A Lesson in First-Person POV

Profile written for a Final Fantasy VII RPG. Commented on by Kaiyu and Alina.

Kaiyu: Do you have something? XD;;

Alina: A short one.

Kaiyu: Oh boy.

Alina: The dude doesn't know what a sentence is.

Kaiyu: They don't, usually.

Alina: No. But this one is worse than usual. So here we go.

Appearence: 180lbs, natuaral red eyes, brown hair red stripes

Kaiyu: Fuckin'...He's like a zebra, perhaps? A MAGICAL, MYSTERIOUS ZEBRA? WITH A SHITTY NAME?

Alina: Perhaps. I'm trying to decide what's funnier to imagine, the zebra, or the fact that he's six inches tall and weights 180 pounds ^^

Kaiyu: *Sneeeerk*

Alina: I think I'll go for six-inch zebra XD.

History: my history is a unhappy one but if you want to know ill tell you

Alina: Actually, I didn't ask for it. The moderator did.

Kaiyu: Which is you, actually.

Alina: ...Yes. But I'm trying to be objective. And they don't care whether it's made of rainbows or if it's the most depressing thing since Dawson's Creek.

Kaiyu: *Snort* Don't worry about it. Bring on the angst.

I was never friendly towards others because no one was frinedly towards meI got in a lot of fights and won them all

Alina: (This is all one sentence, by the way). Gee, I wonder why no one liked him. Maybe because he BEAT THE SHIT out of people? That MIGHT be why.

Kaiyu: Is this supposed to be in the first or third person?

Alina: I think it's supposed to be first person. Which is bad.

Kaiyu: That won't work, will it, now?

Alina: Umm....no. I consider 1st person to be for the best of all roleplayers to use only - because you really need to be able to differentiate between yourself and the character to do it properly.

Kaiyu: You mean 3d person, right?

Alina: No. I mean for first person [insert what I said]. 3rd person is easier.

Kaiyu: Oh. *Misunderstood*

Alina: Sowwy. ^^;;

I enjoyed people being scared of me but it got lonely after the death of my brother in law (really no lie here)

Kaiyu: .....Okay?

Alina: ...and this is why. This particular individual is doing exactly what you're not supposed to do. So let me spell it out for you would-be roleplayers: YOU and YOUR CHARACTER are NOT the same.

Kaiyu: Gurgh. Yes.

I got even meaner and didnt want anyone to look at me

Alina: Done and done. I'm not looking. Meanie!

Kaiyu: He was experimenting with transvestism and it backfired?

Alina: Maybe he got a bad facelift. *shrugs* who knows.

but I always wanted to be in the turks plus I really like Elena and I can set Reno staright thank you.

Alina: *backs away slowly* STAY AWAY FROM ELENA! *hides Elena*

Kaiyu: Does his character even know who Elena is? She's not a household name.

Alina: Maybe because he REALLY wants to be in the Turks that he became a stalker or something. They somehow always seem to know who you are anyway. I never understood that. Anyhoo, that's the profile.

Kaiyu: Gah. Good.

Alina: Grade?

Kaiyu: F. Jeesh, you think that one would be able to differentiate between himself and a fictional character.

Alina: Ditto. F. If he could do that and insert periods where they're appropriate, I may be inclined to reconsider.