1. The upcoming dialogue sequence and level are almost exactly the same for both Ghost and Niobe, with only their roles reversed. I've made Niobe the central character because I believe that she would have been the one to go through the chase, given that in the next sequence she is clearly the last one out.

  2. It is possible to kill the Agent in this sequence. Because the tunnel has several boilers in the middle of it as you go along, what can be done is trick the Agent into getting too close to one, and then blowing it up using either a grenade or an Entry Shotgun. But you usually wind up killing yourself too due to your proximity to the blast.

  3. No clue what his name is. Possibilities: Ajax, AK, Colt, Mauser, Tyrant. And maybe Trainman. His words hint about something revealed in Reloaded.

  4. Corrupt could actually be Malachi. I wasn't sure because I can't find reference photos anywhere for the actors.

  5. Niobe and Ghost's paths are identical in this section of the game, so I'm just going to cover Niobe. In gameplay though, only one of them is present until the end of the scene. Any dialogue changes are noted.

  6. Funny thing is, you don't see an unconscious Jacob. Maybe someone got the names mixed up?

  7. There are, however, absolutely no keys hanging on the walls. Not only does it explain how the Chateau is connected to Le Vrai Restaurant in Reloaded (since the Keymaker probably made the key to connect it), but it gives an idea on just how long the Keymaker was down there.

  8. 'Au travail' means 'to work', or, rather, 'get to work.'

  9. The music in the background is "Clubbed to Death" by Rob Dougan, the only instance in the game where any of his music plays (As far as I can tell).

  10. The only painting I can identify is a detail of "Oath of the Horatii" by Jacques-Louis David (1784). There's also another detail of a large landscape painting where someone is offering surrender to their captors on a hill in a happy-go-lucky way that would never happen in real life, but I can't remember the title or the artist that painted it. In any case, most, if not all of the paintings, appear to be post-Renaissance but pre-Impressionism.

  11. Given the fact that Niobe is caught in her plotline, I think it's safe to say that if this were filmed, Ghost would probably be the one doing the saving. (But then we wouldn't get to see Niobe meet Persephone!)

  12. This is the same hallway that Trinity and Morpheus run through when they're chasing the Keymaker to the garage in Reloaded.

  13. Whether you win or lose the spar affects the dialogue slightly, but it's so short that it's not worth creating seperate links.

  14. This is not the Oracle from the first film or Reloaded. Because the original actress, Gloria Foster, died shortly after completing her footage for Reloaded and not for the game or Revolutions, a new actress was hired: Mary Alice.

  15. Right after this part is the apparent "deleted scene" that can somehow be accessed in the PC version of the game. It involves Niobe's car crashing. Ghost tumbles out, but is unable to free Niobe, who is trapped in the wreckage. An Agent comes up to them and is about to kill them when Neo appears and saves their lives. Considering that this scene is supposed to be in sprite mode and not actual footage, I don't know how it would fit into the game, since the FMV with the truck crash immediately continues with the next scene.

  16. Special thanks to William of the Matrix Character Database for pointing out who it was. :)

  17. This is a 'playable' version of the scene from Reloaded, where Niobe is seen taking out several guards in a room, the last one being dispatched with a fierce jump-kick.

  18. The shot is pure adrenaline according to the Brady Games strategy guide. But it's never mentioned in gameplay.

  19. Maggie is the nurse that appears at the end of Reloaded, explaining Neo's condition. She looks a bit like Switch.

  20. Mifune is the man who came to escort Morpheus to Lock when the Neb arrived in Zion in Reloaded.

  21. The "clubbing" room is the room you see Morpheus, Trinity, and Seraph descending into from behind in the Reloaded/Revolutions teaser that begins with "I believe it is our fate to be here." and Morpheus phasing into existence via Matrix code.

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