Angel from Heaven's Outhouse

Profile written for a Buffy RPG. Commented on by Alina and Mandi.

first: Destiny
Last: none

Alina: Okay, it's crap. The NAME says it all. She's been named by a hippie-mother. Or father. Parental figure.

Mandi: Oh, she has no mother, she's a child of GOD.

Alina: .....*just...dies*

Creature (human, demon, vampire, etc...): angel

Alina: That's too funny. The angels were MALE in human form, sweetie. You've watched one too many eps of "Touched by an Angel."

Mandi: Ya, you see, Destiny isn't exactly bright.

Alina: Oh wait, I meant archangels. So we still might be okay. But still....isn't that, well, going a tad far?

Mandi: Oh, it goes farther.

Alina: Now you're scaring me.

History: sent down to earth from a heavenly dimension to secretly watch over the scoobies.

Mandi: And, that's it. That's her history.

Alina: Well, I suppose that means that angels are so one-sided that all they need is a VAGUE MISSION (TM).

Mandi: Guardian Angel Destiny. It has a ring...or...NOT.

Alina: But wait. She's not from heaven; she's from one of its sidekick divisions. Now I get why God sent her to Earth...he couldn't STAND HER! (My sincerest apologies to religious people.)

Mandi: Oh yes! A dimension! Like...the basement of heaven...or the mirror heaven.

Alina: Heaven's broom closet.

Mandi: Heaven's outhouse!

Alina: Even better! So...that's the entire profile, or do we get an extensive beautiful and mysterious appearance?

Powers: shape-shifter (can change into any shape she desires), has the power to tap into others minds, but chooses not to (like, mind reading...) strength that matches the slayers, when in human form, flight in her true form (think a typical angel....)
friends: only those in her own dimension....has an orb to communicate to them from earth...

Alina: Ah, the obligatory powers paragraph.

Mandi: So, if she WANTED to shift into a pile of shit, she could.

Alina: She CAN read your mind, but she's a nice angel and has manners. So she doesn't. Unless she really wants to know.

Mandi: And of course, I mean, she's just as cool as the Slayer, even cooler, cause she can fly and shapeshift into a pile of shit while reading your mind

Alina: She's like a shapeshifting demon, but without the evil connotations.

Mandi: So that's it. Nothing more. There was a pic of some blonde girl attached with a big dorky grin on her face.

Alina: Ummm....NUKE? My goodness, if that's an example of God's most beautiful angelic creations, someone please pray for help.

Mandi: I wanna Nuke it just so I don't hafta see it again.

Alina: Done and done.