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In Final Fantasy IX, Bahamut plays a large role in the story. In this game summons are referred to as Eidolons. Only two characters have the ability to call them, and only Garnet has the power to summon Bahamut. The dragon king is first used as an instrument of evil by the Queen of Alexandria and then by the villain Kuja. The great dragon destroys the Queen and her ship in a breathtaking cut scene. He is later summoned again when there is a battle between himself and Alexander. Unfortunately Bahamut is the loser of the battle and is forced to retreat.

Garnet is only capable of summoning him on disc 3 when Beatrix gives her a precious stone labeled as a Garnet. When equipped, it takes a certain amount of AP before she can use the spell without the item.

A modification has been produced in Final Fantasy IX for summoned monsters. After the first time a sacred beast is called it might only appear randomly afterwards. If it does appear, the attack is twice as powerful. However, this situation can be avoided once you have learned the ability boost. When equipped, the monster will appear every time it is summoned.

Iifa Tree Summoning Sequence
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Alexandria Battle Sequence
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Bahamut - Mega Flare

When Bahamut is summoned, he flies down to the battle field at top speed. Swooping down inches away from the enemy, he roars, energy radiating from his body. He charges his Mega Flare releasing it upon the target. The enemy is engulfed by a giant beam of fire while Bahamut leaves the scene.

The Tetra Master card of Bahamut can only be obtained once you have defeated the Eidolon Master Leyra at the Treno Card Stadium.

Bahamut Summoning Sequence
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