The Bad Rper's Manifesto of Anarchy

Profile commented on by Kaiyu and Maddie.

Kaiyu: OKAY! Anyway, this is a character for an RP based on the revolutionary computer game, Fallout.

Madhatter: Fallout! The game where you can get high and have lots and lots of sex!

Kaiyu: Yes. The only game where you can prostitute yourself and sell your companions into slavery.

Madhatter: Yup!

Basic Information Name: Anarchy

Age: Unknown, looks to be in his early twenties

Madhatter: Anarchy?

Kaiyu: VIVA LA REVOLUTION! No longer shall he allow the continuation of the capitalist pig undermining the works of the proletariat!

Madhatter: Is that even a name?

Kaiyu: Of course not. It's a philosophy and form of government. It's like, "Hi, I'm Diplocmacy!" 8D

Madhatter: That falls underneath Gary Stu names... names that are named after things or ideas of tangent value.
(In sexy voice) Hi... I'm Independence... want a beer?

Sex: Male Race: Human Height: 5´11" Weight: 154 lbs.

Kaiyu: Standard stuff here.

Madhatter: AH! Finally! A human!

Kaiyu: I hope.

Madhatter: No magical whimsical elves or weapons or anything of that sort... just a good ol' human. Unless I'm wrong.

Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Crimson

Kaiyu: No, it's a SPECIAL red. Like "red" isn't special enough.

Madhatter: Seriously... Red's a pretty color. Crimson is the color of HOARS! ...Er, whores! I spelt that wrong!

Kaiyu: Mmm. Hoars. And mm. Spelt.

Madhatter: I think these bad profiles have finally fudged up my sense of judgement in spelling.

Appearance: Anarchy is fairly tall and built; hair is either stylized in spiked or drop down style, has pale complexion/skin tone and is quite charismatic and attractive, in terms of his physical appearance that is, basically betraying his cold, ruthless and violent personality. His expression usually remains stoic and cold, making it impossible for other people to know what he really is thinking.

Madhatter: That name still gets to me.

Kaiyu: How can your physical appearance be charismatic? A charismatic appearance = NOT STOIC AND COLD

Madhatter: Charismatic is also a personality trait, not a physical one. Now, looking like a public speaker! That's a whole other boat!
(Anarchy) *snickers and laughs*: I am... cold... and stoic... I am... robot... and none can read my mind! For I am cold and stoicy! And mysterious to boot!
Hobbies: Playing with barbies and watching soap operas!

Kaiyu: Cute. :3

Distinguishing features are his ear-ring on his left ear and a custom, stylized, Anarchy logo, with a snake encircled aroung the "A", tatoo on his left arm.

Kaiyu: Also a tattoo, signifying, his, abuse of, the, comma.

Madhatter: His grammar skills SUCK! S-U-C-K! The A stands for Ass!

Kaiyu: At least he can spell.

Madhatter: Yes, yes he can.

Kaiyu: And hyphen-ate.

Madhatter: Is that the A? Or is that a grammar skill he can do?

Starting Location: Idaho, Tundra, New Boise

Kaiyu: Mmmm, radioactive potatoes.

Madhatter: Never hafta microwave 'em! ^_^

Kaiyu: The next part is a bunches of numbers- standard tabletop RPG stuff. So, moving on.

Equipment Current Weapons in Possession: - A pair of well maintained berettas - A spiked brass knuckle - "CHAOS" Stiletto - Butterfly 6

Kaiyu: He has a lot. He goes into detail later.

Madhatter: He named his knuckle Chaos... of all the names in the world...

Kaiyu: No, his Stiletto is named Chaos. CHAOS HEELS.

Armor and Clothes worn: Varies, but he is usually seen in his trademark black leather jacket and matching leather pants.

Kaiyu: How creative.

Madhatter: Maddie's randomness: Would you like to buy some legless dogs? HOT legless dogs... You never have to walk them... they're like... cuddly throw rugs... they're safe around children... (courtesy of Sifl and Olly) So far, he seems like a gay biker dude...


Madhatter: I'm waiting for the Bandana and the cross earring.

Other Items: - Zippo lighter - A pair of custom shades - Lead filled SAP gloves* - Cigarretes - A large black duffle bag containing the rest of his stuff (clothes, his large arse collection/arsenal of various knives and stilettos, silver accessories, 9mm parabellum ammo, etc.)

Madhatter: He collects high heeled shoes eh?

Kaiyu: And why don't his millions of weapons go UNDER THE WEAPONS CATEGORY!?

Madhatter: Because he's a gay biker idiot. Like I said... he's got everything but the bandana and the cross earrings!


Character Personality: Rarely talks to other people, and is known to be quite reclusive. Also known to be cold and violent due to his reputation as the "Legendary Scourge of the Wastes". Basically, he´s a 100% pure bad-ass =P

Madhatter: Leather jacket and pants.... check Tatoo... check Leather gloves....check. Stilletto heels...double check.

Kaiyu: Basically, he's 100% retarded.

Madhatter: But in his mind... he really wants to be a ballerina!

Kaiyu: The "Legendary Scourge of the Wastes" Makes me think of a janitor who has to clean up a really big toilet.

Madhatter: I second that notion! Either that or he's a really fat piece of crap... literally. You know... Scourge of the wastes...wastes get it.

Kaiyu: That's nice, dear. Have a cookie.

Discriminations: Anybody who makes the mistake of pissing him off. =P

Mental Disorders: Suffers from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) probably due to the violent and tragic events that have transpired in his violent and god-forsaken life.

Kaiyu: And of course there's angst. I sincerely doubt this guy has any knowledge of PTSD.

Madhatter: I agree. If I was to chose a disorder, I'd pick something original. Like Trichotillomania, the disorder of pulling out ones own hair. And with all the radiation it'd make things a lot easier.

Kaiyu: PTSD is bad as a disorder because people don't really know how to portray it correctly unless you've been around it. It's NOT randomly flipping out as an excuse to have your character kill things.

Madhatter: These people should research these disorders before using them.

Kaiyu: People should research EVERYTHING before they do ANYTHING. Otherwise you look like an idiot.

Background Story: "Too stubborn to quit, too stupid to die."

Madhatter: "Too stubborn to quit, too stupid to die, with a really stupid name..."

Kaiyu: I agree with the stupid bit. :3

This was how the people once described Anarchy, and they weren´t too far off. Driven by his wits and the sheer force of his vicious nature, Anarchy is an unstoppable force of malice and spraying bullets.

Madhatter: Driven by what wits? The braincells in his head that tell him to pee?

Using his good mix of speed and toughness, along with his familiarity with a wide variety of weapons, he is a brawler, the kind of person who runs into a room with guns blazing, getting chewed up by everything the enemy could throw at him.

Kaiyu: Does this sound much like history to you?

Madhatter: Actually this describes his looks and his personality. No history as of yet.

Kaiyu: It's describing his skills, mostly.

Madhatter: Those too.

But his utterly ruthless style guarantees that when he enters a fight, no one gets out alive. These traits have made him be recognized as the "Legendary Scourge of the Wastes."

Kaiyu: If no one gets out alive, how can they recognize him? Word gets around fast on the corpse express!

Madhatter: I'd bet he'd lose to a squirrel in a heartbeat...wait... anyone'd lose to a squirrel unless they have a car. Lemme rephrase that... "I bet he'd lose to a rolly polly."

A man ruled without any emotions, he´ll bring anyone or anything to the brink of destruction to get what he wants.

Madhatter: He uh... kills the people! And feeds the maggots!

Kaiyu: A man ruled by WHAT?

Madhatter: He's a puppet.

Kaiyu: Who's his ruler? Is this that slave-master bondage thing? His "Ruler"?
"Get down there, Anarchy! Down! And do NOT come back up until you are wearing a testicle moustache!"

Madhatter: *plays with Anarchy...cackles and snickers at the name again*
Puppet: DDUHHH.. I'm Anarchy... and ummm... I like swords...
Kaiyu, please do not put those icky thoughts into my head. Unless of course you're getting revenge for Smith and Neo in a bath of Peptol Bismol.

Occupation: Mercenary, "The Legendary Scourge of the Wastes

Kaiyu: "Well, right now I'm The Legendary Scourge of the Wastes, but what I REALLY want to do is direct!"

Madhatter: Occupation: Mr. Perfect at everything, and a big honkin piece of poop! A piece of poop so smelly... that they SCOURGED HIM!

Confession: N/A Organization: Unknown Hobbies: Beating the shit outta people =P

Madhatter: ... literally...He forgot that piece.

Additional Information


Kaiyu: It's K'. So the gay biker comparison works.

Madhatter: Yes. It is. Hehehehehe...

[FIGHTING STYLE: "VIOLENCE"] A custom, unorthodox, fighting style invented by the "Legendary Scourge of the Wastes" himself, Anarchy. A combination of various styles including street fighting and grappling techniques.

Kaiyu: What a stupid name.

Madhatter: He should be smacked for that one.


Madhatter: Wow... this profile really sucks. What the hell does he think Violence is? A piece of cake? Can we grade this already or is there more?


Madhatter: ...........

Kaiyu: I think you know what's coming.

Madhatter: Can we just, ummm, skip it?

Kaiyu: Let's do one, just to show the amount of DETAIL!!!11111eleven.

Madhatter: Fine, fine...

Kaiyu: - A pair of well maintained berettas -

Model: 92FS; Caliber: 9 mm Parabellum; Length: 217 mm; Height: 137 mm; Overall Width: 38 mm; Grip Width: 35 mm; Weight (with empty magazine): 975 gr; Barrel Length: 125 mm; Line of Sight: 155 mm; Magazine: Staggered, 15 rounds (11 rounds for 96); Operation: Semi-auto, short recoil of barrel; Locking System: Falling block; Hammer: Exposed, double action; Rifling: R.H., 6 grooves (pitch 250 mm); Front Sight: Blade, integral w/ slide, Rear Sight: Notched bar, dovetailed to slide; Safeties: Manual safety-decocking lever, auto-firing safety pin; Frame: Light Alloy;

Madhatter: *grabs the beretta and shoots Anarchy... gasp snicker... in the head*

Slide: Steel, remains open after firing last cartridge; Matte Finish: Steel components phosphatised and "Bruniton" coated, Light alloy components, Sand blasted plastic grips; Special Features: Grooved frame, anatomical front grip, reversible magazine release button, combat trigger guard, lanyard ring, chromium plated barrel and barrel chamber (concealed on both sides of his jacket´s sleeves)

Kaiyu: And that was just one weapon. He does this for EVERY ONE.

Madhatter: The GM musta had a field day with this one.

Kaiyu: The GM loved it.

Madhatter: Really?

Kaiyu: Mmmhm.

Madhatter: The GM should be shot too, then. And stripped of all his GM powers.

Kaiyu: Anyway. Grading time for this personalityless, backgroundless, dickless wonder.

Madhatter: Lack of creativeness, lack of history, lack of history and a really stupid name. Yes... I reiterated lack of history twice... It's a burninating piece... BONFIRE.

Kaiyu: I'm going to give it a D-. It's horrible and has no real substance, but at the VERY least he can spell. If he put the amount of detail into the profile that he put into the weapons, we'd have a very interesting character. Just tone down the fuckin' twinkiness.

Madhatter: I still say it should be cooked. It has every generic quality trait you can think of.

Kaiyu: I have the firm belief that the damned can be saved. ;_;

Madhatter: You're so forgiving Kaiyu... that's why you're wonderful! ^_^