V - Our Fate to Be Here

EXT. Freeway. An insanely busy roadway filled with overpasses and underpasses, and filled with cars and trucks. Niobe speeds past all of them in an attempt to catch up with Morpheus and Trinity while Ghost prepares to shoot anything that threatens them. One of their cell phones is being used so that Sparks can keep in touch with them.

SPARKS (V.O.): I'm listening to their frequency. They're on to you.

Sure enough, police cruisers begin to appear, chasing the Firebird. Niobe tries to outrun them or brings the car close enough for Ghost to take them out.

SPARKS (V.O.): Hold on, I think an Agent's close by...make that AGENTS close by!

INT. Agent car. Two Agents are trying to catch up to the rebels.

AGENT 1 (Driver): This could be a problem.

AGENT 2: Destroy them.

EXT. Freeway.

The Agent car catches up to the Firebird, giving Niobe and Ghost even more to deal with on top of cop cars.

GHOST: We've got company! Agents!

NIOBE: Get them off my ass!

As they continue to drive, they pass under an overpass covered in flaming wreckage: the remnants of Morpheus' fight with the Twins. They're getting closer.

Eventually, the Agents give up on chasing Niobe and Ghost.

INT. Agent car.

AGENT 1: We must return to the primary target.

AGENT 2: The Exile.

EXT. Freeway.

Niobe continues to drive through the freeway at reckless speeds, while Ghost covers them.

INT. Logos operating station. Sparks is working away as fast as he can at his post. He grabs his headset and holds the microphone close to ensure that they hear what he says.

SPARKS: Morpheus is on the Freeway just ahead of you.

EXT. Freeway.

The driving continues.

SPARKS (V.O.): You've got to catch up to Morpheus. You better hurry - you're running out of time!

Niobe floors the gas and speeds along. Eventually, both she and Ghost spot a truck not too far ahead of them. Figures are on top of it, fighting.

SPARKS (V.O.): Morpheus is on the semi. You've GOT to make it to that semi!

INT. Logos' operating station. Sparks is watching the code.

SPARKS: Oh, I can't watch this.

INT. The Firebird. Ghost's phone rings, and he answers it.


SPARKS: [muffled]

GHOST: I can't hear you!

INT. Logos.

SPARKS: I said, 'Can I have your personal processing unit?'!"

EXT. Freeway, inside the Firebird. Niobe catches up to the truck just as Morpheus crashes into the car's windshield. Amazed that he's still alive, he flips around to see the driver.

NIOBE: You ain't done yet!

She changes lanes sharply and accelerates to catch up with the truck. Once she gets in front of it, she changes lanes again so that they're in the same lane again.

NIOBE: Go kick his ass!

Morpheus smiles, then jumps back onto the truck, using the Firebird's roof as a springboard. He does a flying kick into an Agent just as the Agent was about to grab the Keymaker's throat. The Agent falls off the truck and lands on a random car, smashing it.

INT. Logos' operation station.

SPARKS: Uh-oh, heads up guys! Incoming!

EXT. Freeway. The truck that's carrying Morpheus and the Keymaker accelerates, slamming into the back of the Firebird. Niobe swerves briefly to regain control and speeds off. When they are at a safe distance, they turn around to see what is happening.

Two trucks crash into each other, creating a massive explosion and car pileups. Morpheus and the Keymaker go flying into the air, and are saved in the nick of time by Neo, who flies in, grabs them by their collars, and flies off.15

INT. Logos main deck. Ghost opens his eyes after being unplugged by Sparks, who immediately starts talking to him.

SPARKS: Ghost, help me out here. She promised! You heard her! Jack in, find the One, jack out! End of story!

He walks away.

GHOST: What happened?

Niobe is still in her own chair, contemplating.

NIOBE: It's Morpheus. He just called.

SPARKS: He says he needs your help. Can you imagine what that means? Our help! He's got Neo, why does he need you?

No one answers.

SPARKS: I know you're both listening to me about as much as you're listening to his pole here, so I'll just say what I think. I think you just spent eight of your nine lives getting out of there and if you turn around and go right back in, I don't think you're just pushing your luck. I don't think you're crazy. I think you have a death wish! A major, full-on Bronson! But since your lives mean nothing to you, I ask you to think of something that does have meaning, namely, my life!

GHOST: Sparks, shut up.

Sparks raises his hands in defeat and walks away.

SPARKS: Yea, sure, why not?

GHOST: It's your call, Captain.

INT. War Room (Zion). Lock stands in front of a table with various maps, staring into space blankly. The Lieutenant approaches him.

LOCK: Has there be any word from the Logos?

LIEUTENANT: No sir. No word from the Vigilant or the Nebuchadnezzar.

LOCK: (To himself) Damnit Niobe. What are you doing?

INT. Morpheus' room where he first met Neo, or a similar one (Matrix). The Keymaker sits in one of the red leather chairs. Neo, Morpheus, Trinity, and Soren are standing together on the side of the room when Niobe and Ghost enter.

MORPHEUS: Niobe, Ghost, thank you for coming. Forgive me my urgency, but as you know, time is always against us.

INT. The Mjolnir (aka the Hammer). Crewmembers work away in a generic metallic-covered in wiring room that is split down the middle. Captain Roland stands in the middle of it, surveying the work as Colt16 walks over to him.

COLT: Bays one through five, fully armed and loaded.

ROLAND: Good. We should be in position inside the hour.

COLT: (Nods.) Captain, can I ask you a question? What do you really think of this plan?

ROLAND: If we stay out of each other's EMP range, if the line holds, and if we're very, very lucky, I think we got a chance. And most of the time, that's all you get.

INT. War Room (Zion). Lock is now standing before a glass board with things scribbled on it that mark the machine's progress. The Lieutenant walks up to him from behind.

LIEUTENANT: Latest projections from Seismic.

LOCK: How long?

LIEUTENANT: Less than three hours.

Their eyes both focus in on a drawing of a drill going through the marked surface with equations next to it.

INT. Some dark room, probably on the Caduceus. Bane/Smith is making a third cut in his hand that crosses the other two.

EXT. Power Plant perimeter (Matrix). Niobe and Ghost sit in the Firebird within sight of their target, with the engine off.

GHOST: One more time. We each take a detonator. Whoever gets to the core first calls Sparks. We blow this thing and get the hell outta Dodge.

NIOBE: What could go wrong?

GHOST: Right.

NIOBE: I guess we all gotta die sometime.

GHOST: All I've ever asked from this world is that when it's my time, let it be for something, not of something.

NIOBE: Amen.

They both get out of the car. Niobe opens the back driver's seat door and takes something out of the backseat. They head towards the plant.

EXT. Power Plant Perimeter fence. A hired security guard ambles along his route, and freezes at the sight of a gaping hole in the chain link fencing, one large enough to fit a car. He turns on his radio.

GUARD 1: Base, this is Unit Thirteen.

MALE (V.O.): Go ahead, Thirteen.

GUARD 1: I'm looking at a breach in the perimeter fence, section four-three-one.

MALE (V.O.): Any indication on the number of intruders?

Behind the guard, Niobe sneaks up and walks right to him.

GUARD 1: Yes-

Niobe renders the guard unconscious by hitting him on the back of the head. He slumps to the ground.

MALE (V.O.): Unit Thirteen, please repeat everything after 'yes.'

When there is no response, the alarms start to go off.

MALE (V.O.): All units, we have an intruder presence in and around the construction area...

Niobe walks through the hole in the fence towards the partially-made buildings connected to the plant.

Follow Niobe - Follow Ghost

INT. Construction Area. A ventilation shaft cover falls to the ground with a loud clang as Niobe opens it and drops down from inside it. She walks to the end of the hall and conceals herself behind some supplies as the door at the end opens to let a guard pass.

GUARD 2: Make your rounds and meet back here.

The guard walks past Niobe, and she takes him out, but not before he calls out for help.

GUARD 3: This is Unit 24! We have a breach in the perimeter! Construction area one! Ah! Someone help!

Niobe walks through the door the guard came from, dealing with three others, and starts to climb through grating and ladders to get to the highest point possible. At the top, there is a visible section filled with white light from a powerful spotlight.

SPARKS (Text Message): Stay out of the light. Ghost is trying to take out the lights. Wait until they're out to make your move.

The spotlights start to go out. Niobe climbs up to a higher level and carefully walks to a ledge where a sniper is. She tosses the sniper off the ledge, catching Ghost's attention. He looks up at her and she waves a sniper rifle left behind around in the air.

Continue - Continue - Follow Ghost

P.Plant, Ghost POV: Reactor Construction 1, 2, Nuclear Shipping, Transformer Field 1, 2, Nuclear Waste Sector 1, 2, Core Control Room 1, 2.

Continue - Follow Niobe

INT. Construction Area. Ghost and Niobe meet up behind a pile of wooden boards that serve as a good cover overlooking the ground level of the construction area. Ghost strafes towards Niobe while crouching, and she rolls into place next to him.

GHOST: Can you sense 'em? The place is infested.

NIOBE: More snipers?

GHOST: This mission is suddenly looking very-

NIOBE: Listen. I'm going to take the lead along that path to draw them out. (She gestures towards the ground level below them.) You nail them as soon as they show themselves.

She hands Ghost the sniper rifle she had acquired, who takes it without hesitation.

GHOST: My pleasure.

Ghost takes out as many of the waiting snipers as Niobe sprints along the path towards the other end of the plot. She locates a ladder and climbs out, enters another pit and climbs into it, entering a doorway and climbing the stairs past it.

Follow Ghost - Follow Niobe


Continue - Follow Niobe

INT. Reactor Foundation. At the bottom of the staircase Niobe used, the only direction to go is right. It's the basement level of the reactor's foundation, and the connection between the construction site and the actual plant.

It's also being guarded by SWAT, who have been alerted to Niobe and Ghost's presence. Niobe is forced to evade or attack them as she makes her way to her target.

SWAT 1: There she is!

SWAT 2: Open fire!

SWAT 3: Show no mercy!

She locates another ladder at the other end of the level and climbs up it, back in another construction pit.

SPARKS (Text Message): Snipers across the way!

SWAT 4: Female spotted at Sector C!

SWAT 5: Don't even breathe!

After dealing with the snipers and SWAT units, Niobe scales the pit by climbing another ladder and walks through a door.

EXT. Nuclear Shipping. A sentry gate leading to the interior of the plant opens, allowing a truck with the liscence plate "AK666" to pass. Niobe slips through the gate before it closes and enters a guard room, where there are various security cameras, and two guards. She kills them with no problem whatsoever17.

She exits into a parking lot where trucks are parked, and three docking bay doors comprise one wall. There are signs everywhere that say:


SPARKS (Text Message): There is a SWAT sniper covering the area. Be careful.

INT. Docking Bays

After taking out the sniper, who is perched on top of a truck, Niobe enters the docking bays from the left, running through them as quickly as she can. In the catwalks above her SWAT units shoot down, but she passes them and exits through a door at the end.

EXT. Transformer Fields

Niobe walks into an open area. In front of her is a small structure with control panels at the top. To her left is a large door that leads to the main section of the transformer fields.

SPARKS (Text Message): Get to the top of that structure and throw the switch to gain access to the transformer field.

She climbs up, throws the switch to open the door, and then calls Sparks while inspecting a grenade launcher she'd obtained while getting there.

SPARKS (V.O.): Operator.

NIOBE: Can you find me specs on a chlorobromo methane gun?

SPARKS (V.O.): My pleasure. Here it comes.

INT. Logos.

NIOBE (V.O.): It looks like a grenade launcher, but why is it in a nuclear power plant?

SPARKS (While typing) It's used for nuclear accidents where it's impossible to reach a fire with hoses or extinguishers. The gun fires a pressurized cartridge which explodes, releasing CBM gas. It puts out fires by robbing them of oxygen. One side effect is it causes human lungs to kill with liquid, effectively drowning them.

EXT. Transformer Fields

NIOBE: Thanks.

As she descends back down the structure, Sparks contacts her again.

SPARKS (Text Message): SWAT team down below!

She dodges the team and makes for the door she just opened, turning right at the intersection within. At the end of the passage is the entrance to the main section of the transformer fields, a huge area filled with metal flooring, transformers, and livewire. And at every corner is at least one SWAT unit, trying to take her down. With each step, Niobe kills yet another one, and their coordinator can be heard calling out for them.

MALE VOICE (Radio V.O.): Unit 21, please report! Unit 2? Come in! Please repond! Unit 19? Please state your 20! Unit 30! I hear shots fired! Unit 8? Are you there? Respond now, please...

At the end of the field is a ladder leading back into the power plant. Niobe climbs up it and into a catwalk section.

Continue - Follow Ghost

INT. Catwalk Area. Ghost stands in the catwalks, waiting for Niobe to appear. She drops down from the cieling and takes a few steps towards him before taking out her cell phone and dialing Sparks.

NIOBE: We're in and ready to move. (Pause) Got it. (To Ghost) Go to the augmented radioactive waste area. Plant your first charge there. Head that way on this catwalk.

She points to behind Ghost, where the catwalk continues on into darkness.

NIOBE (cont.): It should lead you right to it. That area is locked down. I'm heading to the Logistical Control Center to do some unlocking.

They split up, each one heading in a different direction. As they do so, the camera retreats until the shot is encased in a television screen in a sercurity room being monitored by SWAT units.

SWAT: They're splitting up, sir. The men is still in the catwalk area above the turbines. He may be heading for the fuel storage rooms. I just lost the woman.

SWAT LEADER: Send half our units to intercept him. I want all remaining exterior units brought inside the plant...

As the SWAT leader issues orders, the camera retreats even more, until it is outside the building, and that scene is encased in glass. The leader's voice dims. Above the building stands Niobe, watching them. Her phone rings.

SPARKS (V.O.): The Logistical Control is below you.

NIOBE: I'll call you once I'm inside.

SPARKS (V.O.): One more thing. Radio chatter indicates that you're going up against a crack anti-terror SWAT outfit. Be careful.

Follow Ghost - Follow Niobe


Continue - Follow Niobe

EXT. Logistical Control Center. Niobe is still perched above the center, watching the SWAT unit closest to her, who is positioned in a catwalk.

SWAT: Base! Sniper one in position!

MALE VOICE (Radio V.O.): Be advised that we have lost the female!

SPARKS (Text Message): You have to make your way into that building to unlock the doors for Ghost.

She takes out the one sniper below her before making an insane run-jump for the building, crashing into the second floor and taking out the four SWAT units inside.

INT. Logistical Control.

Once she's done, she gets to business and her phone rings.

NIOBE: Did that do it?

EXT. Augmented Waste Area.

A door slides open and Ghost enters the area.

SPARKS (V.O.): That did it.

INT. Logos.

SPARKS: The next bomb should be placed in the Generator Room.

Niobe presses another button on a control panel.

FEMALE ANNOUNCER (V.O.): Generator room unlocked.

Niobe then takes the stairs to the third floor of the Logistical Control Center, and climbs a ladder to the fourth, which is a maintenance level that connects to the generator rooms. After fighting off some more SWAT units, she jumps down to the first floor and enters the generator room.

INT. Generator Room. A series of large, winding rooms filled with piping, metallic and cement flooring, sliding steel doors, and circuit breaker boxes. Warnings concerning hazerdous material and flammable material are everywhere.

The first room is empty. Niobe turns right at the second door, and left at one of the doors at the end. She continues down the hallways for some time. No one opposes her. Eventually, she enters another door on the left, and calls Sparks.

NIOBE: I'm in the generator area.

As Sparks responds, she walks slowly around the room, looking for a clue as to where she's supposed to go.

SPARKS (V.O.): Find the generator marked number one. That's the primary. The others will auto-shutdown when this one blows. (Text Message) Place your charge at the highest point in Generator 1 at the end of the hall.

Niobe goes down the hall, passing the doors to Generators 3...2...1! She enters it, passing through a series of rooms with tiled flooring. The last one has a ladder which leads to the generator.

INT. Generator 1. Niobe climbs up to the generator and plants the charge on the control panel.

SPARKS (Text Message) I'm reading SWAT!

SWAT units drop from the cieling on lines. They throw tear gas at Niobe and lock the door connecting Generator 1 and the main hall, forcing her to take the long way through the secondary generator rooms. Niobe goes through 5 other generator rooms before finding a way out.

INT. Generator 1. Two SWAT examine the bomb Niobe placed.

SWAT: We've got another!

MALE (Radio V.O.): Step up the evac. Where's the damn bomb squad?!

SWAT: They're on their way, sir!

Continue - Follow Ghost

INT. Core Control Room. Ghost is sitting at a table near the window overlooking the core, constructing another bomb when Niobe walks in.

GHOST: Hey, you got any grenades left?

Niobe takes out one and looks at it, grinning.

NIOBE: I was saving this for a special occasion.

She tosses the grenade to Ghost, who catches it with one hand and continues working.

GHOST: Thanks.

Niobe's phone rings, and she picks it up.

NIOBE: Mm-hm (Pause) Yea. (Pause) ...Are you sure there's no other way? (Pause) Okay, I'll give him the details.

She hangs up and then walks over to the window, staring at the core.

NIOBE: I climb up to the top of the reactor and get to the core.

Ghost stands up and joins her.

GHOST: Okay.

NIOBE: You stay up here and cover me. You also need to keep the control room clear.

GHOST: Of course.

NIOBE: Once I'm there, you'll use these controls to open the core. I place my bomb inside the core casing, you drag up the control rods and I get the hell outta there.

GHOST: Direct exposure to the radiation...?

NIOBE: I won't be in there for long.

GHOST: That's suicide...

NIOBE: That casing is three feet of steel. It's got to be this way. If we fail, Neo fails, and that cannot happen, at ANY cost.

Follow Ghost - Follow Niobe


Continue - Follow Niobe

EXT. The Core. The exterior of the core is a swirling set of catwalks and planks spiraling upwards to the entry point. With SWAT positioned all over it, it's a deathtrap.

SPARKS (Text Message): Make your way to the core.

Niobe walks up through the catwalks, fending off aggressors, until she reaches the top, bomb in hand. She enters the unlocked core.

INT. Core Control Center.

GHOST: Okay. Sparks, take me through it button by button.

He starts pressing all sorts of buttons.

GHOST: Here it is.

After pushing another button, the inner safety doors (which are marked "CAUTION: EXTREME RADIATION AREA") to the core are unlocked. Niobe walks in, plants the bomb directly on the casing and sets it to blow and midnight.

INT. Generator Room. A SWAT guards what appears to be the generator room hallway. Niobe sneaks past him, and when he looks in the direction she went, she reappears behind him, jump-kicking him out of commission and procuring two grenades he had attatched to his belt. As she takes these, an Agent appears at the far end of the hallway and starts to shoot at her.

Niobe tosses one set grenade at him, runs along a wall, and throws the other at the other end of the room, where the doors to a service elevator are. The first grenade explodes in the Agent's face and the Agent is forced to spend time dodging. The second grenade explodes a second later, making a big hole in the elevator doors and exposing the shaft. Niobe runs for the hole as the Agent recovers and begins to chase her, still shooting.

Inside the elevator shaft, an elevator is rising towards Niobe's level. She jumps onto it, hoping that it would be too high for the Agent to access and provide some cover, but it's moving too slowly. So she jumps off of it into the shaft, using the wrecked door as a support. The Agent rolls into the elevator shaft just in time and continues pursuit.

SPARKS (Text Message): Get out of there!

Niobe crawls into an open air duct, but can't move very fast. Not only is the duct somewhat cramped, but she's almost out of strength after the radiation exposure.

INT. Logos. Sparks is sitting at his operating station. He reluctantly decides to do something drastic.

SPARKS: (quietly) I gotta do it.

He stands up and goes over to Niobe's body, looking down at her face, as if he was speaking to her.

SPARKS: Multiple Agents, and you're not at your best.

He takes out a syringe filled with liquid and checks it.

SPARKS: I hope this evens the odds a bit.

He forces the syringe into Niobe's neck and injects her.18 Her vitals begin to speed up dramatically. The injection allows Niobe to focus (i.e. remain in bullet time/heightened state of awareness) as much as she wants until its effects wear off.

INT. Power Plant. Niobe drops from the ceiling into a room filled with SWAT units. She takes them out and runs for the next elevator, with the Agent right behind her. The elevator goes up, forcing the Agent to wait, but stops in a room filled with large canisters.

SPARKS (Text Message): The area is full of explosive material! Run for the window at the end of the hall!

Niobe runs as fast as she can. The Agent appears, and starts to shoot at the canisters. They start to explode, creating a fireball behind Niobe. She keeps running.

Continue - Follow Ghost

INT. Core Control Room. Ghost is on the phone, talking to Sparks as he sets the final bomb.

GHOST: Are you sure if I blow the control center it won't cause an early shutdown of the plant?

INT. Logos operating station.

SPARKS: I've run that scenario a few times. We should be okay.

INT. Core Control Room. Ghost hangs up, sets the bomb and turns off all the coolant feed to all the tanks in the plant. The master alarm sounds. He runs through the compound evading SWAT team bullets, dives to a lower floor and gets into a getaway car. He then drives up to a window. Niobe bursts through the glass, an explosion trailing behind her. She lands on the ground by the car, and Ghost yanks her into it, giving her the wheel. They speed off, passing through the hole in the fence that they made just as the nuclear plant explodes.

VI - Visions of the Future

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