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Compared to other Final Fantasy's, summons play a unique role in the game play. In this game summons are the souls of deceased humans turning themselves into protectors that help summoners defeat Sin. They are referred to as Aeons, and once called they will remain on the battle field until the summoner dismisses them or until they are defeated. During that time the monster becomes a playable character with physical, magical, special and overdrive attacks. With new items such as the Summoner's Soul and the Aeon's Soul the player is able to teach the Aeons new abilities and heighten their attributes.

Bahamut is acquired at the Temple of Bevelle in the later portion of the game. He is the manifestation of a young boy.

Bahamut - Mega Flare

When called upon Bahamut rises up the clouds, soaring through the wind. He gazes below him before flying down in a dramatic entrance. Symbols form in the clouds and Bahamut passes through the center of it. Landing, he stands by his Yuna awaiting a command.

His over drive attack Mega Flare starts when Bahamut back flips on all fours, digging his claws into the ground. The circular disk on his back begins to turn and gather energy which is transferred to the tip of his mouth. All the energy is released causing a massive explosion.

Overdrive Attack - Mega Flare
Special Attack - Impulse

Bahamut Summoning Sequence
Video uploaded by YouTube user FFXCrick

Dark Bahamut Battle Sequence
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