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The first in the series developed for the Playstation, this is where Bahamut along with other summons are given their 3-D appearance. In the game Bahamut is referred to as a summon, which can be called if you have obtained the piece of materia with its name on it. After this has been acquired, you can call upon them for aid during a battle.
There are 2 other Bahamut summons in Final Fantasy VII. The next one is Neo Bahamut and other Bahamut Zero. Both of these are extremely tacky versions of the first, who have more powerful attacks.

Bahamut - Mega Flare

Once called, the clouds in the sky begin to part and swirl as the Dragon King swoops down, spreading his massive wings and revealing his true form. Peering down at the enemy, he launches his deadly Mega Flare, burning his opponent to a crisp.
The Bahamut materia is found once you have defeated the Red dragon at the temple of the Ancients.

AP Growth
X Called
0 1 Mag+01
20 000 2 Def+01
50 000 3 MaxHP-05%
80 000 4 MaxMP+05%
120 000 5 N/A




Neo Bahamut - Giga Flare

Lightning strikes around the enemy, lifting the earth. As the clouds part, Neo Bahamut appears, looming over the enemy. He charges his Giga Flare, and fires it at his foe.

The Neo-Bahamut materia can be found in the Whirlwind maze on the journey to the crater.

AP Growth
X Called
0 1 Mag+02
30 000 2 Def+02
80 000 3 MaxHP-10%
140 000 4 MaxMP+10%
200 000 5 N/A



Bahamut Zero - Terra Flare

The battlefield changes view as you are brought above the planet into space. The dragon flies into view from beyond the moon and takes position in front of the earth. Stretching his 6 massive wings, balls of energy collect at Bahamut Zero's mouth and are unleashed upon the enemy.
The Bahamut Zero materia can only be obtained if you collect all 4 pieces of Huge Materia. It can be found in the observatory of Cosmo Canyon if you inspect the red crystal.

AP Growth
X Called
0 1 Mag+04
35 000 2 Def+04
128 000 3 MaxHP-10%
150 000 4 MaxMP+15%
250 000 5 N/A




Bahamut Summoning Sequences
Video uploaded by YouTube user sephiroth4theplanet