K is for Kooky Kronos!

Written for a Matrix RPG. Commented on by Kaiyu and Alina.

Kaiyu says: Shall we get the third one done?

Alina says: Ok. It's not that interesting though. Just a run-of-the-mill Sue.

Real Name: (unknown)
Code Name:Kronos
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Eyes: Dark Green
Hair Colour: Brownish Black
Height: 6'3
Affiliation: Good (for now)

Alina says: "I'll be a good boy for now...although spending the rest of my life inserted into a power plant might be more appealing later on."

Kaiyu says: Brownish Black?

Alina says: And he's really tall too.

Kaiyu says: That's, uh, black.

Alina says: It's not quite black....it's not quite brown! It's a new, undiscovered colour!

Kaiyu says: Black doesn't like to share air time. And his name is Kronos, with a K. Bekause K's make everything Kool!

Alina says: He's a Klingon!

Kaiyu says: I blame Mortal Kombat and Ultimecia.

Alina says: I blame Star Trek.

Description: big build,strong and light,his body balanced well.Long dark hair with two streaks of grey going down the middle.

Alina says: "big build,strong and light" speaks for itself. And I'll just point out casually that he's copying X-Woman Rogue's look.

Kaiyu says: His body balanced well. That's good. I wouldn't want one half to be lopsided.

Alina says: Technically, no one's body is perfectly proportional. That's not possible. But that's a minor point.

Usual Gear: Black Undershirt,TrenchCoat,and Leather Jeans,Combat Boots and a Gold Plated Belt.

Alina says: He forgot the Oddly Capitalized Thong.

Kaiyu says: Why is it that these are pretty nondescript, and it was the yellow shirt that got called vague?

Alina says: Uh....I think it's a male writer? That may have something to do with it.

Weapons: Desert Eagle.50, Double-Barreled Shotgun,M-79(Grenade Launcher) M-16(machine gun) and anything else he gets his hands on.

Kaiyu says: So was the Angsty Blue boy/Genie pants guy.

Alina says: ....Okay, so this guy is more of a 'let's beat the shit out of stuff' type. His emphasis on weapons says so. How does he carry all this around? Magic Matrix levitation powers?

Kaiyu says: What IS it with these guys and fighting with things they can get their hands around?

Kaiyu says: (Kronos: I'll cockslap you!)
(Trix: bring it on!)

Alina says: Battle of the phallic shafts. Moderated by Genie Pants woman.

Kaiyu says: Hey, she's leading the field of phallic imagery.

Kaiyu says: Anyhoooooo.

History: two days before he was born his mother was struck by lightning.As a fetus he saw the real world and then was born in the matrix.Still remembering what he saw,and growing up to be a Prodigy,he yearned for release.He was once thought to be The One by Galyx,Commander of the ship Exodus,he was killed in the Matrix three times and then unplugged.

Alina says: "he was killed in the Matrix three times and then unplugged." Uh...that would mean YOU'RE DEAD.

Kaiyu says: As a fetus he saw the real world?

Alina says: Because he was hit by lightning in the womb....riiiiight....

Kaiyu says: If your mom is struck by lightning and you're a fetus, you DEAD.

Alina says: So he died four times!

Kaiyu says: *Cracks knuckles* I'm ready to make it five or six.

Alina says: *Summons Trinity to beat the shit out of Prodigy dead man*

After the death of Galyx and the reunoin of himself,Tirrian and Derek(childhood friends),he searched out Morheus and Neo.Finding Morpheus in Zion,with Amnesia,he and Tirrian devaloped technology that took the memories that were locked in Morpheus's mind and realeased them.Morpheus lead Kronos to Neo and that was the beginning...

Alina says: Gah! ...! a to be continued clause!

Kaiyu says: Who the fuck is Galyx? And Zion? Isn't that in Israel?

Alina says: I have no idea. I don't want to know. Zion is what they named the last free city. It's near the core of the earth in the movie.

Kaiyu says: Mm.

Alina says: (Which really doesn't make much sense, but yea.)

Kaiyu says: And they developed technology because they are the UB4R L33T H4XX0RZ..

Alina says: O.o I don't speak elite well enough to comprehend that.

Kaiyu says: Neither do I.

Alina says: Oh. it's nonsense. Ok. Anyways, that's the end. Grade?

Kaiyu says: F. It's total, total crap. It evades the bonfire solely because I pity the creator for being so fucking stupid. :3

Alina says: I'm not so nice because I'm biased. Bonfire. Let him die six more times and then see if he wants to come back.