Profile written for a Sailor Moon RPG. Initial comments were written by Pixle on the Bad_Rpers Suck LiveJournal. Commented on by Kaiyu and Alina.

...Anyway, in the mess of horrible Mary-Sues, one stood out apart from the rest, like a beacon of Tard.

She was called Sailor Saint.

Alina: *cough Sera cough*

Forget the horrible name for a secound. Here are some basic facts about Saint:
Her name is Sera Robinson.
She has Platinum hair.
Her eyes are Intence icy blue.
Her skin is Almost alabaster.
She is 7 years old.

Alina: Does she set things on fire on a regular basis?

Woo. Quite a little prize here eh? Here's the kicker--her whole (TRAGIC!!11111!1) history:
Sera was born in America she loves animals and people.
(As do most human beings.)

Alina: Want to trash it?

Kaiyu: This girl already did a pretty good job of doing that. But yes. XD;;

Alina: Okay.

Kaiyu: Note: Thank you to Pixle for digging up this profile, done by the one and only Sera. <3 <3

Alina: Yes. A huge thank you to her. (I read what she wrote, lmao)

Kaiyu: All of the profiles in this game are absolute crapshit. And the Mod? She goes by the name of Carnal Darknyss. Please kill me.

Alina: I can't. You're already dead.


Character's Regular Name: Sera Robinson

Sex: female

Alina: Can't he come up with another name to use? Using the same name over and over (and calling yourself that, if you check his player info) is a sign of Sueness-avatarness.

Kaiyu: *Rubs eyes* Yep, this is Sera, alright.

Allignment: good

Kaiyu: I want to blame Sera for the extra l in alignment. I know it's not his fault. But I WANT to.

Character's Age: 7

Alina: Seven year old Senshi...I think NOT.

Kaiyu: Well, how old were Chibi-Usa and Chibi-Chibi? Chibi-Chibi was, like, three.

Alina: Chibi-Usa was 900 years old, but had the mentality of about a ten-year old. She turns roughly 12 when she becomes a senshi.

Kaiyu: Okay.


Hair: Platinum.

Hair Style: Tied back in a pony tail that goes down the small of her back.

Alina: Is she an evil albino from that movie...what was it....fields of the damned or something?

Kaiyu: I know the one you're talking about. This is just a personal bitch, but I hate ponytails.

*Alina steps away from Kaiyu and takes her hair out of a ponytail*

Kaiyu: Rephrase: I hate THAT ponytail.

Alina: Okay, Phew.

Eyes: Intence icy blue.

Skin: Almost alabaster.

Alina: alabaster....*grabs her dictionary*
Alabaster: a translucent usu. White form of gypsum.
(Sera) You can see the blood flowing through my veins...isn't it SEXY!

Kaiyu: She's seven. But this is Sera.

Alina: Mind, she may be an albino if she has such a skin condition.

Kaiyu: Sera would do that.

Alina: Out of ignorance or for the pity vote?

Kaiyu: No. He'd have the seven year old be a sex object.

Alina: Thought so. He has a strange sense of what is appealing. But we won't go there. Too many disturbing memories.

Height: 3'

Weight: 50lbs

Alina: Skinny.

Kaiyu: Short.

Alina: Seven. At least there's some consistency.
*HL* @ ragabashtule's comment - a "Sera-Sue". Reminds me of Sailor-Senshi. ^^;;

Kaiyu: XD;;


Sailor collar coloring: White with silver trim.

Skirt color: White with silver trim.

Choker: Silver.

Kaiyu: =| There's Silver. And Silver. And more silver. Are you getting flashbacks?

Alina: *Shudders* Yes.

Bows: None.

Locket: Silver locket.

Gloves: White that go up to her elbows.

Tiara: Silver with an opal inset in the center.

Boots: Knee high with silver trim.

Alina: Even the Senshi complimented their main colour with a secondary. Too much is just plain painful.

Kaiyu: All of the senshi had bows, I think. Sera obviously wanted to be BETTER THAN THEM

Alina: Or maybe she wanted to go TOPLESS! But you're right: they did. Some of them wore skimpy clothing, but you could always know it was a Senshi because they had a bow of some sort.

Kaiyu: She's wearing silver spandex, or something. Silver hot pants. u.u

Alina: We should make an inventory of Sue items and put them up for 'sale' at a Sue store.



Alina: She's too cool for weapons, I guess.

Kaiyu: Well, that's okay. I don't think most of the senshi had weapons anyway.

Alina: Eventually all of them did. But for a long time, only Sailor Moon.


St Elmo's Fire: An attack that shoots a jet of white flames at the target hopefully some times it just causes the flames to lick around saint's hands.

Kaiyu: ......ewwww. I hate it when saints lick my hands.

Alina: I think (not too sure) that St. Elmo was this one saint that couldn't be hurt by fire. He carried live coals around or something. Either that or he was a saint that couldn't be burned.

Kaiyu: St Elmo's Fire was also an attack in FFVII. Which I assume is where Sera got it from.

Alina: I CANNOT believe I forgot that. That's it, I'm replaying that game as soon as I can!

Kaiyu: Lol.

Alina: And that would make more sense than actually researching Saints and learning about their talents.

Saint Embrace: Her most powerful attack it draws on the power of her pure and innocent heart to battle directly against the evil in a person hopefully drawing it into her self to save them. It also works to heal an ally but it causes her pain when she uses it to heal.

Alina: ...That's just what Sailor Moon does, and always has done in some form or another. So she basically still just sets things on fire and heals people.

Kaiyu: So, when she steals evil form a person and keeps it in herself, she's okay, but if she tries to heal someone else she gets hurt.

Alina: Her character is essentially unchanged since her days in the FF7 rpg.

Kaiyu: Just solidifying the fact that she's pure evil.

Alina: (Person) Sailor Saint, where does the evil go?
(Sailor Saint) *shrugs* Somewhere.


Sera was born in America she loves animals and people. her mother and father are both American delegates sent to Japan to work in the American embassy

Alina: Making her parents prominent political figures is not smart. It makes her also somewhat famous, and it's hard to have a secret Sailor identity when you're famous!

She knows some Japanese though it is a little funny sounding with her Boston accent; Sera loves gymnastics and is quite good at it. She has an older brother who always teases her.

Kaiyu: I don't see how the fuck this is history.

Alina: It's more like general background to her character's upbringing. So far, I get that she's a bit like Kimberly from the Power Rangers.

Kaiyu: And hey! Let's experiment with semicolons! Isn't; that; cool; Elly;!

Alina: He discovered the coolest button on the keyboard.

She can't stand to see any one suffer thats why she gets in trouble weather it's trying to bring homeless home from the park or hurt animals.

Alina: lol

Kaiyu: I'd get in trouble too if I tried to hurt animals.

Alina: She gets into bad weather in order to bring home homeless people, or to hurt animals. Prostitute animal cruelty.

Kaiyu: She's seven. But this is Japan. And this is Sera.

Alina: Yes.

It wasn't until recently when her life seemed to get turned upside down. she spotted a chipmunk out in the middle of the street fixing to get run over by cars the little thing looks scared nearly to death she ran out into the middle of the street with out thinking and grabbed the chipmunk

Alina: She's obviously never tried to catch one of those. I have, and it's bloody hard. You need a freaking NET to catch it, unless it's unconscious or half-paralyzed.

Kaiyu: ....the fuck.
Without thinking seems appropriate in regards to this profile.

Alina: I feel bad for this Sailor Moon RPG, even if they're considered a crappy bunch. No one deserves this.

the on coming car saw her and swrivered to avoid her unfortionetly the car ran right into her parents and brother. Sera freaked out and ran she didn't know what to do at all she just ran panicked into the park.

Kaiyu: Swrivered. I like that word.

Alina: It's like a Swiffer. It's cleaning up the fic! Erm...profile. Sorry.

Kaiyu: Anyway. OH THE ANGST!!!!!!!!!!!111oneone.

Alina: This is starting to bring back bad memories. *Goes to console herself with downloaded trailers*

Kaiyu: Last bit.

Alina: Yay!


She is lives at an orphanage soon.

*Alina takes a deep breath*



Kaiyu: I love it. He speaks in Engrish.

Alina: Hee. C'est tout?

Kaiyu: U. I can speak Franglish. OUI OUI, C'EST BON LE CROISSANT HAW HAW HAW.

Alina: Ben oui!

Kaiyu: Grading time?

Alina: Grade - Well, all profiles that are Sera are an automatic BONFIRE. If anyone ever wondered, why, I hope this explains it.

Kaiyu: Yes. I agree with enthusiasm.