My Format: Interface! No, wait, Guardian! No, wait...

Profile written for a ReBoot RPG. Commented on by Kaiyu and Alina.

Name: Zan
Format: Interface

Approximate Age: 25

Alina: And I'm already going to start nitpicking. *Takes a deep breath*

Kaiyu: ZAN!!! >_o Zan is a Japanese word that literally means "Slash". People would be shouting it left and right in old samurai flicks

Alina: In Reboot, your age is a fraction expressed as a decimal. If I were 20, then I'm 2.0 in Reboot Enzo is 1.0, not 10! And this lack of recognizing Reboot time BUGS me. Now to his format choice...okay. So he's a WebRider or something. That's fine, for NOW. But he might have a problem communicating, considering WebRiders don't speak what Mainframers do.

Kaiyu: Alright? *Is lost O_o*

Alina: WebRiders are from the Web.

Kaiyu: Okay.

Alina: They speak...well, it sounds like Morse code. But they don't speak 'English'.

Kaiyu: They speak in HTML. 8D 8D

Appearance: Blue Skin, black spiked hair, brown eyes, 6'2'' wears black boots, black pants, a White t-shirt underneath a black vest, and 2 leather straps wrapped around both forearms he has a necklace(the pic is in an attachment)

Alina: For reference - it's Squall's Lionheart necklace.

Kaiyu: You usually don't wear necklaces around your arms. Those are called bracelets. Or armlets...

Alina: That too, lol.

Kaiyu: Maybe he's forgotten basic anatomy.

Alina: He doesn't seem to have much fashion sense. A T-shirt isn't the ideal thing to wear under a vest.

Kaiyu: (Zan) *Pats shoulder* This is my neck. *Pats toes* My ear.

and a standered black and yellow icon placed on the left side of his vest, like Matrix, he also carries his key tool "Icon" in his left forearm.

Alina: *Eye twitches* The yellow icon and keytool would suggest that his format is GUARDIAN, not Interface. Why can't people just ACCEPT the fact that you can't be both!? Only Bob was, and he suffered because of it! Anyone notice the prominent SCARRING? That, like, covers his BODY?

Kaiyu: I'm lost again. I really should have watched this show.

Alina: Your icon is the button they tap to Reboot in a game. It's like your identity. Guardians, who are special policers of the Net, have yellow icons. Regular shmoes have white ones. Outsiders have either none or funky ones. If he's from the WEB, he's not a Guardian. And he would have no visible icon!

Kaiyu: Funky pink turquoise mauve shimmering vague icon!

Alina: lol.

Kaiyu: Moving on.

Alina: He has also forgotten that Matrix didn't keep his keytool on his arm. It was on his BELT. More anatomy problems.

Kaiyu: Maybe he's trying to be 'original'.

Alina: Right. So he put his keytool where all the other Guardians we've met put theirs. ^^;; (Sorry, I'm nitpicking)

Other Info: Zan is a special creation from the Guardian headquarters, they tryed to create a perfect guardian to help defend against Cron viruses, such as daemon,

Alina: Daemon. She deserves capitalization! And how the FUCK do you make something to combat a virus that causes 100% deletion when executed?!

Kaiyu: *Blinks*

Alina: *Is angry!*

Kaiyu: *Is... confused?*

Alina: He was born in a lab with a higher purpose - to kill the series' other Mary Sue.

Kaiyu: It's Sue against Sue in today's deathmatch! WHO WILL WIN!?

Alina: My money is on Daemon. Everyone who touches her becomes her happy slave.

but something went wrong, there was an explosion and the sprite was injected with core energy directly into his system, he survived and in the process he took the form of interface, one of the rarest formats available, he announced his name to be Zan, the guardians were very pleased...

Alina: *Eye twitches*

Kaiyu: I don't know anything about the show, but this screams "I'm better than you in a completely implausible way!"

Alina: It is, long story short.
Number one: Use periods.
Number two: How does one 'accidentally' get injected with Core energy? And why he would take the format of Interface is beyond me.

what had thought to be a failed project prospered. Zan was trained by the guardians and was givin a key tool of his own at graduation named "Icon"...


Kaiyu: *Scratches head* This is real presumptuous bullshit.

Alina: Uh...yea? That's putting it mildly. It gets worse, if you can believe that.

Kaiyu: They always do.

after he was givin the full rank and privilage of a guardian, Zan left and searched the web, learning about new systems,

Alina: (Guardian) Oh, he got a keytool. Guess we have to skip the whole 'training' process, he obviously doesn't need it.

Kaiyu: Systems such as the intricate pornography network.

Zan's unique skill is the ability to change formats if need be, his true format is interface which means he can interface with whatever format he wants depending on the situation,he can become a full engine...hacker...and he can even go viral if need be...

Alina: And now I'll paste my comments that I gave the GM: ABSOLUTELY NOT. I don't CARE what his reasoning is, I don't care if he thinks I'm being rude. The whole point of having a format is like having a job class in RPG games - they LIMIT you to your choice's strengths and weaknesses. This spells godmoder all over it. I refuse to let him in unless this is changed. You choose a freaking format, and you stick with it. End of file.

Kaiyu: I don't know, but that strikes me as "I'M FACKING POWERFUUUUULLLL WORSHIP MEEE!"

Alina: You're 100% correct.

while he was searching the web he was a search engine...while in systems he was mainly a guardian, just passing by, Then Zan came across a system that interested him, it had 2 viruses, and about 3-4 guardians, that system was mainframe, he created a portal into that system and arrived...and now his story begins....

Alina: Last time I checked, his numbers were wrong. And I want to end his story. Now.

Kaiyu: How does one create a portal into the system?

Alina: They use their keytool. At least THAT'S canon.

Kaiyu: Ah. For a second there I thought that might have been magical fairy pants bullshit.

Alina: Lol, thankfully it's not. My grade? I say: BONFIRE. It has GODMODER written all over it. I wouldn't touch a character like that with a ten-foot null. In fact, I'd rather KISS a null!

Kaiyu: I'm going to give it an F just for the sheer godmoding written all over it. I can't bonfire it, since I don't know the canon as well as Elly, but she sure can.