Batman! Err...ShadowMage!

Profile written for a Buffy RPG. Commented on by Alina and Mandi.

Mandi: Oh, this on is great. You're gonna love the name.

Alina: Heee.

Name: ShadowMage

Mandi: .....SHADOWMAGE! *dun dun dun*

Alina: *snorts* Beware, I am A job class!

Mandi: I am PoopSmith!

Alina: My parents weren't very creative with names, so they just kinda went through a Dungeons and Dragons job class list and picked one. I'm not even a mage, I'm an office clerk!

Age: 16

Height: 5'9

Weight: 154

Mandi: Now, I'm not sure how realistic this is.

Alina: I think the height and weight are fine. I'm 5'9" and about 125. So s/he's a little on the chubby side.

Mandi: Oh yes. This is a male. Supposedly.

Alina:'s muscleman? Silly mage, muscles are for Warrior-classes!

Mandi: He lacks class to have a class.

Eyes: Blue - His eyes change with emotion, this could be a helpful hint when battling him

Mandi: So...

Alina: (combatant) Oh no...his eyes are turning puke green again...HE'S GONNA FART!

Mandi: "POLKA DOTS!!! NO! He's gone sex-mad!"

Alina: And here comes...cerulean...for....stoned!

Mandi: He's a walking optical mood ring.

Alina: How very helpful for people who want to piss him off. They'll know if it's working. *wonders what colour his eyes are now*

Powers: He can control all five elements, his power is strong, however, for his age he hasn't yet gain enough control over his own powers to last long. When in battle depending on how much power he has wasted he will become drained. Still after his power is gone from him he can still hold his own with his fist. Also another helpful power he can control is Shadow Walking (he can leap into shadows and travel long distance of land in matter of seconds.)

Alina: Only five elements? I thought there were over 150 on the Periodic table. I guess Neptunium is a bit too unstable for him to handle.

Mandi: ...What's the fifth element?

Alina: (Captain Planet) EARTH! FIRE! WIND! WATER! HEART!

Mandi: I KNOW! LELOO! Where's Bruce Willis when you need him..

Alina: Hee. Yay Fifth Element! Even though I've never seen it.

Mandi: It's great. But I don't think LeLoo would appreciate being controlled by Mr. ShadowMage.

Alina: Nor I.

Background: He doesn't know what happen to his parents; he was given over to his Master name Memnoch. Where he was train in all areas of magic and servings skills. Still his master has sent him to SunndyDale for unknown reason. Knowing his skills may come to use during his time at school.

Alina: Oh. So we have this Memnoch dude to blame for the idiodicy.

Mandi: He was a train...that's kinda cool.

Alina: He was not. Trained in writing. Proper sentences. But was taught. That bizarre pauses are. Cool. And what's with the random capitalization? It's the US, not username. SunnyDale. BuffySummers. SlayEr.

Mandi: DumBass. And of course, all boys should have super fifth-element magic powers when entering Highschool.

Alina: They're so useful for those tricky biology experiments where you have to dissect worms.

Mandi: Or beat up the local geek.

Alina: (Principal...what's his name?) SHADOWMAGE! Stop creating tornadoes in the school to taunt little Jimmy!

Mandi: Well, that's the end of his profile....thank Zeus.

Alina: (Principal...what's his name?) SHADOWMAGE! Stop creating tornadoes in the school to taunt little Jimmy! This profile also gets a nuke. It's so retarded.