1. What is Gargoyles?

    Gargoyles was a cartoon produced by Disney/Buena Vista Entertainment that first aired in 1994 on the Disney Afternoon. The story centred around a clan of gargoyles from Scotland that had been turned into statues for a millenia before being awoken in modern-day New York City. Over its run, the series skillfully combined mythologies from all over the world, ranging from Shakespeare's plays to Australian Aboriginee folklore, and captivated audiences with its diverse cast of characters, plots, and dark atmosphere.

    That is, until Disney pulled the plug on it. Gargoyles made a brief return as The Goliath Chronicles, but that only lasted one season.

    Currently, only the Disney Channel airs Gargoyles. Aside from that, it lives on through its devoted fans in the form of fanfiction, fanart, message boards, conventions, and updates. There is still hope that the series will be revived, and it's unlikely that hope is going to disappate anytime soon.

    2004 will mark the ten-year anniversary of Gargoyles' release. According to Gargoyles News Central, Disney will be releasing a DVD of the first season that year. It is up to us fans to keep up the pressure on Disney and ask them for a release of the other seasons.

  2. What's a Fanlisting?

    A fanlisting (as defined by the network's site) is a place for all fans of a particular show, movie, actor/actress, singer, etc. to come together and build the biggest listing of people from all around the world who are fans of that subject. The goal is, simply, to unite the fans.

  3. What's the history behind this fanlisting in particular?

    The Gargoyles fanlisting was originally created, owned, and run by Melissa, who passed it on to Alina in September of 2003. Not much else to say, aside from that Alina's eternally grateful for the chance to run it. :D

    The site was made using Adobe Photoshop and Notepad. The font used is Morpheus, and it comes from 1001freefonts.com. As for the images...I've made a huge collection over the past few years, but I'm pretty sure that most (if not all) of the images used here are from the Avalon Archives. I'm shamed to say that I didn't create the screenshots, and I beg forgiveness from their original creators for pretty much mangling their work.