Silly Stu, Trix aren't for Kids!

Written for a Matrix RPG. Commented on by Kaiyu and Alina.

Name: Seta Z. Conners

Alias(nickname): Trix(some call him the Trixter but it's actually maTrix)

Kaiyu says: Cute. >_o

Alina says: Oh. Haha. I forgot to laugh. Fancy that.

Origin: Northern California

Race: Bio-Electrical human entity(trapped in the Matrix)

Kaiyu says: Er. What?

Alina says: He feels important referring to himself in such a complicated manner. I'll bet he calls 'plugging in' 'the action of insertation of the metal spike into the spinal cord'. At least that's my POV.

Kaiyu says: What is this? The cyborg from Sacramento, I guess? Bio-electrical who what what?

Alina says: It's 'the creator of AI trapped in his own project playing video games with the enemy for fun'.

Kaiyu says: I'm already confused.

Alina says: Kaiyu - it's intellectual nonsense. It doesn't mean anything. He's just trying to think of a cool term for it. *Hugs Kaiyu* I'm sorry.

Occupation: whatever suits him(computer help guy on the `Net)

Alina says: What do those do? 'Chat' with people?

Kaiyu says: So HE'S that one chat-room bot that I was talking to!

Alina says: I wonder how he gets paid for doing that...

Kaiyu says: He just pops out of nowhere, pretending his name's "Anita" or something, and asks people to see his webcam...?

Alina says: That's what I thought.

Gender: Male

Age: looks 16(but is actually about 216 years old!)

Alina says: *Laughs* Well, at least he's not an elf. I suppose there are small things to be thankful for.

Kaiyu says: Well, at least he LOOKS sixteen. I don't wanna be looking at a 216 year old sack of bones on his webcam.

Alina says: LOL.

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 147 lbs.

Hair color: Silver Dred-locks(like Knuckles)

Kaiyu says: He's likened himself to an echidna.

Alina says: Someone is copying the look of the Twins from Matrix Reloaded. Silly echidna...Trix are for kids!

Kaiyu says: At least he seems somewhat proportionate.

Alina says: At most. I'm betting the player actually weighed himself and used that.

Kaiyu says: far. >_o

Eye color: Storm grey

Alina says: Not to be confused with regular brand grey.

Kaiyu says: Eye Color: Seafoam Lace

Alina says: Scent: Lavender Mist

Kaiyu says: Eye Color: Shimmering ultramarine. Do we really need the adjectives?

Alina says: You can watch the lightning and thunder whirl around in his sockets!

Kaiyu says: Hey, he should hook up with that hypnotizing murderer chick.

Alina says: Yea! They can be immortal cyber friends.

Appearance: regular height eyes, hai, and two little scar like marks beneath his right eye are only things spectacular about him(except that he's the oldest living being on earth).

Kaiyu says: Hai? Yes?

Alina says: I don't know...silver dreadlocks are kind of hard NOT to notice...

Kaiyu says: O-genki desu ka?

Alina says: Regular height eyes...what does that mean? Nani? (What did you just say?)

Kaiyu says: I have no fwakin' clue.

Alina says: Alrightly.

Kaiyu says: (O-genki desu ka: Are you well? O_o)

Alina says: Lol. I don't think he is.

Kaiyu says: I think we've clarified that he's old.

Alina says: He wants to rub it in.

Kaiyu says: How much wrinkle cream do you think he has to rub in, now that you bring that up?

Alina says: Uh....enough to make his skin the consistency of glue?

Apparel: Black pants Large Midnight blue almost woolen looking shirt that is kept from flapping around with a belt on top of it and metallic blue looking fingerless gloves.

Kaiyu says: Almost woolen: Made from almost sheep.

Alina says: The pants-shirt is an interesting concept.

Kaiyu says: He wears a belt on top of his shirt, and gloves on top of the belt. Weird fashion sense.

Kaiyu says: But he'd probably prattle on about how "Back in his day, kids wore everything on top of each other, and then they walked FIFTEEN MILES in the SNOW to the clothing store, and they liked it."

Weapon of Choice: Directed EMP gloves(can eliminate almost anything from the marix except for humans but it can send the resistance people back home without a hardline but it makes them unable to boot in again under threat of becoming a vegetable for three weeks)

Alina says: (lol)

Kaiyu says: ...Uh? What?

Alina says: It's the magical EMP gloves!

Kaiyu says: What the hell is an EMP again?

Alina says: They can do anything they want, even though there are no electromagnetic pulses in the Matrix!

Kaiyu says: *Shakes head* Then why hasn't he destroyed the matrix yet?

Alina says: Because then he would have murdered all the innocent people within. Note his thing for not harming the silly humans.

Kaiyu says: Oh, jebus, here comes the nobility.

Alina says: Yep. There's also one more line to the weaponry section.

and anything else he can get a hold of.

Alina says: He doesn't want us to forget how good he is with using wet towels as lethal weapons.

Kaiyu says: I would make a comment about using one's own genetalia as a weapon, but I doubt he could "get a hold of that," wink wink nudge nudge.

Alina says: Hee Hee.

History/Interesting Facts: He's the original creator of AI it was his brainchild but it went wacko when the government took it for military use(it was originally a AI computer game opponent).

Alina says: Yea. Blame the military for EVERYTHING. Like that hasn't been done before.

Kaiyu says: Um... no. *Shakes head* And if he WAS, then he's to blame for all those damn solitaire games. You just lowered work productivity for the entire world about 50%, dumbshit. Good job.

It found Darwin's theory(as in evolution) and used that for its entire philosophy on life.

Alina says: Warning - I'm about to rant about why children should not use complicated concepts they know nothing about in their profiles.

Kaiyu says: You can find anything on the net nowadays. Imagine if it found an online copy of the joy of sex. With all the grody illustrations of the hippies going at it...

Alina says: This person has obviously not even read anything about Darwinian theory. It's not even a philosophy (That's SOCIAL Darwinism). It's a scientific theory. I don't see too many people running around and refusing to stop because they are adhering to the philosophy of Newton's First Law.
"Stop running!"
"An object in motion tends to stay in motion!"

Kaiyu says: DAMN YOU, INERTIA!

Just before the AI's robots made it to his home town he downloaded his entire consciousness onto the internet that would soon become the bases for the Matrix(in which he's trapped).\

Alina says: "They'll never find me in here!"

Kaiyu says: Well, at least they killed him a little bit. Lucky robots.

Alina says: He was their creator. They might have turned him into a god for all he knew.

For some reason Agents can't jump into him but they can trace him. The original AI likes calling him to play games(usually with real people!).

Kaiyu says: For some reason: Um, because it's easier for me that way

Alina says: This is funny:

Has access to a void of absolutely no programming where he can load a game and play it as though he was there (since he is there) that's where he and the AI play massive games just because that is in the AI's programming.

Alina says: (Trix) Hey AI being that's trying to enslave my race! Up for another round of Pong?
(AI) Dude! Sweet!

Kaiyu says: This is sad. Roleplaying a self insert. Even his fantasies suck.

Picture Credit (if any): Uh no Pic and I can't draw or do things on the computer.
Played By: ME

Alina says: He seems pretty proud of it. That's it.

Kaiyu says: Me? Who is me?

Alina says: (That's what he wrote).

Kaiyu says: Did I write this, Elly?

Alina says: Nope. I didn't write this either (Thankfully).

Kaiyu says: Good. I'd have to make you kill me.

Alina says: Grading time. I give it a BONFIRE for being an absolute crap Mary Sue. At least other Sues put their skills to good use, like saving innocent lives. This one plays Everquest with the enemy.

Kaiyu says: I give it a D-. It WAS absolutely terrible, and it gave me a scare there at the end- but what angst-ridden Teen DIDN'T want to be Cloud in FFVII? I know I didn't. I wanted to be Cid. =3