She Stole Chun-Li's 'Cloths'!

Profile written for a Final Fantasy Tactics RPG. Commented on by Kaiyu, Madhatter, and Alina.

Kaiyu says: Now, may I introduce to you Rulya Massies, the "sister" profile of Kyleen Satrois.

Alina says: Yay!

Madhatter says: WAHA!

Kaiyu says: Let it be noted that Rulya is basically the same character, but instead of attaching herself positively to Antti, she has made it her mission to make the party Black Mage's life a living hell.

Madhatter says: Muchly noted.

Alina says: Shall we begin?

Madhatter says: Of course my dear!

Alina says: Ok.

Character Name: Rulya Massies (Castles in the sky in German and Greek)

Kaiyu says: Er.

Alina says: Gee, like I care what language your name comes from.

Kaiyu says: Sometimes it does ask for meaning, but...

Madhatter says: Well, umm I mean it's cool that she has a name like that but what relevance is it to the character?

Alina says: It's like she has to explain WHY she chose the damn name.

Kaiyu says: I doubt they both mean Castles in the Sky in both German AND Greek.

Alina says: She probably chose accordingly.

Madhatter says: It would actually make no sense stuck together like that.

Alina says: At least it's not Latin. Then I'd have to bitch about how everything is in the wrong declension.

Madhatter says: But it's like saying her name is Neko Gato.

Birth Date: September 4, 1381

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Alina says: 1381....40 years after the Black this relevant? Hell no!

Kaiyu says: CAT CAT.

Madhatter says: Well, the years are set in this RPG.

Alina says: Whoops. Sorry.

Kaiyu says: There's this store that sells "Lucky Neko Cats" down the road. "Lucky Cat Cats!" XD

Madhatter says: Heeee.

Alina says: "Hello, my name is Holy Spatulas Wan-Kenobi. And this is my associate, Osama 'bin Workin'."

Madhatter says: "I am SPOOON!!"

Kaiyu says: My name is Shelly. Rub my Belly. Anyway. Moving along.

Madhatter says: Yes please do!

Age: 16 1/2

Job/Class: Priestess

Gender: Female

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 110 lbs

Eye Color: Pink

Kaiyu says: She's a rabbit. Fuck.

Alina says: Why would anyone want pink eyes?

Kaiyu says: Is she albino?

Alina says: Nope. She just has pink eyes.

Madhatter says: I have a character with pink eyes, of course he IS a Albino...

Alina says: Genetic defect?

Kaiyu says: No. I think it's "cute", that's why she chose it.

Alina says: Sue defect? Yes.

Hair Color/Style: it is a soft black color. Rulya's hair is actually rather long, but somehow has managed to keep it so it appears short and boyish. When she lets it down, it, has a healthy shine to it. When it is short, it just seems to do what it wants.

Madhatter says: Long and short?

Alina says: (Hair) I wanna fly a plane!

Madhatter says: She's like Barbie... she has the detachable hair...

Kaiyu says: What is it with these Sue hairstyles? Do they ALL have superior hair products in these worlds?

Alina says: It's a soft black. Not like that harsh black from down the street that we call 'niggah'.

Madhatter says: *Grabs some scissors* Until I get get a hold of it *snip snip*

Character Description: Rulya was raised in a temple, so she of course has to look good, law of the world.

Alina says: And here I was, misleadingly thinking that living in a temple had something to do with piety. Looks like my world view is messed up.

Madhatter says: Temple.... Monastery... Temple... Monastery.... gee do you see something here?

Alina says: Uh....yes.

Her form is lightly muscled, giving her a well toned look, and she has a nice hour glass figure.

Alina says: Her waist is thinner than her neck, which is the same size as her head. Very fashionable.

Madhatter says: Aren't priestesses either A. Really fat, or B. Really thin and pasty?

Kaiyu says: What the hell? Temple = SEXY. I don't see how that works.

Madhatter says: Neither do I.

Alina says: Because it's "fresh meat"? I dunno.

Kaiyu says: That just makes no sense.

Madhatter says: You'd think that wouldn't you? You're forgetting the Sue terminology.

Her skin isn't pale like most females, but a healthy peach color. Her eyes are soft and graceful when her hair is down, but when it is up they are wide and mischievous. They always seem to go glittering in a playful manner all the time, unless she is really pissed, then they are just plain scary.

Madhatter says: And the fact that she's using the temple as a means to make herself look good...

Kaiyu says: I didn't know most females are pale.

Alina says: Sue glitter....GAH!

Kaiyu says: Fuck, this girl's ignorance BOTHERS me.

Madhatter says: This sounds JUST like Kyleen no?

Alina says: Yes. An exact paraphrase. It BUGS me.

If you look closely at her eyes, you can see streaks of magenta in the pale pink iris. She carries herself as a person who has great confidence in her abilities, but not so much that she thinks she is better then you.

Alina says: The eyes get like four lines?

Madhatter says: WOOOT! There's the pink I was looking for in the last profile!

Alina says: WTF? Oh yea! But they're not pink anymore. They're pink-magenta. It's a return of the debate from the phallic imagery Sue!

Kaiyu says: She doesn't THINK she's better than you, but she is. She just doesn't think in general.

Alina says: That's a good summary.

Kaiyu says: I say we toss her into a tiger pit. :3

Alina says: No, the tigers are too cool for this.

Kaiyu says: They might think she's a cute little rabbit and eat her.

Alina says: Maggots. Maggot pit!

For cloths she wares a white tank top/dress. It starts out as a tight fitting tank top but when it gets to her waist, it splits down the side, creating a Chu-Li skirt thing, but it is white with gold lining.

Madhatter says: She WARES a white tank top...


Alina says: So she sells this odd flowing 'Chu-Li' top thing?

Madhatter says: Like tupperware! It's too late, she already did...

Alina says: Assume for a minute that I don't know who the fuck Chun-Li is. What the hell am I supposed to make of that sentence? *Sobs* Just think of the ignorant people, you ignorant person!

Kaiyu says: Nothing.

Madhatter says: Well, she's a very slutty priestess.

Kaiyu says: *Sighs*

Madhatter says: What kind of priestess shows off their legs...Normally it's long overly covering robes.

Kaiyu says: Well, apparently she is wearing some sort of Pseudo Cheongsam. Which is definitely not standard western-style priestess wear.

Madhatter says: But dude! It's Tactics! At least most of the chars stick to the tactics look for their characters.

Unlike Chun-Li, she wears a pair of navy blue skin tight shorts that have gold lining as well. Normally over the top of the shirt she will have on a navy blue sleeveless vest that has a high framing collar and is outlined in gold as well. The vest stops at a few inches above her belly button, exposing the white split skirt.

Madhatter says: ...........

Alina says: But wait...there's more! We just can't have enough detail about the magical Chun-Li outfit!

Madhatter says: Just ......

Alina says: There's.....half of it left! *Gags*

Kaiyu says: I really think that Chun-Li is gonna be pissed once she found out Rulya stole her clothes.

Alina says: If she hasn't found out already.

From the middle of the space between her shoulder and elbow are toughs sleeve things similar to Yuna's. The coloring is different though, as they are just solid navy blue. The strings used to keep them on her arms are made out of thin gold strands woven in with the yellow cord and the stoppers are real emeralds.

Kaiyu says: Oh my GOD! She stole Yuna's clothes, too!

Alina says: God, stop STEALING people's fashion ideas. Don't you know how RUDE it is?

Kaiyu says: Does this girl not have an original idea in her head?

Alina says: Why the hell does she have to have emeralds? Did her temple not want to donate them to some charitable cause instead of adorning her like an idol?

Kaiyu says: And if they're real jewels, this girl would easily have been mugged, beaten, raped, and robbed of EVERYTHING in the tactics world. Tactics World is IMO the least friendly FF world as of yet.

Madhatter says: Ohhh yah...Dude I remember when Delita killed the Princess chick... I was like O_O

On her feet are a pair of white boots that cuff over at the top and they have a slight heal (think Fey from cowboy Bebop with a smaller heel). On her left ear is a gold clasp that has many small designs in it and in the center is an emerald. On the lobe of both ears she has a pair of tear drop earrings, the stud being a pearl and the drop being a ruby in her left ear and a sapphire in her right.

Alina says: More jewels. And more costume theft.

Madhatter says: Ahhh now she's stealing from Faye...if she found out, would shoot her...

Alina says: Heal...heel...they're less than ten words apart! How can you not notice the spelling mistake?

Kaiyu says: Chun-Li, Yuna, and Faye are plotting this girl's demise as we speak.

Madhatter says: Ooooo evilness!! *Sends a fax to 'em all*

Kaiyu says: LOOK, lady, you do not wear this stuff to battle! Do you WANT an enemy ripping out your damned Sue earrings? YOU WILL DIE.

When she dose wear her cloak, it is pure white on the outside and a dark midnight blue on the inside. It has a hood and is held together by a gold and ruby clasp. She hardly ever wears the cloak outside of temple jobs and in the winter.

Kaiyu says: D'ose!

Alina says: She's a walking target. She's screaming 'steal and rape me! I'm a rich virgin from a temple! Virgin sacrifice!'

Madhatter says: Talk about getting raped and plundered, specially if they find out she's a priestess...

Kaiyu says: She should just wear a sandwich board that reads: "KILL ME."

Alina says: Maybe she IS a virgin sacrifice....the kind of temple she's from is never specified. *Crosses her fingers*

Madhatter says: Personally I wouldn't rape her, I'd just beat her up, take her stuff and run off. She makes me sick...I don't want to touch her...

Alina says: I'd want her stuff. After I disinfected it.

Madhatter says: Hey! A contradiction! She's a priestess with healing powers, but she makes me wanna vomit!

Her outfit in all is rather expensive and with it you could most likely buy a small kingdom.

All in all, she is a rather pretty girl. Not the beauty queen like most girls, but still easy on the eyes and rather cute.

Madhatter says: Buy a kingdom eh?? She's a walking target from 500 miles away.

Alina says: Then donate the costume to charity like a good Sue. And she is a fecking beauty queen! Look what she has to resort to to get our attention! Pretty clothes and jewelry!

Likes: church choir songs, her earring, her black chocobo Ava Marius, snow, rain, thunder storms, walking in the forest, a good fight once and a while, learning/ teaching life magic

Alina says: She doesn't like the OTHER earring apparently. It isn't worth as much.

Madhatter says: Maybe she's using the pretty clothes and jewelry because she's actually really ugly, but noone would notice because of her shinyness!

Kaiyu says: She has a black chocobo!?

Alina says: Yea, where did she get that? And why did she have to name it so badly? I'll bet the poor thing is mocked daily for its crappy name.

Madhatter says: She likes fighting....That wasn't a question, that was a statement. She likes fighting. A priestess with no physical strength...likes fighting.

Alina says: Maybe she takes bets.

Dislikes: Her stuff being taken, insults to her chocobo, self centered people, girly girls, shameless flirts, people who think just because she is a priestess that uses healing magic she is useless and/or weak, black mages (see past)

Madhatter says: Hehe speaking of mocking her chocobo! LOL!

Alina says: LOL!

Kaiyu says: *Holds head in hands*

Madhatter says: It can't be helped!!

Alina says: She hates herself, herself, me, herself, herself, and us.

Madhatter says: She was useless and weak...Marlowe hated the HELL out of her. There were moments she wanted to kill her because she was so stupid.

Kaiyu says: Okay, I'm putting an end to this.

Alina says: *Braces herself*

Madhatter says: WOOT!

Kaiyu says: *Dials up Yuna, Faye, and Chun-Li*

Alina says: Ah, the other perk of working in the Dumpster. Summoning random characters to assist you!

Madhatter says: Hehehehehe!

Kaiyu says: Something MUST be done! ><

Alina says: I agree!

Kaiyu says: It's like, we read Kyleen's profile, we know what's coming next. *Sigh*

Madhatter says: Yesssss *evil Smithers hand thing*

Kaiyu says: Anyway, moving on.

Chocobo: Ava Marius is Rulya's tall white mount. He is pure white, and his eyes are pure sky blue. He is very over protective of her and will sit on/peck at any gut that gets close to her.

Alina says: Wait a minute...her chocobo was BLACK.

Madhatter says: I thought he was black...


Madhatter says: I coulda swore it read Black..

Kaiyu says: Why the hell did Alex accept this profile!?!?

Madhatter says: Because unlike me and you Kaiyu he's not really harsh on profiles...Or even bothers to correct 'em...

Alina says: It did. Quote: "her black chocobo Ava Marius"

Kaiyu says: WHY!? WHY??? *Grabs knife, aims toward eyes*

Alina says: No! NOOO! Save your eyes! *Takes the knife and directs Kaiyu to the chocobo* Go...ritual sacrifice!

Madhatter says: NO NO! Not the Chocobo!

Alina says: Fine, the Sue!

Madhatter says: *Leads him towards Dani*

Alina says: Oh boy, another extensive description of her Sue paraphernalia.

Madhatter says: Verdict! TRASH!! BURN BABY!!! Oh we're not there yet...

Alina says: Lol. Save the anger.

Kaiyu says: But we know what's coming. Let's continue...

Weapons: Her staff is about 5'4 ft and made of the purest white marble stone. The top end has a diamond orb. In the center of the staff, about a foot each way from the center, is a gold ring four evenly spaced gems (ruby, emerald, sapphire, onyx).

Madhatter says: Does this sound familiar?

Alina says: Where the FUCK is she getting all these gemstones? Did she rip them off the temple's shrines or something?

Madhatter says: "...and the trident has all the mana stones..."

Alina says: People. Look. Shiny, expensive and rare objects do NOT = cool

In-between the two rings, the staff in longer marble, but a glowing blue liquid crystal that is in a state of constant flux.

Alina says: And that's just plain retarded. Liquid crystal exists....but at a temperature of about 5000 farenheight. If you came near it you'd die from the toxic fumes it gave off.

Madhatter says: THAT'S IT! I'm making a character that fights with a rusty nail!

Kaiyu says: "AHHH! He's got a board with a nail in it!"

Madhatter says: *Hyperventilating in a corner*

Kaiyu says: "RUN, KOTOS!"

Alina says: See? Rusty nail is interesting!

Kaiyu says: She's not dead! She's immortal!

She can use it like a normal staff/hammer if she gets into a hand to hand combat, but she could never hope to beat people who are completely combat based such as Marlow or Tanshore without her magic. Lucky for her she has a reflect spell that would normally block any things like stop, sleep, or silence that would keep her magic away.

Alina says: And she's invincible with her reflect spell!

Kaiyu says: You know, Antti had the most powerful move in the RPG, come to think of it...And no one suspected, because it was such an unassuming ability.

Madhatter says: Yup...

Kaiyu says: Why do all of these moves have to be "RAH I AM TEH SUPAR POWARFUL!"

Alina says: Because they suck.

Madhatter says: The one character that everyone should have feared was Rika though...

Kaiyu says: (*gives Props to Antti's Gentle Fist*)

Madhatter says: Temple Knights are scaarry. And she was a nervous twit which is great.

Character's Skills/Magic:
All of Rulya's spells are Curative besides holy, and can cause the most damage to undead monsters. She has a modified Regan spell. (See the spell for how so)

Alina says: This profile sounds like a bad instruction manual.

Kaiyu says: Insert staff A into Sue's ass, B.

Alina says: It's the Ronald Regan spell! Beware the politicians!

Madhatter says: *Twitches violently*

Kaiyu says: *Casts Regan* "STAR WARS IS A FOOLPROOF MILITARY PROGRAM!" 9999 damage right there!

Madhatter says: "I am a jelly doughnut!"

Kaiyu says: That was Kennedy, dear.

Madhatter says: Oh! Right! Hehe.

Alina says: I won't even bother guessing, because I don't know the Presidents.

Holy: Rulya's most powerful attack spell (that could be because it's her only normal attack spell but hey, what ya gonna do if your raised with a group of girly priestess).

Alina says: Funny, I thought girly priestess were useless and she hated them...

Madhatter says: And she fights... remember she fights.... Like a Boxer. ADRIENNNNEEEE!!!

Kaiyu says: I should mention that this one spell apparently was more powerful than any and all of the Black Mage's spells.

Alina says: And this is her normal attack spell? -.- I give up.

Madhatter says: I say, JUST STAB HER!

She stands facing the opponent. From then she brings the staffs orb in front of her forehead, so her eyes are just below it and one on either sides of the staff. A circle of white appears under her feet, as well as the targets, and the wind picks up just around her. The orb becomes white and glows immensely.

Madhatter says: You know the whole Sailor Moony thing... takes 15 hours to perform an attack...

Alina says: You could stab her easily while all of this was going on. It's like whenever Sailor Moon was doing a finishing move. You could have just smacked her while she was pirouetting, but the enemies just stood there waiting because they weren't smart. And let's not forget the lovely music.

Madhatter says: And the shouting of words in long stressed syllables!

Alina says: *Cheesy Japanese music starts playing* SUPER HAPPY NIGHTTIME PILL ATTACK!



Madhatter says: Much.

Alina says: Good.

She then pulls the staff back buy her waist and then lunges forward with it in one hand towards the enemy in one swift motion. The circle around the target area explodes in white light and the orb shoots out a beam of sparkling white light at the target. This is the best spell to use against pure evil and undead monsters and humans, and it is her strongest spell.

Madhatter says: Put a kitten in there and she's a goner...Awwww yah...Time for some extensive training...

Alina says: She's never going to improve? This will always be her best spell, forever and ever? Then what's the bloody point of RPing, which is about gaining EXPERIENCE?

Madhatter says: *Grabs a cat and a picture of Rulya* See this? Kill! And you'll get a steak...

Alina says: Remember people? Every time you write a Mary Sue, God kills a kitten. Think of the kittens. (

Kaiyu says: DOMO! 8D

Madhatter says: Yah, but this kittens gonna get his revenge.

However, it takes a lot out of her when she dose it and she will most likely need to rest afterwards

Kaiyu says: And then you can stab her, as well :3

Alina says: I swear, this was just added in there to ensure that she wasn't been too obvious about how powerful she is.

Reflect: This has two different kinds of motions that need to be done depending on who she is casting it on. If it is on herself, she spreads her feet about two shoulder lengths apart and holds her staff in front of her like a sword. If casting on someone else, she just swings the staff in their direction or points it at them.

Alina says: There's variance in the motions. Why the fuck would I care if I was in the middle of a battle. She could do the freaking splits in midair and I wouldn't care. This isn't bullet time. Nobody will notice whether you were using your right hand or your left, or whether your hand was at a 45 degree angle with your eyelash.

Madhatter says: Well, look... pointing of doom.

Kaiyu says: She would, too.

Madhatter says: I point at you! You go down! (Rephrased from, "I Shoot you! You go down!" From the movie Snatch)

To cast the spell faster she can raise hand that is furthest away from them in an almost salute and thrusts her staff in there direction. It this only works when casting on others. Normally casting this spell takes about near to nothing for her cast, but if she continually has to have it up or keep casting it on others, she gets drained and may need to rest.

Kaiyu says: It doesn't cost much, but it costs a lot!

Alina says: May need to rest. She's not 100% sure if she'll feel like resting or not. She'll get back to you.

Madhatter says: And I bet in the process she summons a nice comfy cushion to sleep on...

Alina says: And conjures up a blanket with a funky colour.

It blocks any kind of magic, but if it is a magic/weapon attack, only the magic will be blocked and the rest of it will take effect. (Say some guy sliced her with a sword that had the paralysis spell on it, the cut and damage would still be there, but she would not be paralyzed.)

Alina says: I really don't like being led through a profile by the hand like I'm a six-year old. I know how reflect works.

Madhatter says: I though Reflect only reflected SPELLS onto another person.

Alina says: I guess she changed its name from 'Nullify' or 'Shield' to Reflect.

Madhatter says: If the sword had a spell cast on it it would still be affected? She's a dork...

Kaiyu says: *Blinks, looks over to stabbing knife, ponders*

Madhatter says: *Holds Kaiyu back*

Kaiyu says: What good are eyes, anyway...?

Madhatter says: NOO!

Alina says: Aim for her Kaiyu!

Madhatter says: *Gives Kaiyu a blindfold instead* Better?

Alina says: Just think of something nice!

Kaiyu says: *Sits, thinks* Kitties... fluffy, fluffy bunnies... like a moonbeam.

She uses this spell often to protect herself in battle and on her fellow magic users before the fighters so silence can not be cast on them or other spells that would hinder there performances.

Madhatter says: So much for healing...

Alina says: Bad grammar peeking out there....

Kaiyu says: You know, she would be useless if she ever met an enemy mage.
Rulya: *Reflect!*
Knight: *Stabs her!*
Rulya: Ah! Uh.. heal! *Reflects to knight*
Mage: *Dispels, casts fire*
Rulya: *DEATH!*

Madhatter says: "HEAL!" *Reflect bounces it off*
*Monster becomes stronger*
Marlowe: YOU IDIOT!!!!

Alina says: It'd be easy to stop her. Just grab a random victim, and attack her while she's protecting the victim. Easy!

If this shield is throw up against a stronger enemy, it won't last that long, but if it is against a middle class or weak magic user that isn't stronger then her in magic, it will last for up to and hour if she wants it to.

Madhatter says: And the world rejoices! *monotone* Yay.


Madhatter says: Not just that, but everyone is apparently weaker than her...

Alina says: And now the clauses and fine print of the Reflect spell. Please sign on the dotted line at the bottom once you have read and understood the contract.

Kaiyu says: Okay, we're almost done reading the instructions. Can I kill Rulya yet?

Alina says: Not yet.

Madhatter says: Or you could always cast silence before she casts Reflect. Dude...we REALLLY wanna kill her...

Alina says: I don't want to kill her. I want to create an evil twin of her profile (her in every way) and pitt them against each other and see who wins.

Madhatter says: Ummm just grab Kyleen...

Regen: She has two versions of this spell. First she has the normal spell where the target regains health normally. She holds her staff out and light simply gathers in the orb. She points it at her target and they start to get their energy and health back at a normal pace. The second version is rather dangerous but it works faster and the target gets health faster.

Alina says: Why does there have to be two versions of everything? Two types of earrings, two types of hair....

Madhatter says: Just... just skip it please! Next section!!

Alina says: Fine. Bla bla bla....<Snip>

Personality: Most priestesses are well mannered and shy. Not Rulya.

Kaiyu says: *Tightens blindfolds* Rainbows... CANDY!

She is a bold young woman with a quick fuse and a rather violent streak. This girl would not hesitate to punch you if you get her mad, and cast silence on you to shut you up.

Kaiyu says: Well, she's a bitch. But she's going to be a friendly Sue bitch.

Madhatter says: OK that's Marlowe right there.

Alina says: Ooooh...I am just SO afraid of the chick with the expensive clothing and a stick made of gold.

Madhatter says: Not afraid to punch a person. That's MY character. I played the cold heartless bitch to the 10th power!!

Alina says: Do you get the feeling she randomly copy-pasted traits from various profiles? I do.

She hates it when people start to fight when they supposed to be getting work done. This young woman often comes off as a complete meany if you get on her bad side. How ever, she is a good person with true intensions.

Alina says: Meany. She's using her potty mouth! I'm SOOOO scared. *Coughs*

Madhatter says: *Grabs tape and bubble gum* Macguyver... don't fail me now...

Rulya will most likely be the first one to be friend the under dog or the loner and get them to cheer up a little. When she dose get mad, it's normally a five minute thing then fades away as it never happened. Deep down Rulya is a rather lonely person who just wants to be friends with everyone she can.

Alina says: Rulya will most likely be the first one to be a friend of the underdog or loner because no one else will accept her.

Kaiyu says: That's a good way to make friends, attacking random people and making them feel like shit.

Alina says: You mean people DON'T like getting bitched at? Really? Wow.

Madhatter says: Hehehe...not always...
Rulya: *runs up to Marlowe all happy*
Marlowe: *STAB*

Kaiyu says: And that's the THING! She didn't play Rulya as if she as an angry bitch, she played her as if she was a perfect Sue girl.

Madhatter says: She also made her extremely shy, which is a total contradiction to her personality.

Alina says: Kaiyu, you know the words to the song: FAAAUX FLAAAAAW....

Madhatter says: She was supposed to be outspoken...

She is often thinking hard on things she was thought at the temple about the outside world, because she found out the minute she stepped out of though doors she had been lied to.

Alina says: THAT is stealing Yuna's bit. I'm sorry, but I cannot allow that.

Madhatter says: But she wasn't taught, she was thought.

Alina says: Just like she doses.

History: Rulya was born into a sisterhood of priestess in the most lavish and powerful temples in Ruvan. She was always raised to be a lady and taught the ways of a priestess.

Madhatter says: And it went in one ear and out the other...

Alina says: Well, I wouldn't expect them to be teaching her how to be a farmer slut if she was raised in a temple.

Her mother was one of the most beautiful and powerful members of the sister hood, but her father was an enigma. They said he came one night seeking refuge, and nine months after he left, her mother had her. The head priestess also told her that he was a black Mage; witch would explain her unnatural pink eyes.

Alina says: Waaaait...never mind. Her mother had one-night flings. So she is a slut.

Madhatter says: Ambiguity!!!

Kaiyu says: What is it with this girl and her flinging mothers?

Alina says: Witch would explain? Gosh, it's like she purposely yanked out a book of synonyms just to annoy moderators. Maybe she resents her mother or something...?

Kaiyu says: How does Black Mage = Pink Eyes?

Alina says: Pink Eyes = mysterious. Which allows for a mysterious connection. Sue Logic again.

Madhatter says: I thought Sangue had red eyes. He was a black mage.
What? She flings mothers?

Alina says: Her mother has one-night flings all the time that result in pregnancies.

This never bothered her, and she was well on her way to being on of the strongest magic users in all of Ruvan with her seemingly endless amounts of energy and willingness to learn just about any spell she was told to learn. Sadly, that all came to a halt when she was five.

Alina says: *Falls over laughing* She was the most powerful mage at the age of FIVE? Oh, please. This is TOO good.

Madhatter says: She got distracted because she saw ponies, and rainbows, and other happy things.

Her temple was attacked by a supposed black mage, and he killed over half of the members of the temple, as well as innocent town's people who were seeking shelter in the temple. Rulya's mom was brutally murdered in front of the girl, causing her brain to go into shut down mode.

Alina says: (Brain) Start-Shut down. What do you want to do? Shut down. Brain is shutting down. It is now safe to turn the human off.

Madhatter says: And all this was because of a simple squirrel that caught on fire... uh wait... hehe... wrong story...

After the black mage left, she and the hand full of survivors tried to and succeed in rebuilding the temple. This took a good five years to do and over the years Rulya leaned little magic as her memory of her mothers death slowly began to fade. Soon, it only plagued her dreams now and again and she could just brush it off.

Kaiyu says: Magic plagued her dreams? I guess this is the Great Ultima sickness of '03

Madhatter says: Why didn't she just sell her staff to rebuild the damn place?

Alina says: Yea, why didn't she just sell her shit for cash?

Alina says: The hand was full of survivors? And the hand rebuilt the temple? Was the hand the deity they worshipped?
(Priest) Today it has now been eleven years since the destruction of our temple. Are you not going to honor your mother's death?
(Sue) My....mother? Who? When did she die? That was a dream.

Madhatter says: (Priest) Today we plan on the laborious five years of construction for our temple because all of our money was destroyed except for a staff that belongs to a young girl... But no... We won't let her sell her expensive items because we are made to suffer while she lives in luxury and stupidity...

Kaiyu says: In the words of Utena..."WHEN!? WHERE!? WHO!? WHICH!?"

One day, a figure made their way slowly up the steps and begged for sanctuary. Rulya was the first person to see the figure, and instantly thought it to be a black mage. She hit the figure hard on the head with her staff and knocked them out. On closer inspection, she found out it was a pretty girl around her age, so she brought the unconscious figure to the priest.

Madhatter says: ...............

Alina says: (Rulya) Oh, it's a beautiful and mysterious woman who is KO. Sue rules demand that I save her and leave the bleeding wounded behind.

Madhatter says: The bad fic transition...It's happening again...WHY GOD, WHY?

Kaiyu says: Girl: *Sanctuary! Santuaaaryyy!
Rulya: Not on my watch, bitch.

Later the blond girl woke up and asked Rulya did that. Rulya explained and Chalacia Riverheart, the blond girl, understands and for 2 days she relentlessly teases and scares her with black mage talk. The two became like sisters, Chalacia like a big sister to Rulya, often picking on her but bringing out a happiness that Rulya hadn't had in a long time.

Madhatter says: Asked what?

Kaiyu says: Chalacia Riverheart?

Alina says: *Snorts at mention of the name*


Alina says: Why can't people use their brains when they right?

Madhatter says: You mean write?

Alina says: *Falls over* I'm sorry. I'm REALLY tired. *Feels stupid and hypocritical now*

Madhatter says: It's OK deary...It's just the sheer stupidity of the profile getting at you now...

Alina says: Yes. And that's not good. I'm supposed to be able to resist this! Gah! *Needs tea*

Madhatter says: It's affecting us all....I'm running out of witty things to say...

Alina says: There's only....a little more left.

Chalacia even unlocked Rulya's keen ability of song and often complemented her on it. Soon though, a traveling dance troop came through town and Chalacia was going to go with them. She begged Rulya to come, but Rulya said she couldn't due to the fact she was tied to the temple until she could have a guardian to watch over her when she left by priests rules.

Alina says: She sings on top of all of it. She's a textbook Sue.

Kaiyu says: Is it just me, or is Chalacia supposed to be Jun Mei?

Madhatter says: That's what I thought...

Alina says: If I could remember who that was, I would probably agree.

Madhatter says: She's the dancer chick...

Kaiyu says: Jun Mei is another character in the game. Apparently she attached herself to the character without permission, much like Antti, but didn't manage to get the name right this time.

Alina says: OK Thank you.
(Rulya) I don't like your name. It's boring. I'll give you a BETTER name.

Madhatter says: *Curls up in a corner waiting for this too be finished with her bomb right beside her*

The two girls parted ways, and Rulya finally unconsciously realized how lonely the life of a priestess was, and became determined not to have to stay in the temple for her whole life. The girl strived for excellence in the white arts. Her skills caught the eye of the King of Jkatha, King Arden, and she now serves him as a Zodiac Master.

Alina says: That's the end. And what a crap ending at that.

Madhatter says: *THROWS IT while watching Faye, Yuna and Chun-li kick the crap out of her*

Kaiyu says: NO! The King would NEVER in his right mind accept this little snot into the group!

Alina says: "Her skills caught the eye of the King of Jkatha, King Arden, and she now serves him as a Zodiac Master." This is ALL that ties her to the story? That's a freaking lazy cop-out. We should try to draw a picture of that lovely scene of REAL female characters ganging up on the Sue. But that's an idea for another day.

Madhatter says: BURN IT NOW!! That's me verdict... My brain hurttsss...

Kaiyu says: It could be our banner image!

Madhatter says: Waha!

Alina says: Grade: Do you need to ask? BURN! BONFIRE! NOW! PLEASE! *Passes a torch to Yuna* SEND HER!

Kaiyu says: Grade: Bonfire. This was horrible. It could have gotten an F, but no- SHE HAD TO GO OUT AND MESS WITH CHUN LI.