II - The Recall

INT. Logos main deck. Sparks removes the spike from Niobe's head and walks around to the chair so he is facing her. Ghost has already been unplugged, and is sitting upright in his chair. Niobe touches her cheek gingerly, as if she had just been slapped in the face.

SPARKS: You okay?

NIOBE: Man. Reality can be a bitch.

GHOST: Tell me about it.

SPARKS: You want a shot? Dr. Feelgood can fix you up.

NIOBE: Right now, all I want to know is what's on that disk.

INT. Zion's Control. Someone is running through it to the door on the end, which they open. The room they enter is the War Room, where Zion's defenses are managed.

At a nearby table, Commander Jason Lock is pouring over some papers on a table as a Lieutenant (the one we saw running through the hall) appears at his side. Lock looks up at his arrival.

LIEUTENANT: Sir! We just recieved an emergency broadcast from the Logos!

LOCK: She did it?

LIEUTENANT: Yes sir. (He holds up a rectangular disk.) The last transmission of the Osiris.

A monitor displays the visual parts of the transmission. Along the sides and in the lower half are data, such as numbers and wavelengths. Above them is a video feed of Thadeus, Captain of the Osiris. His face and voice are muffled by static.

THADEUS: This is Thaddeus, captain of the Osiris.

INT. Logos main deck. Niobe, Ghost, and Sparks watching the footage.

THADEUS (V.O): It is eighteen-oh-three on twelve-fourteen, and I fear this will be our last transmission. Less than two hours ago we were pinned between two search units near BZ two-eighteen.

INT. War Room (Zion). Lock and the Lieutenant watching the footage.

THADEUS (V.O) We tried to outrun them on the surface when our sensors went completely berserk.

As the left-hand box issues a "DATA TRANSFER COMPLETE" message, the monitor's visual changes to images of thousands of Sentinels, swarming and approaching the camera.

THADEUS (V.O.): We didn't believe what our equipment was telling us until we ran smack into the middle of it. An army. Their army.

Lock and the Lieutenant clearly can't believe what they're seeing.

LOCK: Oh my God...

THADEUS (V.O.): It's massive, hundreds of times the size of anything we've fought.

INT. The Logos. Sparks looks terrified. Ghost appears solmen. Niobe is expressionless.

SPARKS: Holy shit...

THADEUS (V.O.): We are under heavy pursuit and have sustained critical damage. We are going to attempt an emergency broadcast drop in the Matrix. After that, all we can do is hope that somehow this disk reaches Zion, and if it does, that it is not too late.

NIOBE: Drop down to Zion broadcast. I want this data transmitted immediately. Emergency encryption.

INT. War Room (Zion).

LOCK: Lieutenant.


LOCK: Is the Logos still in contact?


LOCK: Get me Captain Niobe.

INT. Logos, the operating station. A red light is blinking and a buzz is indicating an incoming call. Sparks runs up to the light, headset in hand.

SPARKS: Live feed from Zion. (He puts on the headset. As he does so, the screen turns on and displays Lock, who is also wearing a headset.) Yeezus. It's Deadbolt himself.

NIOBE: Give me that.

She takes the headset from Sparks and puts it on while facing the screen. Each time Lock or Niobe speaks, the scene cuts to their perspective.

LOCK: Captain. You and your crew are to be commended. What you have done may prove to be the turning point in this war.

NIOBE: Do you have a plan Commander?

LOCK: Right now I want every ship to return to Zion. Full protocol, as fast as humanly possible. I leave the recall in your hands Captain.

NIOBE: Yes sir, Commander.

LOCK: Captain...Niobe, please be careful.

NIOBE: As careful as I can be.

EXT. City Streets (Matrix). Niobe and Ghost are driving through the streets in their Firebird.

GHOST: A full recall? Has that ever happened? Won't be easy making all those outcalls.

NIOBE: That's why we're gonna use the airport. All those different payphones will make a trace impossible. We can split up and stay mobile.

GHOST: What could go wrong?

NIOBE: Right.

EXT. Airport (Matrix). Planes fly by overhead in the nighttime sky as Niobe pulls up to the airport's front doors. She and Ghost enter together, and then split up, heading towards different bunches of payphones.

INT. Airport.

Niobe stations herself on the second floor, Ghost on the first, at the other side of the building. Niobe takes one phone, and dials a number, which rings several times. Through the inside of her phone, electric sparks containing the signal speed through the wires and end up in a dusty old room with a wooden floor. The only furniture in sight is a phone on top of a wooden table, whose red light is on.

MORPHEUS (V.O. recording): You have reached the Daniel Institute of Dream Interpretation. Please record your message at the tone.

NIOBE: I am calling to confirm that your order of red orchids will be delivered tomorrow by midnight.

Downstairs, Ghost is making identical calls.

ICE (V.O. recording): You have reached the Great Beyond Travel Agency. We will get back to you as soon as humanely possible.

GHOST: I am calling to confirm that your order of red orchids will be delivered tomorrow by midnight.

As he speaks, he shifts uncomfortably. Several guards walk by, looking around suspiciously. Something is going on.

Back upstairs, Niobe dials another number from a different phone. She is calling the Vigilant.

JAX (V.O.): Operator.


JAX (V.O.): Niobe, is that you?

NIOBE: I'm not sure I can talk right now Jax.

JAX (V.O.): Niobe, listen to me! They got Axel! Soren led everybody in after him! It's bad Niobe, real bad!

NIOBE: Where?

JAX (V.O.): The airport.

NIOBE: What? We're at the airport.

As if on cue, alarms start to sound.

JAX (V.O.): Then please, you gotta help us. Agents have cornered Soren and they're moving Axel to the tarmac. If they get him in the air, I'll have to pull the plug.

Resigned to help, Niobe hangs the payphone up, and calls Ghost using her cell phone.

GHOST: What the hell happened down here? I thought you said be discreet.

NIOBE: It wasn't me, it's Soren. Agents pinched one of his crew. Now they've come in to try to rescue him.

GHOST: Here?

NIOBE: Yeah. Lucky for him, not so lucky for us. It's Axel.

GHOST: Shit. What do you want to do?

NIOBE: See if you can help Soren. I'll go after Axel.

GHOST: Well, good luck.

NIOBE: I'm certainly due for some.

She hangs up as the guards start to shut down and seal off the airport.

Follow Niobe - Follow Ghost

INT. Airport.

Niobe starts to make her way downstairs as the general evacuation annoucement is made.

WOMAN ANNOUNCER: This airport is undergoing an emergency evacuation. Please remain calm. All nonessential personnel, please make your way to the nearest marked exit...

Sparks sends Niobe helpful hints to guide her.

SPARKS (Text Message): Security's tight. See if you can get behind the check-in desks. Police units are entering the lobby. Stay out of sight if you don't want a fight. Take the escalator downstairs.

Niobe descends to the first floor, and dashes for the check-in counter while dodging/attacking guards.

GUARD 1: Need some I.D. Out with the I.D.!

(After she kicks him):

GUARD 1: Oh, shit! Take her down! Shots fired!

At the check-in counter, Niobe crawls into the luggage belts and finds herself in the back of the airport where luggage is sorted in three large rooms with conveyor belts. A metal catwalk runs through the three rooms, and heavy metal doors seal them on the ground floor. Sparks calls Niobe.

SPARKS (V.O.): Niobe, I've got movement bunching outside. I'm also monitoring an Agent, so keep your head down. I just caught a transmission. Get over to the hanger by the Remote Terminal. That's where they're taking Axel. They're gonna fly his ass outta here if you don't get to that hangar now!

NIOBE: How do I get to the hangar from here?

SPARKS (V.O.): Easy. Get on belt number ten.

Of course, a SWAT team shuts down power to all the conveyor belts and has Niobe in their sights on camera.

SPARKS (Text Message): There must be somewhere to turn the belts on.

Niobe goes through the first room (numbered as 1) into Room 2, which contains still more belts. Above her in the catwalk is one SWAT team member and an Agent. They're out of sight, but not out of earshot.

SWAT 1: It's her!

AGENT: Hmm...Let's leave.

They leave through one of the doors above while Niobe enters Room 3. At the back of this room is the control panel that manages the power to the belts, but it's being guarded by a SWAT team and one employee, which Niobe takes out. She turns the belts back on and ascends the nearest metal staircase to the catwalk.

SPARKS (Text Message): Belt 10 is the way out of here.

As she heads back to Room 2, Sparks sends her another warning.

SPARKS (Text Message): They're waiting in ambush just ahead!

Niobe fights off the SWAT team and jumps onto Belt 10, entering the lower levels of the airport, where the boilers and pipelines are.

INT. Bowels.

SPARKS (Text Message): Find the entrance to tunnel 7R.

Niobe weaves her way through the maze of tunnels. It's slightly easier for her to take out the SWAT teams lying in wait because of the pipes, as they soon find out.

SWAT 2: Don't shoot! Avoid the canisters!

When they ignore the order, the pipes explode, sending hot steam everywhere and injuring themselves.

SWAT 3: Stay close!

Niobe fights her way through all of this to Tunnel 7R, at which point Sparks calls, and an Agent traces her using the call.

SPARKS (V.O.): Tunnel 7R confirmed. Just follow the signs.

Niobe spots the Agent approaching her and starts to run.

NIOBE: Sparks, gotta go.

SPARKS (Text Message): Don't fight him! RUN!

She runs through the tunnel to the end, dodging the Agent and other SWAT teams lying in wait. At the end of the tunnel lies a ladder, which she makes a jump for, sailing over an employee that is turning into an Agent2.

INT. Hangars

SPARKS (Text Message): Get to the far hangar. Company's on the way- keep out of sight.

More SWAT appear, aiming for Niobe cautiously, not wanting to blow up the flamable canisters of fuel that have been left lying around.

SWAT 4: Watch those tanks!

She makes her way to the back hangar, where there is yet another plane and some wooden stairs that can be moved.

SPARKS (Text Message): Find a way up to the balcony. They're covering the obvious route to the upper balcony.

Niobe climbs to the balcony, and passes through a door in it that leads to another hangar with a plane, possibly the one Axel is on.

SPARKS (Text Message): There's a lift nearby that will take you to the floor.

After taking out the SWAT stationed around and on the plane, Niobe takes the lift down, jumps onto the plane's wheel, and enters it. Inside, there are two more SWAT lying in wait, but no Axel. He's on another plane. She exits the plane and gets to the ground floor and runs to the next hangar. In it is the correct plane. Niobe shoots some of the fuel canisters to create an explosion that takes out the remainder of the SWAT team, and makes a run for the plane as it starts to leave the hangar for the runway. She flies through the fire caused by the explosion at impossible speeds, but is still to slow to catch the plane in time. Instead, she turns around and heads right back for the Bowels.

INT. Bowels.

Niobe dials Ghost (and probably Sparks) as she runs along.

NIOBE: Ghost, where are you?

GHOST (V.O.): I'm in the control tower. Are you okay?

NIOBE: I'm not dead. Axel might not be so lucky. I need your help. There's a Gulfstream, Taxiway F12.

She kicks open a metal door, sending it flying off its hinges, and continues to run down the hall towards the service tunnels.

NIOBE: Axel is on board.

INT. Control Tower.

GHOST: (Looks through his sniper rifle) I see it.

NIOBE (V.O.): Can you stop it?

GHOST: I might be able to shoot out the tires. Range is...extreme.

INT. Bowels.

NIOBE: Thanks, I'm heading there now. Sparks! I need to get ahead of that plane!

SPARKS (V.O.): If Ghost can slow it down, Tunnel 5R should put you on an intercept course.

Niobe runs through 5R in total darkness, fighting off snipers as she makes her way through it. At the end of the tunnel, it rises into a staircase, and she exits through Tarmac Access 1H.

EXT. Runway.

Niobe breaks through a metal grating on the runway and climbs out in time to see what's going on. Ghost managed to stop the plane, but now Axel is being moved into a car, presumably that will take him to another plane. An Agent exits the useless plane and reverts to being a SWAT member, who looks dazed for a second before joining his companions in the car. The car revvs into life and speeds off. Niobe tries to run and catch it, and fails.

NIOBE: Damn it!

She kicks the ground in frustration before spotting another option. She hijacks a red truck that has a built in stair for plane access, and speeds off after the car containing Axel. The SWAT car stops at another hangar and Axel is carried inside by some other SWAT. The team that took him there walks out, and Niobe gets out of her truck to meet them.

SWAT GUY THAT WAS POSSESSED BY AN AGENT: I don't know how I got here...

Niobe takes them out and then enters the hangar.

INT. Hangar.

SPARKS (Text Message): Get to the ladder at the back of the hangar. Take the ladder up to join Vector on the balcony.

[As Niobe runs for the ladder, Vector and Niobe say something to each other, but I couldn't make out what and it didn't appear on the subtitles.]

Once she's up, Vector beckons to her to join him as he goes through a door that leads to an adjacent hangar. She follows. While Vector provides cover fire, Niobe tries to get to the plane in the hangar.

SPARKS (Text Message): Confirmed- Axel's inside that cargo plane.

The plane starts to take off. Niobe runs after it, but still can't get there fast enough.

NIOBE: Son of a bitch! NOT THIS TIME!

She gets into an Agent car that was left parked nearby and speeds after it.

EXT. Runway.

Inside the plane, Axel is being injected with serum and his hooked up to equipment that is monitoring his brainwaves. The Agent administering the syringe stops what he's doing and opens the back hatch in time to see Niobe catching up with the plane as it continues to gain speed. He shoots at her, but she speeds into the plane through the hatch and pins the Agent between the car and some boxes, which then fall on his head and kill him.

In the meantime, the plane starts to gain altitude, shoving everything that isn't tied down, such as the car, backwards towards the still open hatch. Niobe scambles out of the car and grabs onto the hatch just before it's too late. The car plummets down into the city. It looks like the worst is over...

And then the pilot starts to twitch like an Agent is about to overtake his body.

INT. Plane.

Niobe checks Axel's vitals.

SPARKS (Text Message): His bios are OK. Get some parachutes.

Niobe goes to the back of the plane, takes out three SWAT people that were waiting around for her, and grabs two parachutes. She then returns to Axel and uses her gun to break the handcuffs holding him to the wall.

AXEL: Niobe?

NIOBE: Yes, it's me. You're gonna be all right. Let's get out of here.

She lifts Axel up, but soon realizes that he's still too weak to move on his own.

NIOBE: Damn! You can't walk.

AXEL: I could maybe...stand...

NIOBE: You've gotta focus. We don't have much time. Trust me, you'll feel much better when you wake up.

She opens the hatch again and starts to prepare the two of them for a jump. As Niobe gently puts Axel on the ground and fits a parachute around him, the pilot becomes an Agent and approaches them. He grabs her wrist as she goes for her parachute and flings her across the room like a rag doll. He then presses the button that closes the hatch.

AGENT: You won't be needing that.

Niobe stands up and assumes a fighting stance, beckoning to the Agent to come get her the way Morpheus beckoned to Neo in The Matrix. While the Agent is distracted by Niobe's challenge, Axel manages to stand up. He gives the Agent the finger with both hands and backflips out of the plane as the hatch comes to a close.

While fighting the Agent off, Niobe reopens the hatch and tries to force the Agent out of the plane. The first time she does it, it almost works, but then the plane, since it has no pilot to keep it straight, lurches and sends both of them rolling backwards. She tries again, succeeds, and then puts on her own parachute and jumps out of the plane before it's too late.

Continue - Follow Ghost

The Airport/Aqueduct, Ghost POV: Concourse, North Point 1 & 2, Monorail, Revolving Restaurant, Terminal, Control Tower 1 & 2, Retrieving Axel.

Continue - Follow Niobe

EXT. Air.

As Niobe falls to the ground over the city, she looks back at the plane. It starts to nosedive. Her phone rings, and she picks it up.

GHOST (V.O.): Hello!

Niobe has to scream at the top of her lungs to be heard over the noise of the rushing wind and the plane flying away.

NIOBE: Ghost!

GHOST (V.O.): Where are you?

NIOBE: Do we have Axel?!

GHOST (V.O.) We have him!

NIOBE: Are you mobile?

GHOST (V.O.): I'm in motion!

NIOBE: Pick me up at...

She tries to judge where she's going to land, but fails miserably.

NIOBE: ...Have Sparks track my position. Get back to me as soon as you can!

EXT. City Streets.

Ghost is driving along with Axel in the backseat, still talking to Niobe.

GHOST: Right, okay, I'll call you when we get close...Holy shit!

The plane Niobe and Axel had been on crashes into a building in front of Ghost's car. He comes to a stop, and Niobe lands a few meters away from them, and takes the wheel. Ghost slides into the passenger seat.

GHOST: I guess you were due for some luck.

NIOBE: Did you get Soren out?

GHOST: Yes, and we called the rest of the fleet.

NIOBE: Good. Now let's get the hell out of here.

She floors the gas and speeds away to their exit.

INT. Abandoned Subway Station (Matrix). A payphone on the wall is ringing. While supporting Axel, Niobe and Ghost walk slowly to it, and allow Axel to take the last few steps on his own. He leans against a wall once he's within reach of the phone.

GHOST: All right Axel, that's your dust-off.

AXEL: You know, there's a lot of guys who wouldn't have done what you did. I thank you for it.

NIOBE: You would have.

GHOST: It was that or kill you.

He smirks to point out that he's kidding. Axel smiles.

AXEL: I'm just glad fate brought you to the airport.

NIOBE: I'm not sure you'll agree with that tomorrow. Just tell Soren, 'midnight.' He'll know the place.

Axel nods, then picks up the phone and places it to his ear. He disappears, and the phone falls, dangling on the end of its cord. Ghost replaces the phone and it starts to ring again immediately.

GHOST: He is fast. I will say that.

Ghost jacks out.

Niobe takes the phone in hand, but doesn't replace the phone at once, sensing someone's presence in the subway. From the shadows comes TRAINMAN with long, frizzy, grey hair, and a ragged brown trenchcoat. He walks towards Niobe.

TRAINMAN: Seventy-two hours. Seventy-two hours...

He rubs his wrist and lifts it so Niobe can see. It's covered in cheap watches.

NIOBE: What did you just say?

TRAINMAN: That's exactly how long Zion lasted last time.

NIOBE: What do you mean, and who are you?

TRAINMAN: Me? (He points at himself with both hands) Nobody. Just a spectator enjoying a ride.

He continues to amble past Niobe, laughing.

TRAINMAN: Seventy-two hours...

Niobe still does not replace the phone on its hook, but instead watches the man walk away.

EXT. The meeting house from The Matrix Reloaded. Ballard's crew arrives by motorcycle and dismounts, Ballard watching the area carefully for signs of intruders.

INT. SEWERS. (Matrix) Another crew, probably Soren's, is driving through the sewer water on a motor-powered boat.

INT. Meeting Room Stairwell. Ballard & co. come down the stairs one by one. Rats and mice are in the odd corner, squeaking fearfully.

EXT. Meeting house. Niobe and Ghost walk up to the metal door and knock three times.Corrupt4 opens the small hatch so he can see whom has arrived.

CORRUPT: You're here.

He opens the door, and the two walk inside, with Corrupt closing the door behind them. Wurm is on the other side of the doorway standing guard with a rifle.

WURM: Niobe, Ghost.

CORRUPT: They're waiting.

GHOST: Has everyone arrived?

CORRUPT: All but the Nebuchadnezzar.

NIOBE: Figures. (She eyes Ghost.) Anything for an entrance.

Niobe and Ghost go down the stairs, stopping before the last flight so that all the rebels in the room can see them.

NIOBE: Captains.

They then walk down the last few steps and join the others. Soren steps out to meet Niobe.

SOREN: Captain Niobe, my crew and I appreciate what you did for us back there.

NIOBE: How is he?

SOREN: Alive. Happy to be alive.

BALLARD: Let's get going, because you know Morpheus isn't going to show up until after we get started.

ROLAND: I agree. I don't like us being all in the same place for too long. Why don't you tell us what this is all about Niobe?

NIOBE: The machines are digging.

EXT. SEWERS (Real World). The machines dig a hot red hole in the ground, and Sentinels begin to swarm into it like a flock of vultures. Around them, many other drills are digging, and there are Sentinels everywhere.

INT. Logos, operating station. Sparks is monitoring the Matrix when he spots something and freezes.

SPARKS: Oh shit, no!

INT. Meeting Room (Matrix). This is clearly after the scene in Reloaded, because both Trinity and Morpheus are there, but not Neo. Corrupt comes running down the stairs.

CORRUPT: It's the Feds!

NIOBE: Get to your exits!

The rebels flee in all directions (except up the stairs to the motorcycles). Niobe and Ghost depart through an archway into the sewers with a metal grating and a door. They split up. One of them starts to run down an old pipe that's on an angle, slips, and starts to slide to the bottom. They almost lose their cell phone in the process of falling, but when they land, they can hear the exit phone ringing not too far away.

INT. Sewers.5

Niobe runs through the sewers, using pipes, ladders, service stairways and anything else she can to get up high, where the balcony with the maintenance phone is. At the top, she spots Ballard.

NIOBE: Ballard!

SWAT snipers start to shoot at Ballard. Together, they fight them off.

BALLARD: Hey Niobe! Well done! Okay, step it up!

They climb to one level higher via a ladder. Unfortunately, more enemies are waiting.

BALLARD: They have our location!

NIOBE: I'll head them off!

Niobe shoots down all the snipers, and Ballard jacks out. Niobe tries to make a run for the phone, which is on a metal bridge overhanging some sewer water, but a group of SWAT units arrive. She hides by dropping under the bridge and only holding onto it with her hands.

SWAT 1: I want men posted guard watching all of the maintenance phones down here. Philips!

PHILIPS (SWAT): Right here, sir!

SWAT 1: Take four of your squad and stake out this phone. If anyone approaches, shoot to kill.

PHILIPS: Yes sir!

The leader SWAT leaves while Philips and his men get into position. Niobe takes this chance to climb back onto the walkway and get some cover. She approches Philips, who hasn't even noticed her yet.

PHILIPS: Why the hell do they want us guarding a phone?

She kills him, and then takes out the other four SWAT snipers. The maintenance phone starts to ring again, signaling that it's clear, and Niobe jacks out.

INT. Construct.

Instead of returning to the real world, Niobe is taken back into the Construct program. In front of her is a wooden table with various assault weapons on it, such as rifles, pistols, knives, and grenades. There is also a replacement phone, which starts to ring. Niobe picks it up.

NIOBE: I can only assume you're sending me back in.

INT. Logos operating station.

SPARKS: Yea, I'm sorry Captain, but I need to put you back in. It's a mess in there. Ghost is in the heat of it. He's holding back some troops to buy time for the others. We got a lot of injured.

INT. Construct.

Niobe starts to pick up each weapon off of the table and pack them up for use.

NIOBE: Put me somewhere where I can do some good.

INT. Logos operating station.

SPARKS: Jacob from the Gnosis is injured and unconscious. Corrupt is protecting him, but they're pinned down in the Hydro-Pump room at the end of the concourse. I told them to open the vent.

INT. Construct.

SPARKS (V.O.): I'll watch over you, Captain.

INT. Sewers. (Matrix)

He sends her back to her previous location; the maintenance phone on top of the metal bridge. Niobe walks to the end of it where a large spinning fan blocks her way, lobs a grenade at it to destroy it and open the way, and walks through into a large tunnel.

She runs through a series of large sewer pipes/tunnels. She stops at one overlooking a lower series and waits for some SWAT units to pass by.

SWAT 2: Reports are that they're coming this way. Shoot on sight!

Niobe jumps down and enters a firefight. She then enters an area full of boilers and machinery doing various things. Of course, more units are waiting for her.

SWAT 3: Die, you bitch! Die!

When she locates the place she wants to go, a damaged steampipe emitting hot steam blocks her path.

SPARKS (Text Message): OK, so that's no longer a valid through-point. Looks like you'll be taking the scenic route. Looks around the area for an opening that leads to the basement.

Niobe locates one, a manhole, and drops into it.

SPARKS (Text Message): Find a way to the upper floor.

While walking through the lower level, she comes across more SWAT units.

SWAT 4: Sector two clear!

Obviously, it isn't, and Niobe soon erases this notion from the SWAT's mind. When she's unapposed, she locates the right ladder that should lead her past the broken steam pipe, but it in fact leads directly under it.

SPARKS (Text Message): Don't try that- steam's too hot. I've traced the steam back to its source. It's a pump in the basement.

Niobe locates the pump and reverses the flow, and then heads back over to the ladder, avoiding another SWAT unit.

SWAT 5: Secure the exits and ladders!

Past the ladder and steampipe is another series of boilers. Ice and Corrupt6 are fighting off enemies off while hiding out on a catwalk.

NIOBE: Corrupt!

SWAT immediately start to try and pick Niobe off as she starts to climb.

SWAT 6: Knock her off there!

Once the SWAT are cleared, Corrupt beckons to Niobe.

CORRUPT: Hey Niobe! That was the last one!

Niobe continues her climb up to join them, but someone managed to plant a grenade under the pipes she is walking on. It explodes, and Niobe is thrown off of it. Gunfire erupts.

SWAT 7: That one's alive! Hold her!

SWAT 8: What's the status on the grenades?

SWAT 9: They're on the way!

Niobe makes her way to just below Ice and Corrupt, where a giant motor is propelling around. She uses her weapons to destroy the clamps holding it down to the ground while the others deal with the incoming SWAT units.

SWAT 10: She's trying to clear a path! Get out of there! It's breaking up! Cover your head!

There is another explosion, and the motor stops running.

SPARKS (Text Message): The explosion opened a nearby air vent. That's your exit.

With Corrupt and Ice gone safely, Niobe jumps into the vent and enters another section of the waterway.

INT. Waterway.

NIOBE: (On the phone) I'm still alive. Who else can I keep that way?

INT. Logos operating station.

SPARKS: Malachi and Bane from the Caduceus. Follow the spiral staircase down.

INT. Waterway.

Niobe hangs up and goes through any tunnel that goes downhill. She locates the spiral staircase (complete with more SWAT units guarding it), and runs down it as fast as she can. It ends with another tunnel, where a team is emerging from.

SWAT 11: How far down do these tunnels go?

She gets past them into another section of the sewers that has yet more metal bridges. Unfortunately, there are no lights.

SPARKS (Text Message): It's too dark. You need that flashlight under the bridge.

Niobe sneaks down with a ladder and locates an MP5 gun with the flashlight attatched to it. She doesn't have time to return to the ladder and climb back up though.

WALKIE TALKIE (Woman, V.O.): All available units, report to the main canal.

SWAT 12: I see the suspect down there!

SWAT 13: A grenade'll get her out of there!

After the grenade explodes, most of the SWAT units climb down to attack her. She deals with them, climbs back on to the bridge and follows the tunnels. She stops where they end and watches another unit run by.

SWAT 14: It's at the end of the canal, just ahead.

SPARKS (Text Message): Follow those SWAT units. Keep your distance. The SWAT units are gathering at the east of and are planning to ambush a rebel. You have to stop them!

Niobe jumps down into the canal and rushes over to stop them.

SWAT 15: (To others ahead) We're right behind you.

At the end of the canal is a hole with grating that looks into another tunnel. Inside is Wurm.

WURM: Niobe, I need a hand!

Niobe kills all the SWAT units that are in the canal with her, and then takes out two that are in the tunnel with Wurm. She then runs to the opposite end of the canal.

SPARKS (Text Message): A large SWAT team is approaching. Look for a good ambush spot!

Niobe ambushes at least half a dozen SWAT units, and moves on to the west end of the canal. She takes a side staircase out of the canal and enters yet more dark tunnels, which eventually lead her to an open area, where she drops into some damaged pipes. These lead to another set of tunnels.

In the next exit point, Niobe is ambushed by another set of SWAT and a grenade.

SWAT 16: Drop the weapon!

The grenade destroys the fastest way out of the sewers, but the door the SWAT units enter from is left open. After she deals with them, she takes it. She drops into a manhole inside it and goes through more pipelines on foot, ending up in yet another canal. At the end of it (and up another set of sidestairs), Niobe enters another open section of the sewers dominated by fans and wooden gangplanks and bridges.

SWAT 17: Move away from the fan! Watch those blades!

Niobe leaps over a broken section of planks into another area. She winds up near Malachi and Bane's location.

SPARKS (Text Message): The exit's at the bottom of this room.

She runs through the room, shooting at anyone that opposes her.

When she locates Malachi and Bane, she discovers that they're surrounded. Ballard is also there; apparently trying to help them escape. She catches their attention and makes eye contact with them, and they nod in acknowledgement. With that, Niobe climbs up the nearest ladder to take out two snipers perched above the rebels.

NIOBE: Malachi! I'll cover you!

Niobe shoots at any approaching SWAT units, which are coming from all directions. Eventually, the waves of officers finally stop.

MALACHI (or BANE): Well done!

He waves to Niobe.

Of course, an Agent chooses this time to appear near the rebels. He aims at Niobe, who, after focusing and dodging several bullets, takes cover behind a concrete wall, which eventually is destroyed by the barrage. It collapses, and Niobe falls several feet and lands on the floor, the wind knocked out of her.

The Agent aims at point blank range, and is about to pull the trigger when Ghost appears out of nowhere, shoving Niobe out of range. He uses all of his bullets to force the Agent to dodge, buying them time.

GHOST: (To Ballard, Malachi, and Bane) Get outta here! We'll draw him away!

Everyone takes off running. Niobe and Ghost run as fast as they can, both discovering as they check their guns that they have no more ammunition. They are caught at a dead end with a locked door.

NIOBE: There's no way out.

Ghost lifts his gun and looks pointedly at Niobe.

GHOST: There is one.

Suddenly, as the Agent appears in the tunnels from which they ran, the locked door clicks open, revealing a white hallway behind it. An older Asian man with glasses and a mussed look beckons to them. He is the Keymaker.

KEYMAKER: I am the Keymaker, and you are not meant to die here. You must hurry!

Not thinking twice, Niobe and Ghost bolt through the door. It slams shut as bullets strike it.

III - The Chateau

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