The rules are quite simple. In fact, there's only three! Please read them before going to the form.

  1. (The really obvious one) When you join the fanlisting, I'm assuming you like Gargoyles.

  2. When you fill out the form, the following fields are obligatory, meaning that if they're left empty or incorrectly done, your entry will not be added to the list:

    Name: We'd all like to know what you liked to be called by. Your full name is not necessary, and nicknames are okay, but we'd love something more than, say, "Goliath", or "~*~*~PunkRockGrrl12345~*~*~"

    Email: It must be a valid address. All emails will be fixed up so they can't be harvested by spambots. If this is not enough for you, please indicate in the form that you do not want your email released, in which case it'll be kept for record keeping purposes only.

    Country: Since the idea behind fanlistings is for them to be multinational and to show the diversity of fans, you need to put the country you live in in this field. Please don't put something like "Avalon" or "Planet Earth" or "Wherever I am" in the field.

    The other fields are optional, but here's a quick rundown.

    Show Email?: Choose yes or no depending on whether you would like your email accessible to visitors of the site. All emails will be mangled to prevent spambots from harvesting, but if that's not enough, be sure to indicate yes in that field.

    Website?: If you have a website and would like me to link to it, enter the URL here. The site will be added so long as it's appropriate (meaning, if it's full of porn and warez, I'm not linking to it, but I'll still add your entry). I would also appreciate it that you link back with a code from the join page, which can go whereever you keep those kinds of links. :)

    Favorite Character: Because it's interesting to know.

  3. If you need to edit the information in your entry, please email me directly. Thank you!

That's it! Head on over to the Join section now! (Or go back to the Main section).