Statement of Purpose

Statement of Purpose
Why we can do this

Statement of Purpose:

Our goal is to show you, the reader, what makes for a bad RPG character profile and what makes for a bad Matrix fanfic by taking the crap of the crop and pointing out everything that we feel is wrong with it in a humorous fashion.

Why PBEM-RPG profiles?

Because Kaiyu, Maddie, and Alina are sick of getting crap profiles in their RPGs and dealing with the pain in the ass problems that result from the acceptance of such low quality. Bad Profiles in turn cause annoying Godmoding characters that can't seem to get the message that nobody likes them. Because no one can take constructive criticism, they're assuming that a swift kick in the butt might get their attention and teach them what criticism obviously can't.

Why Matrix fanfiction? Because Alina is obsessed with the Matrix and its normally high-quality fanfiction. She wants to perform a pre-emptive strike in the fandom and get the message across that BadFics will not be tolerated before the Matrix Reloaded comes out on May 15. Long story short, constructive criticism has been continuously ignored in that fandom by ignorant people, so she's given up being nice. She in turn shall be ignorant to the wailing and complaining of her evilness.

Why we can do this and not feel bad:

Suppose that you see your piece here, ripped to shreds and exposed to public mockery. Before you send me an email telling me what a horrible person I am and how I have no life nor any right to do this, please take the time to read.

I'm not out to insult you as a person. I don't know you. I have no justification to insult you (Unless I DO know you, but that's another situation).

I do, however, feel that there is nothing wrong with insulting a piece you happened to write. Words on a screen have no feelings. The story or profile won't be effected by what I have to say.

If you're insulted because I insulted your creation, then you're on your own. It's not my problem.

Let's face it: Life is not always a perfect and happy story in the land of candycanes and lolipop lane. That's unrealistic. Not everyone in the world always agrees with you. I am one of those people. If you argue that I shouldn't read what I don't like, you're not paying attention. I don't know beforehand whether or not I'm going to like something. What would be the point of doing anything if that were so?

If you post something publicly or email it to a moderator of an RPG, you are automatically implying that you want them to read and comment on it. That's the point of publishing. Do you want to post a story that no one reads? That's a waste of bandwidth!

Of course not everyone is going to like it! Ever hear of DIVERSITY?

If this isn't what you want to hear, then just DON'T. DON'T post it. Keep it in a journal, in your private files, or on your personal website. Don't advertise it. If you do, recognize and accept the fact that you are submitting it to the opinions of your peers.

It's not something to take personally. It's informal criticism and freedom of expression.

Oh yea. It's also 100% legal as per the Fair Use clauses in the Berne Convention and 1976 United States Copyright law.

Welcome to the real world, huh baby?

""Hasn't anyone ever heard of constructive criticism?" Morpheus asked.

Trinity had to suppress a laugh. "All that went out of style with the political correctness movement."

~ Byl Glinka's Parody of Matrix Fan Fiction

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