These are just some links to similar material that I've found really interesting or useful as a fan.

The Matrix Character Database: A comprehensive database of information about every single character that's appeared in any of the films, games, or animes. Really amazing stuff, and invaluable if you're like me and don't know the difference between AK and Colt. :D

The Matrix: 1996 Script, 1997 Script

Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions transcripts can be found at

Final Flight - Reloaded - Enter the Matrix transcript: Starts in the Animatrix episode "Final Flight of the Osiris" and continues, placing the ETM and Reloaded scenes in chronological order, creating an unbroken timeline.

ETM (Version francaise) - Ce scripte n'a rien à faire avec le mien. En tous cas, je le trouve beaucoup mieux parce qu'il a des images! [This transcript has nothing to do with mine. I just find it a lot better because it's got visual aids!] has all of the ETM FMVs in .wmv format available for download with French subtitles. [ possède tous les clips du jeu en format .wmv avec les soutitres francais. :)]


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