Dart as a Pedophile

Written for a Final Fantasy X RPG. Commented on by Alina and Mandi.

Mandi: Got a bad profile for you if ya want it. *chokes and dies on it*

Alina: Ooh! Let's go! *cracks knuckles* Can I see?

Mandi: Sure. It's an FFX one. Or should I say...Legend of the Dragoon crammed into FFX?

Alina: ....Oh boy.


Alina: ............

Mandi: My words exactly.

Hair:Jet Black



Weight:??? lbs.

Race:Human/Al Bhed

Alina: Al Bhed are human. They're just a...a...a kind of human.

Mandi: Just wait till later. He isn't actually Al Bhed by birth...

Alina: But since there's no weight, I'm going to assume that he's FAT.

Mandi: I'd like to assume he's fat.

Alina: Hee. Now, I haven't played LOD in a while, but I'll just assume that Kain and his description are the same as ingame.

Mandi: Pretty damn close.

Personality:A very nice and caring guy. Was raised a gentlemen, and also a very good swordsmen. It is almost impossible for him to get mad at anyone of his friends. He is also happy and smiling, and has a great overall personality.

Alina: Swordsmen. He's more than one man. Split personality that's overall great? (5 out of 7 personalities agree that we are great!)

Mandi: Blah blah blah.

Clothing Description:Wears purple and silver Dragoon armor in battle, but out of battle, he wears a white tanktop and black baggy jeans. He also carries around a picture of Rikku everywhere he goes.

Mandi: Now, I do believe there was no such thing as a Dragoon in Spira.

Alina: Technically, I think Kimhari is supposed to be some sort of reference to them, but there may well be in X-2. So I don't know.

Mandi: True...

Weapon of Choice:Rapiers and Daggers

Alina: ...But he's a dragoon. Dragoons use SPEARS. Rapiers and daggers are SHORT RANGE WEAPONS. What's the point of being a dragoon if you don't use the long-range weapon?

Mandi: Ingame, he makes damn sure everyone knows he LOVES his swords. I think in his room he pets them..

Alina: I just hope he doesn't love them...THAT MUCH, if you follow me.

Mandi: I dunno, I'd enjoy to see his aftermath of him loving them 'that much.'

Alina: *snorts*

History:Was born from a human family, but abandoned the teachings of Yevon to be a follower of the Al Bhed. He abandoned the teachings of Yevon because he knew they were fake. But he could not get anyone to believe him. So he came to the Al Bhed to learn their ways with the machina. He met Rikku and she was a good friend of his for a while and he was a good friend of her. Kain took a strong liking to her after a while and now wants to find her again. He has a major crush on her, but hasn't told her yet. Now he wishes to stay with her for as long as he can and finally confess his love for her.

Alina: Stalker. Yummy. I hope he asked Rikku if this was okay first.

Mandi: He did, luckily...but ended up having her player change Rikku's history around to make sure he fit into it.

Alina: As for the Yevon stuff...
(Kain) The smartest people in Spira were fooled for over a thousand years, but I knew the truth through some vague, random plot hole!
(Translation:........That's retarded.)

Mandi: It's pathetic. If it was that easy to know they were fake, the entire pretense of the FFX would be shot.

Alina: And of course, the laws of drama insist that Rikku must love him back or else it would be RELY MEAN!

Mandi: Oh, he's already knocked her up. -_- And...she's 15 *cough*childabuse*cough* And to add to the madness. He supplied a picture.

Alina: Is it from Dragoon?

Mandi: It's Dart. Everything is Dart except for the name...And the Rikku stalker-thing.

Alina: And thus, I give it a grade of F. CHILD RAPIST.

Mandi: F-. He had sex with Rikku and stole Dart's body.

Alina: (Dart) I didn't want to fornicate with some Rikku chick!