Another one of Hojo's projekts (sic)

Profile written for a Final Fantasy VII RPG. Commented on by Kaiyu and Alina.

Alina: This is....what did they say on the Bad_Rpers board? A Twink?

Kaiyu: Oh Christ.

Alina: (If that means uber-godmoder)

Kaiyu: Yes.

Alina: Okay. Just wanted to make sure I was using this terminology right. Anyhoo.

-name :Projekt X
-age Unknown
-height 6'0"


Alina: Yes! All cs must be ks now! Ocay, caiyu?
...I really don't see what's cool about changing the c to a k. It's not that kool.

Kaiyu: Sounds kool.

-appearance (hair color, weight, eye color) Bright, Silvery White hair, hanging low, down to his mid-back. usually left Natural to droop down. Deep green, mako Infused eyes, calmly rest inside there sockets on a Pale faced man.

Alina: His projekt is to redefine how to use the English language.

Kaiyu: *Shakes head*

Alina: I mean, why break with 400 years of tradition? We should go back to unstandardized spelling! It's just so much easier to understand!

Kaiyu: Eyeball, crane, man doing funny walk, triangle triangle.

Cloaked in a white cape, his body was barely visible, though a barcode was visible on his left arm.

Alina: And now we shift into the past using our word time machine! (I'm not even TOUCHING the fact that he's coming out to be a Sephy clone).

Kaiyu: It was visible, but it wasn't. I'm hallucinating again.

Average Built man, maybe less, not heavy, possibly 160 Ibs. face covered up by a Light grey mask, leaving only his eyes and Nose visible.

Alina: Note the Nose, please. I wonder how he talks in that getup.
(Projekt X) mmrtfhtp beepffg memt!

Kaiyu: It's Cyrano Debergerac!

history Former SOLDIER of Shin-Ra. First class, assigned tot he toughest jobs. he was the Best Shin-Ra had ever seen, thta is, until sephiroth came.

Alina: DUN DUN DUN...
(Shinra executive) This silver-haired, Mako green-eyed clone beats the other one! I mean, look how sinister he is with his black cloak!

Kaiyu: Then why didn't they send him to Nibelheim instead of Zack?

Alina: Maybe we'll find out in a bit.

Kaiyu: Why is he TEH BEST!?



Alina: In this case, brains DO beat brawns.

Furied by his loss of Number 1, he became enraged and attack Sephiroth, of course losing.

Kaiyu: "Come back, Number 1! I love you!"

Alina: (Projekt X) WHO IS NUMBER ONE?!
(Enzo Matrix) I am number one. The original. The unchanging. Do you think this is a game? DO YOU?!
Sorry, had a ReBoot flashback. I am quite happy that Sephy kicks his ass, though. He probably deserved it.

Badly wounded, near death, his only choice to survive was to become an genea pig for a New mako transfusion idea. He was set in a Capsule, infused with mako once more as he first did when joining SOLDIER, then the toxin came in.

Alina: Hmmm the 'mysterious toxin', one that is so important that we never even HEAR of it in gameplay!

Kaiyu: I had a genea pig once. So much better than a Guinea pig.

Alina: I know. Imaginary animals, after all, require minimal care.

Kaiyu: I mean, Christ, what was I thinking?

Dark misty purple and Black liquid, pumping into him from the needles. Instantly he could feel his organs refusing this, being burned by this. Soon it had ended, he was uncocnious and 'Projekt X' as they called it, was a failure.

Alina: He's stealing Cloud's bit! Cloud is the failed experiment!

Kaiyu: Uncocnious is the best word ever.

Alina: I don't know...airducks is pretty good too.

Kaiyu: Hm.

Alina: Meh. It's a coin toss.

They shut down the program, And he was left inside this Capsule for years. But soon, soon he was awakened by a voice.

Alina: (Trinity) The Oracle told me I would fall in love, and that man would be the One...but that's not you. WAKE UP!

Kaiyu: "Dude, wake up. You have to quit hittin' the sauce."

Alina: He had too much grape-flavored tequilla injected into his body intravenously.

It told him to stay strong, for he was stilla live, and he had changed... gravely. he was Almost Inhuman, his body was mutated, hidious to look at.

Alina: (announcer) LIVE from the Shinra's Late Night with Projekt X!

Kaiyu: He changed into a tombstone.

Alina: And he had all these nasty tentacles and stuff.

He broke out fo the capsule, escaped from Shin-Ra, and Took refuge in the Slums. Always hiding in the dark, he was constantly attaacked by thiefs, monsters, and other unknown beasts.

Alina: They had nothing better to do than chase down some ugly old experiment.

Kaiyu: I loved the slums. NOWHERE ELSE could you be attacked by a HOUSE.

Alina: I know! Go Hell House!

At nights, Blood curling screams could be heard, he had been recalling every gory moment of his battle with sephiroth, and now he wanted revenge. He had abnormal strength, powers, and forms. yes forms, the expriment wasn' a failure as they thought, this new Breed of...

Kaiyu: of.... utter crap!

Alina: He's back, he's bold! Maybe not beautiful! But he's in your face and out for revenge! It's the fight of the century, and seats are limited!

Human some may call it, had succeeded in becoming the first Neo-Breed of Humanity, and now his thirst for evenge drove him to seek out sephiroth, and finish what he had started 4 yars ago.

-weapon Hands with claw like nails on them.

Alina: He stole Molly's weapons from Neuromancer! Cheap!

Kaiyu: He's going to finish this badfic.

Alina: Not in my RPG. I give it a BONFIRE. It has EVERYTHING I tell people NOT to do in a PBEM-profile. No special hair/eyes, no past involving experimentation, no vows of revenge on canon characters, or any characters! And it must be written PROPERLY!

Kaiyu: I give it an Bonfire +. I'm feeling generous.