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In the second Final Fantasy game produced for the Playstation, Bahamut is referred to as a Guardian Force. Guardian Forces are somewhat more interactive than in previous versions. Each must be equipped to a character and although you can swap monsters between them, the longer they stay fixed on a single character, the more compatible they become, reducing the casting time.

There is a boost ability incorporated into the summoning sequence. On the bottom right hand of the screen the controller's square button will appear with a finger over it. While pressing down on it when the game allows, you can enhance Bahamut's attack.

Bahamut becomes available on disc three at the Deep Research Center. Hiding in the building, he seems to have a grudge against humans. To fight him, you must first answer three of his questions;

1) So you wish to challenge me.... "It's not our will to fight"
2) Begging me for mercy? "Never"
3) Dammed imbeciles. Why do you wish to fight? "It's in our nature"

After you have answered the three questions correctly, a battle ensues. Cast blind on Bahamut since many of his attacks are physical. Once you have done that keep your party members' HP up high and be ready for his Mega Flare. The battle is not as hard as it seems as long as you are well equipped, although it is recommended to save in advance. If you are strong enough to beat him, he will grant you the privilege to summon him in a time of need.

Deep Sea Research Center Battle Sequence
Video uploaded by YouTube user BizKit047

Bahamut - Mega Flare
When summoned, the camera focuses above the clouds where a full moon looms above the stars. Shifting the view downward, Bahamut's enormous body can be seen surfacing. Again, much like Final Fantasy VII, the clouds in the sky begin to erupt, energy bolts parting in the middle. The dragon flies down and sends four beams of energy towards the target. He then begins to accumulate energy at the tip of his mouth for his Mega Flare attack. The ball of light grows larger and larger until it can not be controlled any more. Freeing the energy, it hits the enemy creating a large explosion.

Bahamut's Vital Statistics

Attack Power
1 N/A N/A
10 N/A N/A
20 N/A N/A
35 3274 1451
40 3714 1614
50 4600 1940
60 5494 2266
70 6396 2593
80 7306 2919
90 8224 3245
100 9150 3571


Bahamut's Abilities

Ability AP Needed Leads to
Ability x4 Learned N/A
Magic Learned N/A
GF Learned N/A
Draw Learned N/A
Item Learned N/A
STR+50% Learned N/A
Mag+60% Learned N/A
Mug 200 N/A
Move HP-up 200 N/A
Auto-Protect 250 N/A
Expend x2-1 250 N/A
Rare Item 250 N/A
Sum Mag+10% 40 SumMag+20%
Sum Mag+20% 70 SumMag+30%
Sum Mag+30% 140 SumMag+40%
Sum Mag+40% 200 N/A
GFHP+10% 40 GFHP+20%
GFHP+20% 70 GFHP+30%
GFHP+30% 140 GFHP+40%
GFHP+40% 200 N/A
Boost 10 N/A
Forbid Mag-RF Learned N/A
The Triple Triad card can be obtained when you acquire Bahamut as your GF. If the card is refined, you will receive 100 Mega-Elixirs.

Bahamut Summoning Sequence
Video uploaded by YouTube user KnightMysterio

Tiamat - Dark Flare

At the final dungeon, the last boss prior to Ultimicia is a creature much like Bahamut; Tiamat. She was also a Guardian Force but was manipulated by the sorceress' powers. Her attacks are similar to Bahamut's, although her main one is called Dark Flare. Although she is a challenging boss, she can be easily defeated.

Tiamat's card is easily obtained since it is Level 7. Simply win it in a battle when it becomes available. If refined, it can be turned into 10 Flare Stones.

Tiamat Battle Sequence
Video uploaded by YouTube user UltimagaWeapon