Submission Guidelines

Are you a moderator of an RPG or just a really annoyed fan? Tired of all those stinky profiles and fics that you're subjected to? Want to fight back? In a very rude and evil way?

Well this is your chance!

Send the work in question to us. If we agree with your opinion, we'll proceed to rip it apart. Be sure to include the following:

  1. The complete, unedited profile. Don't spellcheck it, don't change it. Just copy it into the message exactly as you got it. If it's a fanfic, just send the URL where it's archived. Usually the darn things are too big to fit in an email.
  2. Tell us what fandom it was written for. Remember - we'll deal with a profile from any fandom, but Alina's only going to deal with bad Matrix fanfiction. It's just her thing.
  3. If you want credit for 'reporting' it, say so and we'll stick your name and email in the subtitle. If you don't, say so too.

That's it! Happy Hunting!

Backwards and Sideways!