Legolas' Sister AND Gandalf's Mother!

Profile written for a Lord of the Rings RPG. Commented on by Maddie and Alina.

Alina: I'm having trouble choosing...hmm....Legolas' sister, the witch/elf princess, the elvish incarnation of Eowyn....

Madhatter: Let's start with Leg 'o Lambs sis.

Alina: All right.

Name: Artanis SilverTree

Race: Elf

Age: Don’t have an exact number but Legolas was an adult or almost an adult when she was born.

Alina: How long would it have taken to find this out? Five seconds in a Legolas Shrine?

Madhatter: Oh yah...Definitely. At least she was brief with just ELF. She isn't a flying elf...

Alina: Or so we far. It wouldn't surprise me.

Madhatter: She'll never be special like a flying Gelfling...

Alina: "Of course I have wings, I'm a girl!"

Madhatter: Hehe.

Alina: I love the Dark Crystal.

Madhatter: Twas the awesome!

Alina: Yesh Yesh.

Gender: Female

Description: Elvish features, long straight blonde hair pulled back like that of an Elven fighter, blue eyes, wears white under-tunic, green tunic, green leggings, brown gauntlets, boots, and belt along with a brown chest armor that is metal plated covered in leather. Easily mistaken for Legolas at a glance.

Alina: So basically...she looks like...*gasp* an elf! But not even Legolas had armour...except when he fought at Helm's Deep.

Madhatter: So...she's a dude in disquise eh??

Alina: She's a crossdresser!

Madhatter: Scary...Well, at least she's not wearing 40 acres of gold...

Alina: Maybe she's too pretty to be. *shrug*

Skills: Skilled in a swordmanship, archery and hand to hand combat.

Powers: Elven hearing, smell, sight, and strength all Excellent.

Alina: Her sense of taste, on the other hand, was damaged due to an incident with a pop rocket going up her nose.

Madhatter: As well, her sense of touch was deprived after burning her fingers on a toaster.

Alina: And I really don't think I need to point this out, but it was not common for females to be fighters in Middle Earth. Like it or not people, that's how it functioned. Sexist? Maybe. But stop stealing Eowyn's role as the androgynous one!

Madhatter: Exactly... Even at moments Eowyn was forbidden to fight... you gotta remember them all telling her to just take the people to safety.

Alina: The movie even puts her more in the line of action than the books. In the novels she stays at the Hall, and Arwen doesn't save Frodo, her brother does.

Personality: Being a skilled fighter, she is always on guard and has never been around humans.

Alina: (Random human child walking by) La la la, I'm so innocent...
(Artanis) I'M WATCHING YOU!!

Madhatter: (Artanis) *Sees another child* I hate you yet I can stand you... you make me sick... but your hair is so pretty!!

She is very clean and graceful, seeing the habits or humans, dwarves and other lower creatures as foul, yet can live with it. (Sees self as higher, except when it comes to other elves).

Alina: She must not be the type to go out in the woods, if she's not into foulness.

The Past: She is the younger sister of the Prince of Mirkwood. As a young child, they were very close but when battle came close to the city, she was sent away to Lothlorien to be safe, none knowing of her destination except those that were taking her there. She has not seen her brother sense but has always longed to see him once again sense that day.

Alina: Oh great. Not only is she his sister, she's his long-lost sister! I have great pity for whoever is the poor sap that plays the Elven Prince.

Madhatter: Doesn't she mean 'since'?

Alina: Yes.

Madhatter: Do you see the rich aspect being thrown in there or is it just me? *cough* Mary Sue *cough*

Alina: Yes. Also - there are no cities in Mirkwood. There wouldn't be any woods if there were. Nor were there any battles; just lots of icky giant spiders to its south, where Sauron lay until he fled back to his Tower in Mordor.

In Lorien she decided to begin training as a fighter so that when she came upon her brother she could fight by his side. When she was matured and older she could out match all her teachers and asked Lady Galadriel to find her a new, stronger teacher. After much deliberation, Lady Galadriel decided upon Haldir as her teacher.

Madhatter: How would she know who her brother was eh, eh, eh? She hadn't seen him in YEARS!

Alina: (Artanis) I'm too strong...find me a Gary Stu! Or a hot canon character that I assume is available because there is no mention of his significant other in the film. Whatever's easier. (I should probably check to see if Haldir has a wife. But that would require me going upstairs to get my books.)

Madhatter: I think she's also implying that she's more powerful than Galadriel...

Alina: Nonono, you see, Galadriel's a prissy female elf that likes the traditional but wrong role of women. Therefore she doesn't wield swords, she's just magical and scary.

Madhatter: Well still... Galadriel could still kick her ass...

Alina: Hell ya. And she wouldn't have to lift a finger to do it, she'd just STARE at her.

As Haldir and she sparred, a loving relationship formed between them and they were wed, bearing two sons, Angaráto and Mithrandír.

Alina: *snorts* Mithrandir? AKA GANDALF? She's Gandalf's father? Uh...wrong race honey! Maiar/Istari are NOT Elves!

Madhatter: Exactumondo. *Ish trying to find a use for ace boom boom*

Alina: (Artanis) I need more relations to the canon characters!
And man, that would call for some odd interaction between the Wizard and the Elf. Gandlaf would have to call him "Uncle Legolas"!

But when she heard that Legolas was in Rivendell for the ‘Meeting of the Fellowship of the Ring’, she left Lothlorien immediately out for Rivendell, hoping to catch them. But upon arrival in Rivendell she found that they had already left on their journey.

Alina: Yes. She was instantly aware of an impromptu event that WAS NOT PLANNED.

Madhatter: Ummm, I don't think Elrond would approve of that...

Alina: Me neither. How rude, housecalling without an invitation.
(Elrond) No lembas for you!

Madhatter: (Elrond) I'm sorry Mrs. Artanis but you won't find what you're looking for here... you see... I killed them... with a certain satisfaction...

Alina: *giggles* And Agent popped out of the carriage and shot them!

Madhatter: YESH!

Alina: Errr...her. yes. We shall not touch Sir Halfelven/Smith.

Madhatter: Hehehehehe

Alina: Rather, I won't. I think you've called dibbs on him.

Madhatter: And to reiterate: THE SPOON DOES NOT EXIST!!

Alina: In that case.....I CALL NEO! AND TRINITY!

Madhatter: Woo hoo! I got the dibs on the Smith! Then I get the Merovingian if you get Trinity damnit!

Alina: Persephone! Me! Me! (We can have shared custody.)

Madhatter: I claimeth the Twins!

Alina: I claimeth Morpheus.

Madhatter: Oh okies ^_^

Alina: Anyways, back to LOTR....

Madhatter: *Ahem* Yes... back to LOTR.

They told her of the Fellowships path and she hunted their trail, breaking through the destroyed entrance to Moria even and somehow passing the broken Bridge of Khazad-Dum, then back to Lothlorien, always a few steps behind.

Madhatter: How in the F'ing world did she survive Moria?

"Haldir was unhappy with her infatuation with finding Legolas, and was lonely, coupled with his fear for his sons with no mother. But nothing would detour her. With a final kiss and "amin mela lle" she was gone, off to find the fellowship."

Alina: *eye twitches*

Madhatter: *eye twitches as well*

Alina: I'm just going to ask someone if that's even proper elvish, because it doesn't look like it.'s not. It's whackedup evil stuff that only appears to be based loosely on Sindarin.

Madhatter: *pulls out a flamethrower* Can I?

Alina: By all means. That's the remainder of the profile. *laugh* BONFIRE. It doesn't deserve to nuke, but certainly to burn.

Madhatter: *Lights the end and torches it* YAH BABY! You should already know my verdict! *Loves to burninate the evil profiles*