For Rent: Moon Elf with Female Name and Experience

Profile written for a Lord of the Rings RPG. Commented on by Maddie and Alina.

Madhatter: Let's do Gary Stus!

Alina: Yes! MALE!

Madhatter: Starting with...Rumil. What the fuck...I thought it was a girls name at first... my gooooddd....

Alina: Which one are you reading? *laugh*

Madhatter: Rumil, the "Moon elf." The last one.

Alina: That IS a girly name.

Madhatter: Well, it's above the last one.

Alina: Yea, I see it now ^^;;

Madhatter: C'mon he's gotta switch names. And it's short. That's what makes it suck more. I mean seriously,"Prince of a forgotten race of elves..." Gimme a break!

Alina: How exactly does an immortal race forget others of its kin, anyway?

Name: Rumil
Race:Moon Elf
Age: 6190
Wpn: Elven Bow, Sword with enscription of the spell of fire, Twin Hatchets,
and golden chakrim

Alina: Lookie. He's got like ten weapons. How Twinkish is that, or what? XD

Madhatter: Chakrim... That's Chakram you numbskull! I'll ram some chalk right up Rumil's... erm... hehehe.

Alina: I wonder what moon elves are anyway? Elves that COME FROM THE MOON BEARING CHEESE?

Madhatter: Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!

Alina: *snort*

Breif Description: Green cloak with hood,Brown deer skin boots, Brown tunis and green pants, Wears red quarts necklace that protects him and contains the spirit of fire.

Alina: I can't believe how many spelling errors there are in that.

Madhatter: He's no longer a moon elf... he's a green cloak with hood...

Alina: Robin Hood!

Madhatter: No no... Robin Hood was described as a man... Rumil is... an inanimate object. Namely being... a green cloak with hood. SHE really doesn't know how to type either(yes...I said she... I switched genders... because I can... because... this is the burning dumpster... with the snap of my fingers... I can do anything!)

Alina: *laugh* No. There's lots of typos. It's scary.

Madhatter: And prince is short for princess! Er... that's in a bit. Got too ahead of the profile.

Background: Prince of a forgotten race of elves called moon elves also was present at the forging of the rings of power and felt the disturbence when Sauron forged his ring because he wears the essence of fire.

Madhatter: Prince. <---- abbreviated -----> Princess of Cheese Elves. Similar to that of the Keebler elves... 'Cept Keebler elves can kick cheese elves asses anyday... ummm... BACK ON SUBJECT!

Alina: Oh, so he was there when the servant of Morgoth, the equivalent of the devil, was creating evil items to be used for world domination? And he didn't DO anything? Pathetic.
(Rumil) I'm sure Sauron won't do anything with these "Rings of Power." He said he'd be a good boy and not try to take over the world, after all.

Madhatter: (Rumil) He's also in love with my long dark raven hair. (Assuming that she has it...)

Alina: I'm using S/he now. Like with Quina!

Madhatter: Well, what if Rumil was actually a cross dresser? Then he'd still be a he. With a she name.

Alina: Then I'd be laughing.

Madhatter: WOOT! Then laugh!

Alina: *laughs*

Madhatter: You know how they disguise themselves

Alina: With CLOAKS AND PANTS! No one notices you're a woman when you're wearing pants.

Moon elves also a man by day elv by night and are one of the strongest races of elves and Rumil has fought countless battles with Nazgul(Black Riders). HAS battle expeirience and also is specailized with fire.

Alina: We CANNOT emphasize this enough: he has experience in the "saving the world" category.

Madhatter: Oh oh oh! And Sauron is also in love with her... ER him.

Alina: So he's specialized with fire, eh? Let's see how he likes this: BONFIRE. Not only was that profile bad, it's really short.