The Sword can Sense Pies

Profile written for a Sailor Moon RPG. Commented on by Madhatter and Alina. Thanks to Jonna for the submission!

name: Zypher
info: a merc for the forces of evil his attacks are made to make his enemys suffer rather than to kill he can be kinda slow too do the finishing blow.

Madhatter: Some bad guy...

Alina: The Obvious: Capitalization, synonyms, run-on sentences, punctuation. LEARN IT.

Madhatter: *valley girl voice insert* Hi... my name is Zypher! :D :D :D I don't like killing people... but hurting them is okay!

Alina: "Bla, I'm a blabla bad guy. Blablabla. I'm generically evil."

apperance: a black jacket kinda like the ones in the maxtrix a huge sword ike clouds in final fantsy 7.

Alina: Add spelling to my obvious list. And rip-off.

Madhatter: -__-

long white hair that reach his shoulders.

Alina: (Missed that line.) Can we say....Sephiroth hair?

Madhatter: Yah. Once again, sort of like the 'chun-li' outfit bit. What if we had never played FF7 (god forbid if you haven't) or watched the Matrix? What are we supposed to go by? Are we supposed to look in the Internet and find what this person is talking about? I sure as hell wouldn't want to do the research for an obviously sucky character.

Alina: Maybe you look in your imagination. In mine, he's wearing a pink tutu and bunny slippers.

his bout 6ft 6 his got loads of muscles his pants are night blue with a few holes in them.

Madhatter: I think a leopard leotard is more appropriate.

Alina: How about both?

Madhatter: That works! Hey, "his bout"?

Alina: I think he meant "He's about." -_-

Madhatter: So his fighting style is 6 feet, eh?

Alina: Maybe he has pies as projectile weapons?

Madhatter: Woo hoo! Pies are good.

Alina: See? Our imagination makes a better bad guy than this cheapass knock off.

Madhatter: His bout also has loads of muscle. Interesting.

Alina: I guess there's so much that it's causing his trousers to rip along his ass.

background: he was a normal human until he found his sword.
this sword gave him powers so strong that he can sense when good is near.
not much other infomation is known.

Madhatter: Yah. At least he isn't uber rich...unless there is more to come with that.

Alina: (Character) I sense PIE! Pie is good. Good is near! *brandishes sword* Show me the fucking pie!

Madhatter: *holds out sword...points at pie* IT'S GOOD!

Alina: We thought of the same thing!

attacks: black comet zypher focous is all the darkness in him and he shouts darkness comet and a black ball hits his enemy. once it hits the enemy slowly loses all her/his feelings and becomes a empty body

Madhatter: *sword points at a rainbow* It's GOOD!

Alina: *dies laughing* Are there Lucky Charms?

Madhatter: So... umm... he's supposed to be good... or bad?

Alina: Wow. He can turn emotions into a physical manifestation. How cool. How interesting. How scientifically impossible for him to do unless he has subatomic powers.

Madhatter: I wonder how his sword works in a crowd.

Alina: Hm. Maybe it shoots pies?

Madhatter: And if it were to denounce if a pot of gold was good or evil because money is the root of all evil... but it's just...oh so good.

Alina: Energy sucking pies? That would be within Sailormoon canon for a youma.

Madhatter: Hehe... so a tutu leopard leotard wearing cloudxsephirothxneo wannabe that shoots pies?

Alina: Yes. I like. Anyhoo, that's the profile. I give it a burn. It rips off Final Fantasy AND the Matrix.

Madhatter: Pies that suck out energy?

Alina: Yes. Come on. That would be fun to play, and it's more interesting than THIS.

Madhatter: His name shall be Woogaur!

Alina: Yay!

Madhatter: I give this a burn as well... it just sucked my soul out... but damn it was good pie!

Alina: Mmm....pie.