matrix:In the matrix Tri Effect is a thin person with completly black eyes and long silver hair. He always carys a double bladed sword on his back. Real world: In the rael world Tri Effect is a bulky guy with white eyes and black hair.

Alina says: Oh yea - this guy is a Sera-quality writer. *Giggles*

Kaiyu says: No, Sera didn't use periods.

Alina says: Okay. point taken. But I'll bet she could spell real.

Kaiyu says: Do you really want to back that up with cash?

Alina says: *Thinks about it for a moment* No. Anyhoo, if his sword is double bladed, doesn't that mean that it's sharp on all ends and is thus digging into his back at the moment?

Kaiyu says: That would be painful. And he'd be dead.

Alina says: Yes.

Kaiyu says: VERY dead.

Alina says: I also don't think that the fact that his real world appearance and his Matrix appearance should be so different. You can't be frail in the Matrix and bulky in the real world. How in hell would you tell your muscles to believe that? Why would you want that?

Kaiyu says: And in either case I doubt he'd be very effective at swinging around anything but a double-pointed toothpick.

HISTORY: He lost his memory right after being unpluged and has been trting to figure it out ever since.

Alina says: Wow. What a history. One sentence.

Kaiyu says: That was it?

Alina says: There's a little more, but that's the history section. How do you trt?

Kaiyu says: I think it involves dough.

Alina says: lol

STATUS: freed
Affliction: nuetral
ABILITYS: When he weilds his sword he can move faster than anyone with the exeption of Neo. He is a master swordsman.

Alina says: Spelling, however, must have been on one of the disks Tank dropped on the ground and dubbed 'major bullshit'.

Kaiyu says: This is kind of funny. At least it's brief.

Alina says: I suppose. Grading time.

Kaiyu says: That was it?

Alina says: Yes.

Kaiyu says:

Alina says: There's nothing here to grade, but for the sake of continuity, I give it an F.

Kaiyu says: Well, F. It was short, and there wasn't a lot of information, and grammar sucked ass. But don't worry, MR DJ, because you'll always be getting jiggy in the hizzouse in the burning dumpster. :3