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As the game picks up from the last, the Aeons left Spira to go to the far plane after Sin and Yu Yevon were defeated. However something is disturbing their rest and for some mysterious reason they are appearing at their respective temples along side fiends. A hole is present where their Fayth statues once laid, and they are not an easy enemy to be reckoned with. Bahamut is once again present at the Temple in Bevelle (in his dark form), and unlike other games, he is the first Aeon you must defeat. Although you can not use any Aeons in this game it is still worthwhile to fight against them.

Dark Bahamut

Bahamut is not one of the easiest battles in this game if you are not well equipped. A White Mage must be present in the party in order to recover from his Impulse and Mega Flare attacks. Hit him with your strongest spells, and be sure to heal your party before the countdown reaches zero.

Bahamut's Stats

HP: 8400
MP: 9999
EXP: 1300
AP: 15
Gil Dropped: 1000
Pilfer Gil: 2200
Steal (Norm): Mute Shock
Steal (Rare): Mute Shock
Drop (Norm): Gris-Gris Bag
Drop (Rare): Gris-Gris Bag

Dark Bahamut Battle Sequence
Video uploaded by YouTube user KaddyGamer