Part Two

Chapter 2-

Madhatter: Ahhh let the torture commence...

Kaiyu: (Smith) Oh, my fiance? Yeah, this Galadriel chick, you know, met her down at the bar...

Alina: Wasn't Elrond's wife Galadriel's daughter? ^^;; Anyways.

Madhatter: (Smith) Well, that set aside... I now have pointy ears to accentuate my tux.

Neo turned to face the rest of the crew as Trinity carefully unplugged him from the Matrix. "Neo?" Trinity was worried by the look on the face of the man she loved. Morpheus was also very concerned. If The One was worried, then they probably had a very large problem.

Madhatter: There's Morpheus!

Alina: Why would this be a problem? You make the Agent all cuddly, he fights no more. The end. *waves to Morpheus* Hello sexy people of the Neb! ^_^ At least they're in character here.

Madhatter: Erm... so he just get's unplugged like that? Wouldn't he DIE if that happened?

Alina: Worry is easy to make.

Kaiyu: Okay, I don't want to fuckin' deal with Trinity anymore. She's turned into this tender loving cream puff and I just WON'T HAVE IT.

Madhatter: She's supposed to be the ICE QUEEN!

Alina: Don't worry, the ass-kicking bitch still lives!

Madhatter: I love that frosty gaze of hers...

Alina: Me too. Trinity is my favorite character from the film.

Tank's expresson became puzzled as he studied the Matrix. Some of the letters were glowing more than usual, forming a simple message on the screen. "Neo, what was the name of that program you created to counter the Agents?" "The Matrixi," Neo replied.

Madhatter: .... Neo is dead Tank... he's not alive... he was unplugged without being ready...

Alina: (Tank) Is what I am asking have any real relevance to the situation?
(Neo) Probably not.

Madhatter: Trinity KILLED him... and for the better... for this person killed Trinity... this is Trinity's twin... Tranity... The real Trinity would be frostier... and alot smarter...

Kaiyu: Tranny?

"Why?" "I think you'd better have a look at this..." Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity looked at the screen. The brightly glowing letters, those brighter than the others, read: You Are Cordially Invited To Attend The Wedding of Agent Smith and Eve Anderson of the Matrixi "Does this mean Agent Smith is going to be your son-in-law, Neo?" Trinity asked, half-jokingly. "God, I hope not," Neo replied. "I'd hate to have to spend Christmas with him."

Kaiyu: .....Eve Anderson?

Alina: Note the word used: SON-IN-LAW. Therefore, this Anderson chick is not Neo's SISTER, as is what usually happens, but his....



Alina: His.....his...*strains* daughter!


Madhatter: *rams her head into a wall hoping to knock herself out*


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