Featuring the worst PBEM-RPG profiles and Matrix Fanfiction to ever grace the Internet!

Hello, and welcome to the site. The idea was born when Kaiyu wanted to go through some old profiles with me. And a certain Matrix fic got me steaming mad. Wackiness ensued! Not much to look at yet, but it's got the content!

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  • Statement of Purpose: What this site is about, why we're doing this, why we don't feel bad doing this.
  • Terminology: Go here to learn about our ratings system, Mary Sues, powergaming/godmoding, the Burning Dumpster, Sera, and other stuff we mention.
  • Resources: Just references to places that may help you improve your writing. Can't say we're not being helpful now!
  • Submissions: Want to report a bad profile/fic for us to look at? Excellent.
  • Updates: February 23, 2006: Just in case over a year of inactivity was any hint, this site is no longer being actively updated. If you've got profiles that are itching to be ripped apart, feel free to do it yourself over at the Livejournal community.

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