Goth Usagi

Profile written for a Sailor Moon RPG. Commented on by Madhatter and Alina. Thanks to Jonna for the submission!

Alina: We've done profiles from this player before. The last one was....*checks website* the Lily chick who lived in a casino or something. It's for a Sailormoon RP. I'm scared.

Madhatter: Oh my.

Negaverse name: Princess Umiko
Earth Alia: Hitomi Katsu
Grade: 4th
Age: 9

Madhatter: Katsu? I guess that's not too bad.

Alina: The names are fine. But *WARNING! WARNING!* She's 9.

Madhatter: Okay, alarms are ringing now.

Alina: And the term 'Negaverse name' is not too encouraging. Shall I continue?

Madhatter: Yes. So far, not too bad. I mean, if she acts like a 9 year old, then I will be fine...

History: Her history begins during hte age of hte Silver milenium (I think thats what it was called) she was the youngest daughter of Queen Serenity.

Madhatter: She's joining an rpg and she doesn't know the terms? Ok... that's retarded.

Alina: *WARNING WARNING* Gratuitous sibling with no knowledge of basic canon! (Or Spelling.) /pet peeve

Madhatter: It's like being a genetic scientists and put into a barber shop to cut someone's hair.

Alina: Little Barber Shop of Horrors! They'll genetically modify your hair to eat your brain.

She was taken during one of the earlier attacks of hte Negaverse and instead of being killed was taught by metalia how to gather dark energy and use it all to her advantage.

Madhatter: Well, obviously they did so to this particular person.

Alina: Yeeeep. I'm sure everyone can see where this is going. She's going to be Usagi's EVIL OPPOSITE. Like Black Lady, only more retarded, if that were even possible.

Madhatter: And 9.... and 9!

Alina: Well, I guess she plans on using the good old fashioned "Sailor ages are fucked up" clause.

Her heart was turned evil and she has absorbed the dark energy realeased by each enemy the scouts have defeated making her more powerful then any before.

Madhatter: I suppose so... but still, Reenie was the exception. (Yes, I was a Sailor Moon freak at one point) But that's because Reenie was Serena (Usagi's) daughter.

Alina: I know (It's okay, I was obsessed with Sailormoon for years, and still am to an extent. *hides her PGSM stuff*) My eyes just kind of glazed over after "her heart was turned evil."

Madhatter: I'm trying to figure out what use they'd have for a 9 year old little girl whose mentality is a wee bit too low for you know, this kind of thing. If it was me, I would've killed her unless she happened to be a really hot 18-year old boy.

Alina: (Hitomi) Mommy, what does this button do?
(Metallia) No! Don't hit the atomic weapons button! You're supposed to point it at the Earth!
(Hitomi) But Zoicite was making fun of me!

Madhatter: However, if I were to maintain an Evil Overlord status...then I'd have a 5 year old advisor... 5 THOUGH DAMNIT! Not 9. 9 year olds know better than 5 year olds...but 5 year olds know how to get into more trouble! BWA HAHAHA!

Alina: *snerk* I was about to ask about your reasoning.

She also has the power of a scout that no one has seen but cant use it due to her infestation of dark power she used to hold a special crystal taht was used in conjunction to hte silver crystal but it is now what she calls the Shadow crystal and is a power amplyfier for her.


Madhatter: O_O That's original...*cough cough* NOT.

She has come ot hte earth to find the cause of all this outflow of dark energy over hte years. She has no memory of being Usagis sister or of any of hte other scouts because they were locked by the darkness.

Alina: Why can't she spell "the"? What's so hard about that word? It's three letters.

Madhatter: Why would she come to find the outflow of darkness... if she was evil wouldn't she revel in it?

Alina: Maybe she needs a new source of darkness to bottle her Darkie-air in.

Madhatter: Baby Bottle Dark eh?

Alina: I was thinking more along the lines of the Spaceballs Perrier joke. ^^;; /geek

Madhatter: Hurray for Spaceballs!

Alina: Character's planet is running out of breathable air, so they break out cans of air from other planets! Perri-Air! Hence, Darkie-Air! Premium negative energy for all your evil needs.

Apearance: she apears to be a black haired younger version of usagi but is much cuter and isnt as clumsy though she does fail to understand the concept of school making her seem rather airheaded she has the same hairstyle as usagi.

Alina: So she's Usagi, just better. Okay!

Madhatter: Mary Sue... just add darkness! I mean... water...

Powers: All her energy comes through the shadow crystal though she can attack without it her powers are severely cut down without it due to it is where she absorbed al lthe dark energy from the others too.

Alina: I'm totally lost in that sentence. It just makes no sense. I'm assuming it basically means "She's a twink."

Madhatter: You know this seems more like a Sera. She's exactly the same as Serena except younger. But yah... I guess more of a twink.

Alina: I know! I would venture that it was Sera, were it not for the mediocre spelling. I should ask. That's the profile. Grading time!

Madhatter: Bonfire.

Alina: I give it a Burn. It's so been there, done that, yet still retardedly sucky.

Madhatter: Just... burn it. It deserves to roast in the burning dumpster. No original thought at all... it's just pretty much a younger gothier Serena, and that's just bad in itself in that sentence.

Alina: Yea, it's a young Goth-Usagi child prostitute or something.