Hacking, Glitches, and Random Stuff

Random Stuff (Easter Eggs?)

Hacking conversations:

1. First contact with Neo: (voiceover) Whoever you are, be careful. [...] If I can track you, so can they. Use the back door.

2. After decoding: (Neo, voiceover) You're in. Access granted.

3. Answering machines:
-First number is a message by Persephone: Lover, I have a terrible itch in a place that I'm unable to scratch. Do you know that feeling? I need to feel your nails across my back, and I need them soon. You should know that this afternoon, I ate nothing but asparagus for lunch.
-Second number has nothing but static
-Third number is a message from Morpheus: This is Morpheus, captain of the Nebuchadnezzar. I have created this message as a precaution. You have raised a red flag in this system. Trinity can help you. Expect to hear from her soon. Be careful, and be ready.
-Fourth number is a woman's voice: You've tapped into a hardline dropbox. Do not leave a message. Use code 942. Repeat: 942.

Text conversation with Trinity:

>Knock knock.
>Hi, it's me, Trinity.
>Thanks for opening the Port.
>Been having problems with the system?

(I answered No.)

>Yeah, well, that's no surprise. To get this far, you obviously have the knack.
>Do you know how to get to your RAM drive?

(I answered No.)

>Even if you don't know, you should still be able to [...I couldn't type fast enough and the message doesn't repeat itself x.x]

Text conversation with Sparks:

Once again, I couldn't type fast enough. But it goes along the lines of Sparks chit-chatting, then pretending that a file from your computer has infected his systems with a Trojan, and then he prompts you to use the EMP. When he's done playing his joke, he tells you that you have a message from Neo:

(Neo, voiceover and static) I know you're out there. I can feel great skill in you. [...not fast enough! :(]

Sparks also likes to use smilies. Cute.


Easter Eggs/Random Facts

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